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  • OTechTalks.tv Lets Talk OPEN. Shares the best Technology ideas with the world, for free: trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons are presenting.

  • Apple, Mac, filmek, játékok - a Heti Meteorban minden héten leesik valami.

  • Podcast az okosotthon eszközökről és technológiákról kezdőknek és haladóknak.

  • Milyen lesz az életünk 2030-ban? Gondolatébresztő tech podcast

  • Baráti beszélgetések az életünket körülölelő számítástechnikáról.

  • A hétről-hétre elhozzuk nektek a legfontosabb technikai híreket, érdekességeket, elemzéseket, pletykákat a technika világából. Keresd az új epizódot minden vasárnap esténként! ;)

  • A podcast detailing the journeys of entrepreneurs, creatives, and kickass people in the fastest growing city in the US.

  • Helping European startup founders succeed on the US market. Learn from rockstar entrepreneurs who took their companies to America and scaled them from nothing to hundreds of millions of users. Give Conquer America a listen today!

  • Join hosts Allen Murabayashi and Sarah Jacobs for a look at photography, gear, pressing issues and inspiration. Get all the links on our blog at http://blog.photoshelter.com

  • Weekly podcast seeking out the best, brightest, and smartest creatives to find out why they do what they do and how they did it. Free trial plan, no CC required.

  • What will life look like in 2038? Twenty years from now is not the stuff of science fiction, but it still sounds like it: flying driverless cars, an internet cold war, a Chinese world order. Given the pace of change we are currently living through, the world really could look dramatically different from today. Remember, twenty years ago, social media and iPhones and the Tea Party did not exist, Barack Obama had just started dabbling in state politics, the Clinton administration was loosening up its oversight of something called derivatives, New Orleans was still dry and the World Trade Center was still standing.

    2038, a podcast from New York Magazine and Intelligencer, will explore 8 different visions of how we can expect to live in two decades. Each episode will feature an expert in subject areas from business to technology to politics to climate science and beyond, laying out a very particular vision of where we’ll be in twenty years—and who will then defend his or her predictions in conversation with Max Read and David Wallace-Wells.

  • Are you a tech leader trying to implement DevOps and Continuous Delivery at your organization?

    The Ship On Day One framework empowers you to align your team, set clear goals, bag quick wins, and sell your plan to any audience. And the videos you’ll find here will offer tips, tactics, and tools to help get DevOps done.


  • Level-up Engineering reveals actionable management secrets from some of the most successful tech leaders. This podcast brings you key insights from fellow engineering managers and tech leaders to level-up your management skills and to take your developer team to the next level.

    The podcast covers the biggest challenges engineering managers face, showing exactly how others overcame these challenges. Learn the best practices on engineering management to understand people and organizations as much as you understand code.

    We interview tech leaders and dive into the fundamentals behind hiring and retaining developers, motivating developers, scaling dev teams, mentoring developers and much more!

    The episodes are brought to you by Coding Sans, a software development agency building serverless web and cross-platform mobile apps. Check them out on https://codingsans.com.

    If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on Level-up Engineering please, drop us a line at levelup@codingsans.com.

  • Az élet, a világmindenség, meg minden. IT-soktól, nem csak IT-soknak.

  • Stephen Jondrew and Stargate Pioneer host a weekly podcast dedicated for the Hobby Podcaster with tips and tricks on how to get started, sound great, have fun and not break the bank. Each week they talk about a podcasting topic in depth within an arc (like how to start a podcast, podcast gear for the hobby podcaster, and tips on different types of presenting-announcing-hosting) and then run down a current news item of importance to podcasting. They also run down any feedback and offer advice on how to make your hobby podcasting time better, easier and more fun. You can check them out at www.betterpodcasting.com and betterpodcastinggear.com for more information.

  • Magyarország egyetlen és piacvezető gadget, gastro, pornó, travel, bringa és környezettudatosság podcastja.

  • Welcome to Ship Happens where we interview interesting people in the DevOps and engineering community and get real about their careers, paths to DevOps and all the highs and lows in between.

  • Három tehetséges fotós, Láng Péter, Lénárt Gábor és Varga Benedek, fogalmazza meg a saját véleményét a fotózásról és az azt körülvevő dolgokról. Beszélgetnek mindazokról a témákról, amik hatással vannak rájuk, inspirálják őket és formálják a kapcsolatukat a világgal.