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  • Have you struggled with losing weight? Yo-yo dieting? Binge Eating? Blaming yourself? No accountability? If so, you have come to the right place. Along with Fasting and Mindful Eating, I can help you overcome these types of struggles. I did it, so can YOU!I can serenade you with my accent and make you believe that you CAN lose weight and keep it off; that you are Enough; that you are WORTHY! Any extra weight that you are carrying does NOT define you, so don’t let it! You will learn how to love and respect yourself again. IG: fit.fat.hotaf Support this podcast:

  • If you're looking for that infamous tingling sensation that makes you scream then look no more. ASMR Triggers is a collection of stimulating audio recordings from various sounds to provide you with an ultimate experience.

  • Whilst we hope everyone can enjoy, gain insight and know that talking about mental health is a positive thing our goal is to help men understand that it is OK to talk about mental health and that they are not going through it alone.

    Men are less likely to admit when they feel vulnerable, and will not communicate that vulnerability to themselves, friends, family, or a medical expert, our hope for this podcast is that it allows people to understand that its OK to say you are not OK, and you need help and that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but actually a strength.
    Each episode we will have a new guest who has chosen to share their story in the hopes of creating more awareness.

  • Psiholoģe un psihoterapijas speciāliste Ginta Ratniece dalās ar savām pārdomām un pieredzi...

  • This podcast is about implementing behavior change for long term wellness and happiness. The show is centered around Fitness, Wellness and Healthcare but no topic is off limits for self improvement. Hosted by Registered Nurses Matt and Jenna Lane. Matt is a Personal Trainer and Behavior Change Specialist. Together they run the company Matt Lane Fitness.

  • EU par veselību ir izglītojošs, informatīvs podkāsts ar ārsti, rezidenti ģimenes medicīnā Egiju Urbāni. Runāsim par slimību profilaksi, veselīgu dzīvesveidu, biežāk sastopamajām saslimšanām ar veselības aprūpē strādājošiem speciālistiem.
    Lūdzu saziņai izmantot epastu
    Jauku klausīšanos,
    Egija Urbāne

  • Modern Mindset investigates how our beliefs, values, and psychology influences our modern life and emotions. From business and finance to relationships and communication, Adam talks to experts from around the world to provide practical ways in which psychology and mindset give can you the edge in the minefield of modern life.

  • Dr. George Siegfried is a Chiropractic Physician in clinical practice since 1983 in in McMinnville Oregon with specialized clinical experience with Broadway Show dancers such as “A Chorus Line”, Dancin’, Ballet Companies such as San Francisco Ballet, Portland Ballet, 1983-84 Chiropractor for the Italian Olympic Teams Track and Field division, and many other world class athletes while traveling in Europe, Dubai and Mexico City with the Italian Olympic Team. He is a leading expert in whole food nutrition and whole nutrition supplements, having been mentored by clinicians and researchers with over 250 years of combined clinical experience. Dr. Siegfried’s message in his nutrition podcasts is very simple: Be empowered to take control of your health. Eat to live.Take only the best whole food concentrates available that are raw, organic, untreated and non-gmo’d. Know the history of the foods and the companies you buy from. Let your food be your medicine and build your body strong.

  • Get close, personal, conversational, and sometimes controversial- with Serena Sun, founder and director of Breaking Taboo, as she discusses a variety of topics around mental health, psychology, and wellness. Interviews include conversations around conditions such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, trauma, suicide, grief, autism, therapy, healing, emotions, physiology, biology, evolution, mindsets, general well being, etc. Listen and watch as she breaks taboo around difficult and necessary conversation at a time! Support this podcast:

  • Herzlich Willkommen bei DEAR THERAPIST!

    DEAR THERAPIST ist der Podcast zur Stärkung deiner psychischen Gesundheit!

    In den ersten Folgen wird es darum gehen, wie du die derzeitige Corona-Krise innerlich stabil meisterst und du bekommst viele Tools von mir an die Hand, um mit Ängsten oder belastenden Emotionen umzugehen und deine Resilienz zu stärken.

    Wenn wir die Krise gemeinsam überstanden haben, stelle ich dir im Podcast Themen aus meiner Praxisarbeit mit Klienten vor, die uns alle beschäftigen. Darunter unter anderem: Wie gehe ich selbstbewusst für meine Träume und Ziele los? Wie lebe ich eine erfüllte Beziehung? Wie lerne ich, mich selbst so anzunehmen, wie ich bin? Wie gehe ich achtsam mit Stress und Belastungen um?

    Mein Name ist Jasmin Schott Carvalheiro. Ich bin Diplom-Psychologin, Gestalttherapeutin, Coach, Achtsamkeits- und Resilienztrainerin und ich freue mich, dir mit dem Podcast Unterstützung in dieser herausfordernden Zeit anbieten zu können und gemeinsam mit dir zu wachsen!

  • Awareness of fakeness
    And how to be away from them

  • A podcast about the art & practice of care with your host, emotional wellness coach Barbara Erochina. The Be With Podcast explores healthy spirituality, feeling our feelings and justice for all.

  • If you want to be better in the sack with your partner, or with multiple partners, turn the volume to max and listen up. Let’s Shag is a podcast that fucks. We talk techniques, tips, tricks and overall sexual education from the perspective of one very sexually enlightened host... Me! I’m Nathan Spencer, and this is your wake up call to get both yourself and your partner off better and more often. So strap in, strap on if you’re into that, because it’s gonna be one hell of a vibrating joy ride.

  • Do you know the true cost of doing business? Hosts Courtney King and Rebekah Olivera share an impassioned “Rantifesto” spreading their hopeful vision on how to do business with kindness, abundance, and community as core considerations in creating capital. A new topic is explored each week with guests offering guidance to any listener attempting to exist in a world willing to grind people into cogs. Let’s imagine something better together and cultivate the mindset that kindness, in and of itself, is a resource. Our tarot card pull, opens listeners to curiosity and mysticism, for we certainly don’t know everything. We’ll see you in the future.

  • Welcome to BIN Radio, a nutrition-focused podcast from the crew at Black Iron Nutrition! We are here to tell the story of nutrition as we see it, share our knowledge and our approach to nutrition, insights, stories, thoughts, feelings, all of it. Join the party!

  • We all have insecurities. You are not alone in your struggles. Love Your Bodd is a podcast focused on creating a dialogue around body image, specifically in the arts. In Love Your Bodd, Heather Boddy sits down with artists, activists, and health/fitness professionals to discuss body image, race, and how our insecurities make us who we are. The lack of representation in the arts and media is overwhelming. It's time to hold up a mirror to the industry and talk about how it can affect us. It's also time to hold a mirror up to ourselves and truly love that person we see staring back at us. Do you love your bodd?

  • Two average blokes from the Midlands openly discussing mental health! Join us on our journey in fighting the stigma that surrounds all types of mental health

  • We talk about how mental health is as important as physical health

  • You know your body better than anyone, but how well do you really know what’s going on in there and how does this affect your reproductive health? The Body Brief tackles everything you want (and need) to know, from everyday issues to unspoken topics. Join host Melinda Nicci, Sport Psychologist and founder of Baby2Body with over 25 years experience in women’s wellness, as she dives into the science behind female reproductive health and picks the brains of experts from around the world. From postpartum anxiety to the importance of the preconception period, menopause and the female brain, hormone havoc, sleep cycles, and mental fitness; we’re here to talk about it all in a concise, easy to digest way.

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  • Kas ir Mentālā veselība? Lai to noskaidrotu es, Simona Raize topošā klīniskā psiholoģe tiekos ar dažādu jomu pārstāvjiem, kuru ikdienas darbs ir risināt mentālās veselības jautājumus. Šī Podkāsta būtiskākā daļa ir noslēgums, kur iedziļinamies jautājumos par to kādas metodes izmanto speciālisti, lai risinātu mentālās veselības jautājumus. Podkāsta galvenais mērķis ir informēt par to cik dažāda un reizēm mīklaina ir mentālā veselība. Un kādi speciālisti kādās situācijās būs visnoderīgākie.