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  • ServiceNow Architects Cory "CJ" Wesley and Robert "The Duke" Fedoruk discuss all things ServiceNow, ya dig?

  • Maarten Weyn en Kurt Beheydt gaan op bezoek bij makers in een zoektocht naar wat hen bezig houdt en wat de definitie van 'maker' nu eigenlijk is.

  • Introducing our new podcast, 16 Minutes, a short news podcast where we cover the top headlines of the week, the a16z podcast way -- why are these topics in the news; what's real, what's hype from our vantage point; and what are our experts' quick takes on these trends?

    About the a16z Podcast: Discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future -- especially as ‘software eats the world’. It features industry experts, business leaders, and other interesting thinkers and voices from around the world. This podcast is produced by Andreessen Horowitz (aka “a16z”), a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm. Multiple episodes -- and now shows -- are released every week; visit a16z.com for more details and to sign up for our newsletters and other content as well!

  • Deep Learning (DL) has attracted much interest in a wide range of applications such as image recognition, speech recognition and artificial intelligence, both from academia and industry. This lecture introduces the core elements of neural networks and deep learning, it comprises:

    (multilayer) perceptron, backpropagation, fully connected neural networks

    loss functions and optimization strategies

    convolutional neural networks (CNNs)

    activation functions

    regularization strategies

    common practices for training and evaluating neural networks

    visualization of networks and results

    common architectures, such as LeNet, Alexnet, VGG, GoogleNet

    recurrent neural networks (RNN, TBPTT, LSTM, GRU)

    deep reinforcement learning

    unsupervised learning (autoencoder, RBM, DBM, VAE)

    generative adversarial networks (GANs)

    weakly supervised learning

    applications of deep learning (segmentation, object detection, speech recognition, ...)

  • Chaque semaine, Hélène Maquet vous emmène pour une balade dans le futur, dans votre futur et imagine notre monde de demain. Futur Simple imagine la vie d'une personne dans un futur plus ou moins proche. Un petit moment de fiction pour mieux cerner les enjeux du futur. Raison pour laquelle, ce récit du futur est suivi d'une rencontre avec un expert, un scientifique, un philosophe, un journaliste qui décrypte ce qui, dans le présent, trace la marche vers le futur. 

  • TechOut, animé et présenté par Romain Lanéry passionné par les nouvelles technologies depuis ses 12ans, il est accompagné dans ce TechOut par Augustin et Manuel Diaz avec qui il traitera les derniers sujets high-tech et business du moment.

  • Welkom in Computer Club, een podcast door Frederik 'Freddy' De Bosschere en Thomas 'Smollie' Smolders! Wekelijks bespreken we de actualiteit op vlak van technologie en gaan we op zoek naar interessante feiten en innovaties. Er zijn ook jingles.

  • Learn anything Ionic Framework from Interviews to technical discussion.

  • Hashing It Out is a podcast which dives into the weeds with tech innovators in blockchain infrastructure and decentralized networks to learn more about what they build and the problems they face head on to overcome.

  • Welcome to the Journey of Entrepreneurship. Do you want to create something special, unique and that will leave an imprint on the world? Are you are ready to create a business that will provide exceptional service and enrich your community? You've come to the right place. Each month, Rosler Oriol and Richard Phipps will valuable insights that will help you in your journey of turning your dreams into reality.

  • MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) Alliances serves a gateway into the lab for industry and governmental institutions seeking a closer connection to the work, researchers and students of CSAIL.

  • Hier mag ik de vragen stellen aan proffen en sympathisanten van de faculteit Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen van de KU Leuven. Gewapend met een kleine koffiezet probeer ik hun beter te leren kennen met vragen over wetenschap, actualiteit of de dingen des levens.

  • The new podcast covering current trends and intriguing topics in fintech and beyond courtesy of Bank Innovation, the fintech blog, and INV Fintech, a leading fintech accelerator.

  • UAE Tech Podcast is an exploration on how technology is merging with and reshaping government in the United Arab Emirates.

    A little understood but fundamental transition is taking place across a series of Emirates first established less than fifty years ago, in 1971.

    It’s here that the center of technological gravity is shifting from the private sector to a hybrid relationship involving industrialists, entrepreneurs, diplomats, policymakers, creatives and citizens.

    It’s also here that signs of a Fourth Industrial Revolution are emerging.

    In this series John Lillywhite talks with leaders from across the UAE in an effort to map these macro trends, and probe how innovations in big data, network science and digitalisation are not simply revolutionising government, but could - one day - play a role in influencing the systems that power global civilization itself.

  • Understand the promise and impact of autonomous vehicles on our world through the stories and expertise of the visionaries delivering this revolution. Each episode features an in-depth dive into a key aspect of how driverless cars and drones operate, touch our lives and the environment. Hosted by the fully autonomous, Ken Dunlap, who is also known for leading global security tech initiatives featured in the pages of the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times.

  • Ce podcast a été rénové au cours de l'Itica de Biarritz 2009. Il a servi aux réalisations des stagiaires et était accompagné des commentaires de l'auteur. La sonorisation a été réalisée, ensuite, afin qu'il puisse se suffire à lui-même. Il est destiné à détailler la fabrication des podcasts à partir des logiciels suivants :
    - Keynote (logiciel de P.A.O.)
    - iMovie (logiciel de traitement vidéo)
    - GarageBand (logiciel de traitement audio, photo et création de podcasts)
    - iWeb (logiciel de création de site, blog et podcast)
    Les différents chemins proposés ne sont pas exhaustifs. D'autres possibilités sont encore réalisables. Vos commentaires m'ont conduit à ajouter des épisodes concernant des détails techniques (création de compte sur Itunes Store, s'abonner à un podcast, lire un fichier xml, etc...). N'hésitez pas encore à me contacter pour des idées d'épisodes nouveaux.

  • Gondola Society LIVE sessions is a series of podcasts where Gondola invites Belgium's best visionaries to share their view on the 'new consumption'. We are excited to share some of the best insights from experts such as Rik Vera, Wouter Torfs, Fons Van Dyck, Veronique Goossens, Jochen Vincke & Didier Vandenhaute, Jan Haspeslagh, Johan Vrancken and Jo Caudron. We hope you enjoy this series and be inspired for the future!

  • The Lubrizol 360 Podcast delivers information and advice straight from the experts on the benefits of using higher performance lubricants, fuels and materials. For more than 90 years, Lubrizol technologies have been used in automotive and industrial applications around the world. In fact, one out of every two vehicles on the planet contain Lubrizol technology. Visit www.lubrizoladditives360.com to learn more.

  • "Half Stack Data Science" is a podcast by David Asboth and dr. Shaun McGirr about the realities of Data Science in the enterprise business world.