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  • In December 2018 after receiving a cancer diagnosis I was mandated by God that a Prayer Culture for God must be established. In February of 2019 our Prayer Culture Phone line was officially launched. As of June 2019 after 6 months of Chemotherapy I was officially Cancer FREE! I accredit this testimony to our Prayer Culture line. After nearly a year of a successful Prayer Culture phone line we have now been Mandated by God to develop a Prayer Culture Podcast. We focus primarily on teaching , preaching & praying the Gospel of Jesus Christ using Sound Doctrine, with love and without compromis Support this podcast:

  • Aude : une femme authentique, pleine de vie et surtout de MAGIE !
    J'ai envie de partager avec vous mon quotidien de Sorcière Moderne, de Witch, de Femme Sauvage qui s'accepte comme elle est. 🌙
    Féminin sacré, Rituels de Lune, sabbats, ésotérisme, divination et magie blanche...
    Envie d'en savoir davantage ?
    Découvrez ma FORMATION GRATUITE de 5 vidéos pour devenir, vous aussi, une sorcière moderne.

  • Witchcraft and nature and spells, oh my! Get cozy and let's chat about magic, social issues, and all things witchy with me, Kai. Your resident queer folk herbalist.

  • In this podcast I explore all things metaphysical. I talk about what it was like to become a medium, what communication with spirit is really like, what does it mean to experience a past life regression and beyond. We'll explore the deeper meanings of life, relationships, fear, balance, and healing, and soul expansion.

  • My goal is to raise the conversation/plant seeds about Psychedelics, Transpersonal Psychology and the Lost Ancient Civilizations Graham Hancock writes about.

    Apart from that health, science, business, comedy, MMA and current events also interest me.

    CMS is my vehicle for self-development and self-education so join the climb if any interest is sparked within you.

  • A podcast for the Modern heathen, all are welcome. Come along and learn, listen, and enjoy as we learn to be heathen together. Pick up the Hammer , Horn and lets sit in the Hoff together.You can Email me at: modernheathenman@gmail.comYou can also find us on Facebook at : Support this podcast:

  • Chaque semaine, Marc Angel vous explique les mouvements planétaires du moment, et chaque mois, il vous livre ses prévisions pour tous les signes astrologiques.

  • Have you ever wondered why you behave the way you do? or if you and your crush are actually compatible? Do you ever wonder why some days it just feels like everything is going completely wrong? The Space Witch Podcast is your one stop guide to understanding Astrology and how the stars influence us and the people around us on a daily basis. Get all your questions answered right here.

  • Hexenrituale, Sorcieres, Strega, Brujas
    Willkommen bei
    Magic of Brighid und Anderswelt.
    lass dich verführen in eine Zauberwelt der alten Mythen und Märchen.
    Es war einmal…..
    und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann leben sie noch heute.
    So beginnen und enden alte Sagen und Märchen.
    Die moderne Welt hat den alten Zauber der Fantasie verloren.
    Wir arbeiten daran, diesen alten Zauber neu auferstehen zu lassen.
    Magic of Brighid and Anderswelt (Otherworld).
    let yourself be seduced into a magic world of ancient myths and fairy tales.
    Once upon a time....
    And they all lived happily ever after.
    To begin and end old legends and fairy tales.
    The modern world has lost the old magic of imagination.
    We are working to resurrect this old magic again.
    Magic of Brighid.
    laissez-vous séduire dans un monde magique des anciens mythes et les contes de fées.
    Il était une fois....
    et se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d’enfants
    Pour commencer et terminer les vieilles légendes et des contes de fées.
    Le monde moderne a perdu la vieille magie de l’imagination.
    Nous travaillons pour ressusciter à nouveau cette vieille magie.
    Magic of Brighid e Anderswelt (Altro Mondo).
    lasciatevi sedurre in un magico mondo di antichi miti e favole.
    C’era una volta....
    e vissero tutti felici e contenti.
    Per iniziare e terminare le vecchie leggende e favole.
    Il mondo moderno ha perso l’antica magia della fantasia.
    Stiamo lavorando per risorgere di nuovo questa antica magia.
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    Magic of Brighid
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  • Deze podcast is een extraatje bij Woman Up. Een boek over leven vanuit je vrouwelijke kracht. De podcast helpt je de oefeningen nog beter toe te passen, te beleven en te voelen. Eva Daeleman gaat vanuit haar positie als (jonge) vrouw op zoek naar de innerlijke, vrouwelijke kracht. Ze laat zich leiden door verwondering, veerkracht en het geloof dat het anders kan. Met een gezonde portie humor, idealisme en een snufje naïviteit is Woman up een boek vol herkenbare verhalen en tips om jezelf nog beter te leren kennen. Een eerlijk boek voor vrouwen én mannen.

  • De openbaring is een christelijk radioprogramma op Ede FM

  • Setting Time Each Day to Come To Our Lord 🙏 in Prayer Support this podcast:

  • نیـــــایش، رازگاهان و شنیدن روزانه کلام خدا، همراه با موسیقی، دعـــــا و تفکر

  • Conversations on mindfulness and wellbeing created to inspire anyone struggling with high pressure and stressful situations to live a life of balance, purpose, and presence.

  • This is a podcast dedicated to sharing our Sunday morning experience at Gateway Family Church in Leduc, AB Canada. Enjoy!

  • The Yoga Trade Podcast explores spirituality, wellness and sustainability in all different corners of this Earth. Yoga Trade is an online platform and community that connects you with job opportunities and work exchanges around the world. Our host, Audrey Billups, is Yoga Trade’s vagabond filmmaker who captures the inspiring stories of wellness professionals and change makers she meets along her travels.

  • Cryptid Campfire is a podcast that explores the strange and unusual creatures that lurk in the shadows. From Bigfoot to Chupacabras we gather around a virtual campfire every week to talk about the beasts and monsters that share our planet.