• On today’s special bonus episode Sophia gives you an update on what is happening in the world of Work in Progress. She gives you some more details on the move to Wondery and the team that has helped put a new face on the show. Plus she answers some of your questions from social media.

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton, former First Lady, U.S. Senator, U.S. Secretary of State during the Obama administration, and 2016 presidential candidate joins Sophia today to discuss her childhood, her inspirations, the pandemic, her documentary on Hulu, RBG, gender inequality, BLM, and criticism and misinformation. They also discuss going to an all women’s college and learning to live outside the trap of traditional roles, how women’s economic prosperity is necessary for our national prosperity, and how we still have a lot of work to do to keep things moving forward for women, black and brown people, and marginalized groups of all kinds.

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  • We are thrilled to announce that Work in Progress has joined forces with one of the biggest names in podcasting — Wondery. In season 2, you'll hear from some of the biggest guests we've ever had, including Hillary Clinton, Diane von Furstenberg, Andrew Yang, and many more.

  • Glennon Doyle is an activist and thought leader, and founder of Together Rising. She joins Sophia on "Work In Progress" to share her story, discuss why we need to change the expectations we put on girls and how we raise them, and talk about her best-selling book, "Untamed."

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  • Today on Work in Progress, Sophia is joined by Dr. Edith Eger (@dr.editheger)! Dr. Eger is a highly sought after psychologist, author, and keynote speaker who survived the Holocaust as a teenage girl and went on to thrive despite the trauma she endured. Edie, as her friends affectionately call her, obtained her doctorate in psychology and learned to use her imprisonment at Auschwitz as a powerful analogy for the prisons we create in our own minds.

    Her mission is now to inspire others to discard their limitations and find renewal and freedom within themselves. After becoming a New York Times Bestselling Author with her memoir, The Choice, Dr. Eger wrote a hands-on guide to overcoming trauma that just came out this fall called The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life. Somehow between her busy clinical practice in La Jolla and her many speaking engagements, this energetic 93 year-old made time to sit down for a chat!

    On today’s episode of Work in Progress, Sophia and Dr. Eger discuss the power of thought, how the most obnoxious person can be your best teacher, why “How are you doing?” is a stupid question, and how love is what you do rather than what you say. Dr. Eger also shares her harrowing accounts of arriving at Auschwitz, being forced to dance for Josef Mengele, and how she found the spirit to survive it all within her own mind.

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  • Today on Work in Progress, Sophia is joined by David Whyte (@davidjwhyte)!!! David is an accomplished poet and associate fellow at Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He grew up in Yorkshire to an Irish mother and an English father, and his love of poetry and the natural world started early in his life.

    Rather than formally studying poetry and literature, David took a different path and earned a degree in Marine Zoology after being inspired by Jacques Cousteau. He was a natural guide in the Galapagos Islands and led tours into the Himalaya, and all of his adventurous travels ended up leading him right back to poetry. David has published several books of poetry and prose including The Bell and the Blackbird, Everything is Waiting for You, and The House of Belonging. He also has the unique credential of bringing poetry into the corporate world for the purpose of enhancing leadership.  

    On today’s episode, Sophia and David discuss the robustness of vulnerability, being ravished by the natural world, and how sometimes you have to start “undoing” yourself in order to progress. They also share ideas about destiny, finding yourself, and how poetry is “the language against which we have no defenses.” If you’ve been wishing to see a little more poetry in the world lately, then this episode is definitely for you.

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  • Today on Work In Progress, Sophia is joined by Cindy Eckert (@cindypinkceo)!! Cindy is a serial-entrepreneur and highly vocal advocate for women, specifically in the areas of business and health. Over her impressive 24-year career in healthcare, Cindy created and sold two innovative pharmaceutical companies, Slate Pharmaceuticals and Sprout Pharmaceuticals. At Sprout, she forged a new path in women’s healthcare by creating Addyi, the first ever FDA approved drug for low sexual desire in women.

    After selling it for $1B only to see it shelved, she fought tooth and nail to get it back and make sure that it was made available for women against all odds. She now mentors and invests in entrepreneurs with ground-breaking ideas through her investment fund, The Pink Ceiling. This “pinkubator” helps women do what Cindy has already done herself: achieve big success, take command in male dominated industries, and truly change the world. 

    On today’s episode of Work in Progress, Sophia and Cindy discuss moving around as a kid, the importance of individuality in the workplace, and how the best way to change a problematic industry is to change it from within. They also explore the social conditioning of women around the subject of sexual pleasure, and why female sexual health is largely overlooked. This episode is about advocating for ourselves as women and demanding better. You’ll want to share this one with every woman you know.

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  • Today on Work in Progress, Sophia is joined by Natalie Portman (@natalieportman)!Natalie is known worldwide as an Academy Award winning actress, director, producer, and activist. Born in Israel, she immigrated to the US with her parents at the age of 3 and began auditioning when her family moved to New York. After her film debut in Leon: The Professional at age 12, Natalie has gone on to star in over 40 films.

    But Natalie is far more than a talented and successful actress. She has used her platform for extensive advocacy and activism, championing causes like the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, animal rights, protecting the environment, Black Lives Matter, and many more. Proving that she really can do it all, Natalie recently published Natalie Portman’s Book of Fables, which retells classic children’s fables in a more modern and representative light.  

    On today’s episode, Sophia and Natalie discuss the 2020 experience, learning to act by acting, what it’s like to go to college when you’re already a movie star, and the unfortunate observation that the world tends to undervalue professions and skills that are stereotypically female. Natalie also shares how she faces the challenge of being a working mom while still making time for the causes she cares about. And she and Sophia touch on their mutual involvement in Angels FC, the national Women’s Soccer league franchise of which Natalie is a founder. Enjoy!

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  • Today on Work In Progress, Sophia is joined by Jenni Konner (@jennikonner)!Jenni is a television writer and producer who's worked alongside Lena Dunham as the co-executive producer and showrunner of Girls for all six of the hit show's seasons. She continued her partnership with Dunham on HBO's Camping while also working with her to create the popular feminist newsletter, Lenny Letter. Just last year, Jenni signed a multi-year overall deal with Fox 21 Television Studios, where she'll be creating, overseeing and producing various series for the studio's many platforms.

    On today's episode of Work In Progress, Sophia and Jenni discuss imposter syndrome, hippy progressive schools, the ins and outs of running a show, and how restaurant experience translates to producing. They also touch on Jenni's early career stints in development and as a Hollywood assistant, and how she forged her path as a TV writer under the mentoring wing of Judd Apatow. For anyone interested in the entertainment industry, this conversation really pulls back the veil and gets into all of the unseen work that goes into every production.

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  • Today on Work In Progress, Sophia is joined by Tony de los Reyes(@tonydlreyes). Tony is an inspiring visual artist who has been creating artwork that explores the complexity of the US-Mexico border for several years now.

    Beginning his immersion with big picture inspiration from Google Maps, his work has since evolved into a closer inspection of the border, the walls that have come to define it, and the physical space surrounding it. Tony’s work has been featured in many renowned galleries and museums such as LACMA, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Annenberg Space for Photography, and the New Britain Museum of American Art. 

    On this episode of Work in Progress, Sophia and Tony dive deep into thoughts on artistic beginnings, how we react to tragedy, the power of art, and the importance of examining the lines that divide us.

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  • Today on Work In Progress, Sophia is joined by Jonathan Webb (@webbjonathan). Jonathan is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of AppHarvest (@appharvest), a company that is helping to turn his dream of a high-tech farming hub in Appalachia into reality.

    Before founding AppHarvest, Jonathan worked with the U.S. Department of Defense on one of the largest solar projects in the Southeastern United States. AppHarvest is building some of the largest indoor farms in the world, combining conventional agricultural techniques with today’s technology to grow non-GMO, chemical-free produce to be sold to the top 25 U.S. grocers. Jonathan strives to work alongside the hard-working men and women of Eastern Kentucky and build a resilient economy for the future.  

    On today’s episode of Work In Progress, Sophia and Jonathan discuss Jonathan’s childhood growing up in Kentucky, his time with the Department of Defense & the work he has done in the energy world, the Netherlands and its high-tech greenhouses, innovating the way we source energy, how to better bring people together and improve the agricultural future of our country and world, Jonathan’s company AppHarvest...and so, SO much more.

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  • Today on Work In Progress, Sophia is joined by Shelley Sanders (@thelastlinela). Shelley is a jewelry designer based in Los Angeles and the founder and creative director of The Last Line - one of my favorite brands!

    Shelley’s career began in New York where she studied Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design before returning home to California to train with Master Jewelers in San Francisco. Shelley eventually returned to Los Angeles to begin her career as a jewelry designer, a role that quickly evolved into her becoming the head designer and creative director for dozens of celebrity jewelry brands and high-end jewelry houses, working with everything from gold to diamonds to precious stones.

    After being in the “biz” for almost two decades, Shelley created The Last Line - a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry business that pairs accessible pricing with stunning designs offering customers a mix of high and low, vintage and modern, done-up but dressed-down one-of-a-kind pieces. 

    On today’s episode of Work In Progress, Sophia and Shelley discuss Shelley’s childhood growing up in LA, her journey through the design world, the jewelry industry, the ins and outs of starting and running a business, the role of social media in entrepreneurship today, Shelley’s company The Last Line...and so, SO much more.

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  • Today on Work In Progress, Sophia is joined by Emma Grede (@EmmaGrede). Emma is an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and CEO of Good American, a premium apparel label which promotes a healthy body ideal, with a full and inclusive size range. Emma also serves as the Chairman of ITB, a company representing brands' interests in the world of entertainment. In addition to her business ventures,

    Emma is a Board Member on Women for Women International, an organization that helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives, and a Board Member on Baby2Baby, an organization that provides children living in poverty, ages 0-12 years, with diapers, clothing, and all the basic necessities that every child deserves.

    On today’s episode of Work In Progress, Sophia and Emma discuss female choice and female empowerment, the importance of representation, the ego and how it relates to building and running a company, Emma’s early years growing up in London, her love of fashion, her career path and how she reached the level of success she has today, her company Good American...and so, SO much more.

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  • Today on Work In Progress, Sophia is joined by Chris Meyer (@chrismeyerauthor). Chris is a former filmmaker and funeral homeowner, a writer, entrepreneur, and a licensed New York State attorney who has had a truly fascinating career path. Chris graduated from both Brandeis University and Vermont Law School where he earned a JD and a Masters in Environmental Law and Policy. However, having always dreamt of making films, Chris began his career by writing, directing, and producing a low budget film called "Black is White".

    After realizing that making a living as a filmmaker came with tremendous challenges, he took an opportunity in the funeral home industry and went on to own and operate multiple funeral homes. After years spent in the funeral home industry, Chris was inspired to write his first book, Life In 20 Lessons: What A Funeral Guy Discovered About Life, From Death, an introspective and heart-warming non-fiction story of love, loss, and living our best lives told from the perspective of a man who was constantly surrounded by death. Chris went on to write a second, recently published novel, The ‘Wood, a raw and powerful portrait of the inner-workings of the filmmaking industry. In addition to two successful novels, Chris is also a tech executive, most recently having built funandmoving.com, the world’s largest exercise platform for lively adults over sixty-five. 

    On today’s episode of Work in Progress, Sophia and Chris discuss his early years growing up in New York, his less-than-traditional career path, his debut film “Black is White”, the experience he had building a life in Los Angeles, what he learned from owning funeral homes and how this led him to write his first novel...and so, SO much more.

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  • Today on Work In Progress, Sophia is joined by Ambra Gutierrez (@ambrabgutierrez). Ambra is a Filipina-Italian model, humanitarian, and one of the first women to accuse former producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. Ambra played an integral role in exposing sexual abuse allegations against Weinstein with her involvement in a sting operation alongside the New York Police Department​. Ambra has since become a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement and uses her platform to fight back against flagrant abuses of power while helping to empower others through her involvement with various humanitarian organizations.

    She has partnered with Model Alliance’s Leadership Council which aims to help create a safe and fair work environment for other models, she works closely with Humanility which provides shelter and assistance to impoverished children worldwide, and she is involved with Safe Horizon, the largest victim services nonprofit organization in the United States, providing social services for victims of abuse and violent crime. Ambra continues to work tirelessly to encourage structural changes in the fashion industry that combat sexual harassment.

    On today’s episode of Work in Progress, Sophia and Ambra discuss what life was like for her following the Harvey Weinstein accusations, her childhood growing up in Italy, her experience with former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, how she got her start in the modeling industry and how her career has progressed, her efforts in fighting back against the gross abuse of power within the modeling industry...and so, SO much more.

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  • Welcome to Episode 4 of our video series, Need to Know, where actress, activist, and host of the @workinprogress podcast, @sophiabush, sits down with experts to get the answers to your most pressing questions about life right now. Our guest today is the wildly impressive and inspiring Dr. Esther Odekunle. Esther is a biochemist, neurobiologist, and antibody engineer currently working as a scientist within the BioPharm Discovery department at GlaxoSmithKline where she is focused on exploring antibody selection as a first step in the drug discovery and development pipeline.

    Beyond her work as a scientist, Esther is directly involved in science communication and public engagement. She regularly speaks out on racism in academia and science and is passionate about using her platforms to uplift the marginalized & underserved while encouraging increased visibility of diverse STEM professionals.

    On today’s episode of Work in Progress, Sophia and Esther discuss Esther’s life growing up in the UK, her education and career path, her past work with starfish and future career goals for exploring unmet medical needs, systemic racism in the science community, how Esther is adjusting to working from home, the current pandemic...and so, so much more.

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  • Today, on a very special episode of Work In Progress, Sophia is joined by Mary L. Trump for an incredibly timely conversation with the election right around the corner. Mary is a psychologist, businessperson, and author. She is also the niece of current President Donald J. Trump.

    While Mary has largely remained out of the spotlight for most of her life, her recently published book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, thrust her into the spotlight following its release in July of this year. The New York Times bestseller casts a cold light on the many dysfunctions within the Trump family and the impact that they had on shaping the man that Donald J. Trump is today. 

    On today’s episode of Work in Progress, Sophia and Mary discuss Mary’s early years growing up in New York, her parents, grandparents and family dynamics, her training and experience in clinical psychology settings, the pervasive toxic masculinity, and turbulence that existed within her family and the lasting impact that it had on the man that Donald Trump grew up to be...and so, so much more.

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  • Welcome to Episode 3 of our video series, Need to Know, where actress, activist, and host of the @workinprogress podcast, @sophiabush, sits down with experts to get the answers to your most pressing questions about life right now. Our guest today is actively crushing boundaries placed on people in the STEM field, particularly marginalized populations - the brilliant and entertaining, Raven Baxter, aka Raven the Science Maven (@raventhesciencemaven).

    Raven Baxter is an internationally acclaimed science communicator and molecular biologist who works to progress the state of science culture by creating spaces that are inclusive, educational, and real. An entertainer and content creator, Raven is known for her unique style of combining science and music that teaches and empowers those in STEM and beyond and regularly speaks about innovation in science education and social change in STEM.

    Raven is the founder of Science Haven, a non-profit organization that operates at the intersections of science, education, and the public. Science Haven houses STEMbassy, a live web series that connects the public with science and technology professionals, and Black In Science Communication, a group that works to build relationships in the science community, equipping others with the knowledge and resources necessary to share science with the world in their own flavor. Raven has quickly developed a reputation as a strong voice in science education and has been recognized as a global influencer in several publications, including Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list for 2020.

    On today’s episode of Work in Progress, Sophia and Raven discuss Raven’s childhood, her experiences as a corporate scientist, underrepresentation in higher education and STEM, the current state of science culture, the mutation of the COVID virus and the importance of taking certain safety measures, Raven’s upcoming projects...and so, so much more. 

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  • Today on Work In Progress, Sophia is joined by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (@kirstengillibrand). Senator Gillibrand is a lawyer and politician from New York who's served in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Senator Gillibrand entered the world of politics in 2006 after winning a House of Representatives seat as a Democrat in a traditionally Republican region. She went on to fill the U.S. Senate seat in 2009 after being appointed by then New York Governor David Peterson and in 2010, Senator Gillibrand won reelection in a special vote, thus becoming the youngest elected member of the Senate at age 43.

    Throughout her time in the Senate, Senator Gillibrand has led some of the toughest fights in Washington - she has been a major supporter of gay rights, advocating for same-sex marriage and the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, she has worked tirelessly for women's rights, improved healthcare benefits for 9/11 workers, and served on the Senate Agricultural Committee to fight against food stamp reductions to protect America’s families - and that’s just to name a few of the fights that she has taken on for all of us.

    On today’s episode of Work in Progress, Sophia and Senator Gillibrand discuss Senator Gillibrand’s childhood and the impact that her mother and grandmother had on her career and her propensity to lead, the range of issues that she has taken on in the Senate, the ongoing pandemic, what it’ll take to get real COVID-19 relief, the upcoming Presidential election...and so, SO much more. 

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  • Welcome to another episode of our new video series, Need to Know, where actress, activist, and host of the @workinprogress podcast @sophiabush sits down with experts to get the answers to your most pressing questions about life right now. Our guest today specializes in translating complex scientific concepts into impactful, effective, judgement-free information, making it accessible for diverse audiences...the brilliant Jessica Malaty Rivera (@jessicamalatyrivera).

    Jessica is a microbiologist, ID epidemiologist, and science communicator that has dedicated the last 15 years of her career to infectious disease epidemiology, public health policy, and vaccine advocacy. She is currently serving as the Science Communication Lead for The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic, in addition to remaining an active member of the COVID-19 Dispersed Volunteer Research Network and an expert contributor for NBC Bay Area and CNN.

    In addition to the incredible work that she does professionally, Jessica is a wife and mother raising two children under the age of 5 years old. Sophia & Jessica discuss how she became interested in epidemiology, her life-changing internship with a human rights firm, racial disparities in public health, the current pandemic and how her and her family are coping with it, the danger of misinformation, how science disproves conspiracies...and so, so much more.

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