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  • I help Young women go from โ€œCONFUSED and FRUSTRATEDโ€ to โ€œCONFIDENT AND INCHARGEโ€ both in LIFE and BUSINESS.

  • Are you a GOAT or an Underdog? The Culture Referee, Ray Daniels will interview industry legends about their GOAT story and how they may still see themselves as underdogs. These conversations will be about "on-field" performance. A journey to becoming what the culture deems one of the highest titles one can receive, a GOAT is a long one, and some may feel that even after much success they still fit in the category as an underdog.

  • Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin who is a black college drop out shares his esoteric manifestation secrets that allowed him to earn over $40,000,000 in a very short period of time.

  • Welcome to Data Dreamers Podcast - for data enthusiasts and professionals! Join us as we dive deep into the world of data literacy and awareness, exploring the latest trends, tools, and techniques to help you excel in your analytics career.
    Our expert guests share insights, stories, and practical advice on everything from data visualization and analysis to machine learning and AI. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we have something for everyone.
    So if you're passionate about data and eager to grow your skills, tune in and join us on the journey towards becoming a data ninja!

  • In this podcast, we will tackle the topics and issues business owners are dealing with each week. Kristian will give a unique and valuable insight into how to better your business and personal life by developing a growth mindset.

  • Ready to satisfy your curiosity? Join me as I dissect insights from leadership, career, tech, culture, mental health, and more each week. With a background in psychology, a career spanning banking, consulting, and health tech, and a love for exploring nuances in life. I'm here to share captivating stories that I've encountered. Building this platform in the open allows me to scratch my own itch and share some learnings with you.

    Tune in to explore a world of diverse perspectives and unravel the mysteries of human experiences. Enjoy!

  • Q-Dialogue is a Podcast Series that features riveting discussions on the development of the FMDQ Exchange-Traded Derivatives Market, with a focus on the current market realities and potential, as well as products developed and introduced by FMDQ Securities Exchange Limited. Q-Dialogue promises intriguing topics, opportunities, and trends in the FMDQ Derivatives Market.

  • This is the High Growth Founders Podcast, where we give you unfiltered truth and ideas about accelerating the growth of your start-up and becoming the founder you were born to be. No fluff, no games, just straight to business.

    Your host is Kasey Jones. Throughout her career as a coach, consultant, advisor, and mentor she has worked with hundreds of founders on their go-to-market strategy, building an authentic personal brand, and growing as a leader.

    This show is dedicated to helping founders accelerate growth. Period.

  • The Business of African fashion podcast is a seasonal podcast that teaches African fashion entrepreneurs how to build, grow and maintain a successful fashion business. Let’s talk about what it’s really like to build a fashion business; especially from a financial perspective. Get ready to be empowered with actionable strategies and the opportunity to connect with a community of fellow creatives across the world. Join your host + fellow fashion entrepreneur and accountant, Victory as she shares her journey, insights into the industry and conversations about the future of African fashion. Join the community on Instagram @businessofafricanfashion

  • Growing your career or your business as you grow your family isn't easy. I share what has worked for me since I became a mother and I also interview other working mothers to share their own stories. This is a community of working moms and entrepreneur moms thriving and succeeding together through sharing and networking

  • After being flung into marketing and discovering product marketing along the way, I realized that a lot of people have never heard of the field or do not understand what it entails. Furthermore, along my learning journey, I read a report by PMA and discovered that there was little to no African representation!
    So I decided to start a podcast called Product Marketing Starter with the aim of:

    - Featuring African PMMs and increasing awareness of the role in Africa
    - Demonstrating the relevance of PMM in organizations, and
    - Inspiring people who want to kickstart a career in PMM

  • Accurate, timely, and actionable selling and social media advice for eBay sellers! I Love to Be Selling is hosted by award-winning eBay influencer and Top Rated Seller Kathy Terrill.
    Kathy has more than 25 years of retail experience, including 6 years as an on-air presenter for QVC and almost 20 years on eBay. During that time, she has grown her home-based business from scratch to Top Rated status, with shooting star feedback for 12,000+ transactions.
    Well known and respected as an eBay selling and social media coach, Kathy has presented with eBay staff at seller events nationwide. She also has appeared on NY1 and Fox News as a small business expert.
    I Love to Be Selling gives you eBay information that is proven to work. Each episode is chock-full of practical tips and valuable takeaways. Listen up, and soon you, too, will be saying, “I Love to Be Selling”!

  • An exclusive podcast where we bring exceptional startup founders from around the world who each share their inspiration and a bag full of usable entrepreneurial insights from their journeys. So, if you are an aspiring founder, or busy fund-raising, or nearing a successful exit, or even feeling like you might go down fighting, there's something useful in here for you. Most talks are hosted and recorded LIVE with audiences at The Founders Peak Stage at the world's largest FinTech event, the Singapore FinTech Festival.

  • Your Career Kit is presented by Employment 4 Students, the student podcast dedicated to bringing you top industry professionals to talk about their exciting jobs and their career journey stories. We are here to bring you the very best tips and advice, to help inspire, kickstart or further your career.

    Employment 4 Students specialises in advertising student jobs, part time jobs, seasonal jobs, internships, entry level jobs, apprenticeships and graduate jobs.

    Find us at

  • Welcome To Blessed Momma Bosses. Are you tired of trying to scale your network marketing business and getting no where? Are you sick of being stagnant at the same profit every month, wondering what you are doing wrong, and having everyone doubt that you can have success in network marketing? Are you sick of sending cold market messages?

    There is a better way and there is a proven system for you that we have uncovered. We believe you have so much potential to grow and scale a successful 6 figure and beyond, passive revenue business.

    How? Why? What? Yeah, we have actually done this and we know exactly how to get you there too sister. We are going to work on your productivity, efficiency, set up routines and systems inside of your business, motherhood & life.

    Then, we are going to tackle scaling your business using cool strategic social media and online strategies that are going to blow your mind. We will then take all of that and pair it together, not only is your business prospering and your motherhood but also your self development. You are going to go next level with us. If you are really ready to tap into your greatest potential as a blessed momma boss, listen in.

    I am Blair Critch a retired teacher, mom of two teen boys, wife of a recovering addict, who went from Bankruptcy to Building multiple online businesses. Systems, strategies, organization, & goals are my jam.

    I am Kellie Hoover, retired pharmaceutical rep, girl mom, brain tumor survivor and a social media ninja. By setting goals and creating action plans, I Win Big and so can you… I am the connection queen, and time planner of this Duo. Are you ready to Have it all?

    Connect with us at [email protected]
    Work with us inside our Facebook community at or on Facebook at
    Connect with us Instagram @blessedmommabosses_ , @kelliehoover , @blaircritch2

  • We are here to help you learn more about what different careers are like. Maybe you are looking to change or to start your career, or maybe you are just curious what other careers are like. We want to give you some of the insights you just don't find on google. Hosted by Victor Boudreau and Ryan King

  • This show is about the opposing forces of selling and sales. One part art, one part science.

    I interview the best and brightest quota carrying reps and sales leaders to break down what it really takes to be great at sales... I mean a great seller!

  • Candid insights from the worlds top founders & marketers.
    Join our listeners who get 20 minute insight reports about their businesses...