• It's Thursday so let’s get into your deep and dirty Q’s! 
    My friend loves to party, and has progressively taken it further and further. It’s now at the point where she gets so drunk and carries on that I’m starting to resent her. What can I do? 
    How do I bring up that I want to spice up my relationship by watching porn with my partner?
    My friend’s boyfriend broke up with her and she is heart broken. There are rumours that he cheated on her and I’m unsure if I should tell her now or not. Should I?

  • Kicking off todays episode with a guy who got eaten by a whale and why the hell is Em Rata holding her baby like a sack of potatoes.
    Then sit down with the very Devine, Victoria Devine from Australia's number one finance podcast She's On The Money and talk all things finance, financial literacy, comparison culture, money in relationships, debt and the Australian dream, smashed avo on toast.
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  • It's Therapy Thursday and in todays session we are answering your deep, dark and burning questions:

    Should I still go to an event with my ex as friends, even though I'm still in love with him?
    Viagra for an anniversary gift.... what do you think?
    I babysit for this family and the Dad hit on me... what do I do?
    My bestie is my hairdresser, but she sucks. help!

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  • What do you call a politician who accidentally zooms parliament Nude? Unlucky.
    What do you call a politician who accidentally zooms parliament nude again while urinating? Fired.
    haha if you guys think your day was bad, spare a thought for William Amos.
    Moving right along! Let's talk failure. Is it that bad?
    Perhaps our failures are serendipitous after all?
    “Everything happens for a reason.” We’ve all heard that saying and even Aristotle believed that everything happening to you today has a purpose because it turns you into the person you are becoming (gosh talk about starting off deep)
    So, whether you think that everything happens for a reason, or perhaps that everything happens for a lesson, we’re talking about how sometimes in life, with the beauty of hindsight, it can be the worst points in our lives that make the best stories and mould us into the people that we are.
    Whether it’s your horrific ex-boyfriend who broke down your ego that allowed you to rebuild it from scratch and learn what you liked about yourself, or the soul destroying job that you got fired from that ended up putting you on a different career trajectory, it’s these ‘failures’ that end up being the pivotal moments in our lives that enable us to be better.
    In this episode, Aussie comedian Becky Lucas joins us to chat about her life experiences that were, well, slightly less than ideal and resulted in her landing herself in a bin; literally. She speaks about the boy who made her feel like she wasn’t really good enough for him and how that made the comedy stage seem not so scary.
    Becky has written a funny as f*ck book titled “Acknowledgements" and it comes out tomorrow!
    You can find Becky on insta: @beckylucas__
    You can find her new book “Acknowledgements” tomorrow at all good bookstores and online.
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  • LIFERS! We have a guest on for today's intro... officially introducing producer Keeshia!
    Tinder released a new feature and I want to know where that was when we were online dating!
    Ok let's deep dive. The need for closure. It doesn’t just apply to relationships.
    The death of a loved one, the loss of a job, status or a way of life are other examples of painful endings. Letting go of something that was once important to us can be really bloody hard, and many people seek closure in doing so.
    But does it actually help?
    And can you really expect other people to give you closure? Let’s have a look shall we!
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  • Lifers, it is THURSDAY! Which means we are here to answer your deep dark and burning questions..., and boy do we have some doozies for you!

    To shave or unleash the secret garden... What should I do to my vagina before I go into labour?
    My husband is cheating on me and I have a 12 week old baby... help
    Can you stay friends with your friends ex?... Asking for a friend.
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  • We thought it was about time we brought you a bonus episode full of laughs and questionable life choices, so HERE IT IS a bonus episode of strictly Accidentally Unfiltered stories of all the messed up things that have happed to you at work.
    Big thanks to Stan for jumping on board as a sponsor for this ep to celebrate the release of season 5 of the Bold Type. Catch it on Stan now.

  • Lifers, it's that time of the week again, where we answer your deep dark and burning question.
    On the table today:
    How do you ask for butt stuff?
    My friend said she would date my boyfriend (if we weren't together) should I cancel the friendship?
    I saw my colleagues fiancé on Hinge... Do I tell her?

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  • Ok Lifers, let's cut to the chase. Ya'll have either had an STI, dated someone with an STI or know someone that has/had an STI.... statistics say this is true! So we thought it was time to get a professional in to talk truths, smash stigmas and educate us all that little bit more. So Dr Hannah Kelly is in the house to answer all your questions! And you had a lot of them!
    Dr Hannah is a medical doctor working in a general practice, who has spent the last few years working in sexual health, women’s health and sexual assault services. She is also the host of the podcast “Knee Deep - sexual and reproductive health with Dr Hannah.” The woman knows her stuff.
    But before that, we spoke to one of our own community members about her experience with the herpes simplex virus. Did you know 1 in 8 people have tested positive to the herpes virus?
    She speaks very openly about her diagnosis and how it has affected her the last 10 years, how to tell partners and how they have dealt with it and well, you may just be surprised. We can't thank her enough for sharing her story to help break down the stigma attached and to help others that may be affected in some way.
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  • Lifers, today we are talking about Myers Briggs personality types!
    You may have heard or seen these four little letters INTJ or an ESTP (there are 16 different types) before, maybe on a tinder profile or maybe when you applied for that new job - but today we are talking personality types and relationships.
    It doesn't sound very sexy.... it isn't.... but boy is it interesting.
    The MBTI inventory is one of the most widely used psychological instruments in the world and it gives us such an interesting insight into our partners and how they function.
    If you want to sit not the couch and force your partner to do the test... we highly recommend it. You can find the link here
    Going our insta here
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  • Lifers we are mixing things up this week and keeping it fruity bringing you our Thursday's Ask Uncut on a Tuesday.
    This week we are answering your deep dark and burning questions with a sex twist.... like the girl who found out her bestie had a threesome with her brother and his partner.... WILD.
    Some other questions we answer on todays ep includes :
    Help, I slept with my best friend when I was blind drunk and now I don't know wtf to do?!
    Help, my husband wants to name our unborn baby John - it's a family name, but I'm not into it. Can I say to hell with tradition?
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  • Lifers, here we are answering your deep dark and burning questions.
    On this weeks episode:
    Should I rekindle a relationship with my toxic aunty because my Dad is desperate for us to have a relationship?
    Can you still have nipple play when breast feeding?
    My friends ex could be my penguin..... Do I go there?
    My brother's friend has been cheating on his girlfriend, she's a legend.... Should I tell her?
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  • Hey Lifers!
    Whether you suffer from it yourself or you’ve got a friend or family member who does, we’re sure you’ve heard that living with endometriosis can be super challenging. We thought we knew what endometriosis was, but as it turns out, there’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings about endo.
    Endometriosis currently affects 1 in 9 Australians assigned female at birth (and 176 million
    people worldwide) but diagnosis takes on average 7 - 12 years. 
    After years of dismissive doctors and misinformation, BridgetHustwaite, who you might know from her ‘Good Nights’ show on Triple J, finally received a diagnosis for her intensely heavy periods, pulsing headaches and excruciating abdominal pain in 2018. In this episode Bridget gets real with the truths and myths about endo and how to navigate the inconsistent answers from health professionals, how living with endometriosis can affect your dating and sex life and what it actually costs to have a chronic illness in Australia.
    Bridget recently released her first book titled “How to Endo” which is a definitive guide to surviving and thriving with endometriosis. She also hosts an Instagram account, @endogram, where a community of women share their experiences of living with endometriosis. You can find Bridget on Instagram @bridgethustwaite. 
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  • Lifers, today we have one of the toughest but most moving interviews that we have ever aired. Meet Bianca, the sister of a beautiful woman named Katie who was murdered by her partner 3 years ago. This type of harrowing story seems to be all too common in Australia at the moment, and we feel as though the only way to change the domestic violence landscape is to speak about it. 
    What started as “the happiest” Katie’s family had ever seen her, led to what they described as ‘childish jealousy’ and eventually her brutal murder. In this episode we learn about the warning signs that Katie’s partner displayed of troubling behaviour, coercive control and stalking. Bianca also speaks about how domestic violence has affected her entire family. In this ep is some great information about how to actively help someone experiencing family violence and organisations that can help.

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    If this conversation brings up any issues for you, or if you just feel like you need to speak to someone, please call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732). This 24-hour national sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling line for any Australian who has experienced, or is at risk of, family and domestic violence and/or sexual assault.
    It doesn’t matter where you live, they will take your call and, if need be, refer you to a service closer to home.
    If you are in immediate danger call 000.

  • Therapy Thursday is here and WOOP we love Thursdays! It's as much of a therapy session for us as it is for you!

    We kick off with some accidentally unfiltered moments that Britt and Laura both had this week before helping some of you lot out with your deep, dark, burning questions.

    -HALP. My boyfriend of 5 years walked in this morning and told me he doesn't love me anymore. Why!? What do I do!? How do I get over this!?

    -I resent my children.... sometimes. Is this normal? Am I the worst person in the world? I feel so much guilt but what is my life now!?

    -For 2.5 years I have wanted to move away from my home town to try something new. My fiancé and partner of 5 years wont budge, but he also doesn't want to do long distance. What do I do? Do I go? Do I stay? What is the right thing!? I love him dearly but all I think about is moving!

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  • Happy Tuesday Lifers, boy do we have an eye opening doozy for you!
    We reckon we've spent long enough dissecting, discussing and speculating about the lava filled toxic "experiment" that is Married at first sight. 
    So we thought it was about time we heard it straight from the horse's mouth, we wanted to chat with someone on the inside, so we booked in a chat with Booka Nile (see what we did there?)
    We chat production, behind the scenes, if the guys on the inside think Bryce had a secret girlfriend on the outside or not and what really went down on the most controversial show on tv. 
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  • Ask Uncut AKA Therapy Thursday is here!

    We LOVE answering your deep, dark and dirty questions, so keep them coming!

    HELP! Girls I have a doozy, My guy is PERFECT except he has the worst breath and I am getting the ick.
    My gf hooked up with a girl and when I told her that is not ok she said it's not cheating and I was overreacting, is it!? Am I?
    My partner takes drugs everyday. He won't work and won't have sex. Do I keep supporting him through this or run for the hills.

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  • If you've been watching the absolutely toxic shit storm that is Married at first sight, you'd be correct in saying the "experiment" and the people in it know no boundaries. And whilst the show has produced (a very small number) of success stories, it is basically a show dedicated to teaching us what not to do and how not to act.
    It led us to this weeks discussion, Boundaries and self worth. What is a boundary? What are healthy and unhealthy boundaries? How do we set them and maintain them and what is their connection to our self worth?
    But before that we jump head first into some very interesting American Bachelor chat and discuss Colton Underwood coming out, but also the toxic behaviour that went down in his relationship with his Bachelor winner Cassie Randolph and why it's been swept under the rug.
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  • Happy Thursday Lifers!

    It's the quick down and dirty episode where we answer your deep and burning questions. Well, we try anyway.
    Laura takes us down memory lane with a hilarious dating story.
    -He wants to hang but wont commit to me. But everyone else bores the hell out of me. Do I suck it up and just stay with him to avoid the wet cardboard personalities of all my other online dates? Or do I keep looking for my penguin?
    -My boyfriend and I are long distance and he always ignores me and leaves me on read, even though I see him online all the time. What do I do? When is enough enough?
    -Help! I came out of a toxic relationship. Now I am dating a great guy.... but... I am bored. There's no ripping each others clothes off.. is this normal or do I need to go find something more exciting?

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  • *Todays episode comes with a trigger warning. Issues relating to mental health, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts are discussed throughout. If these topics could be triggering for you, please consider skipping this episode. For anyone experiencing difficulties please reach out to life line, open 24 hours, on 13 11 14*

    Lifers, today we are talking about something extremely important and extremely prevalent. Today, we are talking a deep dive into anxiety and everything that comes with it.
    We wanted to bring you most informative episode possible, so we have two amazing guests on todays episode, both from very different walks of life. 

    First up we have the man who brought us Laura and Matty J’s ultimate fairytale love story on The Bachelor. Funnily enough, he's also the man that brought us Britt's epic, unheard of and far too public dumping.
    Yep, we are talking to Osher Ginsburg, the man that has collectively broken more hearts than any other person in Australia. He is a tv host, podcaster, author, husband and father. He is also an anxiety sufferer and speaks very openly about his struggles and his battle with mental health.

    We then speak with psychologist, best selling author and anxiety expert Dr Jodie Lowinger who runs Sydney anxiety clinic. She is an expert in her field and has helped thousands of people from children to adults to CEO’s manage their anxiety. She is the author of best selling book "The mind strength method".
    Between these two amazing humans we hope to shine a different kind of light on anxiety, to help educate you and hopefully assist you in realising that you are not alone and there is help waiting.

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    You can follow Osher @osher_gunsberg and listen to his podcast 'Better than yesterday".

    You can follow Dr Jodie @_drjodie_ and read her best selling book "The mind strength method" at all good book stores.