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    REโ“’ est une série radiophonique présentant de jeunes chercheures-créatrices et chercheurs-créateurs montréalais dont la pratique de création change notre façon de percevoir la recherche et — un coup parti — notre vision du monde.
    À travers REโ“’, nous proposons à notre auditoire de nous suivre dans l’univers éclaté et vibrant de la recherche-création. Chaque épisode de la série explore une question commune et actuelle permettant d’illustrer la façon dont les pratiques de recherche combinant les arts et la création sont appelées à redéfinir notre conception de la production de connaissances en contexte universitaire.
    Pour ce faire, de jeunes chercheurs-créateurs et professeurs membres du réseau de recherche-création Hexagram sont réunis afin de présenter leurs travaux théoriques et créatifs et débattre autour d’un sujet commun. Chaque émission est complétée par des extraits des projets présentés et des performances sonores en studio.
    Cette série est réalisée par Marc-André Cossette et Cynthia Noury en collaboration avec le réseau de recherche-création Hexagram et
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    REโ“’ is a radio series featuring young Montreal researchers-creators whose creative practice is changing not only the way we perceive research, but — potentially — our entire worldview.
    Through REโ“’, we invite our listeners to follow us in the vibrant world of research-creation. Each episode of the series addresses a current topic through a common question in order to illustrate how research practices that include the arts and creation are redefining our understanding of the production of knowledge in academia.
    On this occasion, young researcher-creators and professors that are members of the Hexagram research-creation network are gathered to present their theoretical and creative work and debate about a common topic. Each episode is complemented by excerpts from the projects presented and in-studio sound performances.
    This series is created by Marc-André Cossette and Cynthia Noury in collaboration with the Hexagram research-creation network and
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  • Everything you ever wanted in a pinball podcast, and less. Then throw in a bunch a crazy stuff you never even realized you wanted and that's our show. Featuring Christopher Franchi, Ed VanderVeen and Christian Line.

  • Created is the podcast that tells sensational stories about how brilliant advertising and design ideas came to life. The creative process, the internal battles, the client struggles, the production drama, the never never giving up to get from good to great. There are loads of award-winning ideas pinned up all over our walls, but it’s the unbelievably uphill battle to get it made, and get it made right, that we are all dying to hear about. Because it’s not just about creativity, it’s about getting it created.

    Created is brought to you by The Advertising & Design Club of Canada, hosted by Lyranda Martin-Evans, with music and studio care of Grayson Music.

  • Frede Rioux est influenceuse, entrepreneure, conférencière, motivatrice... c'est pas tout, elle est aussi animatrice! Dans Frede Pour Emporter, son talk show audio, elle reçoit des amis et des gens qui l'inspirent. Mais surtout, elle vous partage ses histoires, son vécu, et elle parle de ce qui la passionne.
    Ou que vous alliez, n'oubliez pas d'emporter Frede avec vous!

  • John Allen reflects on his life in show business, and talks sports, politics, philosophy, and more!

  • Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life is a novel by George Eliot, the pen name of Mary Anne Evans, later Marian Evans. It is her seventh novel, begun in 1869 and then put aside during the final illness of Thornton Lewes, the son of her companion George Henry Lewes. During the following year Eliot resumed work, fusing together several stories into a coherent whole, and during 1871–72 the novel appeared in serial form. The first one-volume edition was published in 1874, and attracted large sales. Subtitled "A Study of Provincial Life," the novel is set in the fictitious Midlands town of Middlemarch during the period 1830–32. It has multiple plots with a large cast of characters, and in addition to its distinct though interlocking narratives it pursues a number of underlying themes, including the status of women, the nature of marriage, idealism and self-interest, religion and hypocrisy, political reform, and education. The pace is leisurely, the tone is mildly didactic (with an authorial voice that occasionally bursts through the narrative), and the canvas is very broad. (Summary by Wikipedia)

  • In this podcast, I will be talking about Wings of Fire (My favorite book series) with my sister, Sylvia.

  • This cookbook and reference guide leads the American Housewife through how to make everything from Meat to Common Drinks, as well as helpful tips and tricks for any housewife! Also included in this fine text are sections on Cooking for The Sick, and how to make your own: Essences, Perfumes, Dyes and Soaps. This work also features an extensive section on The Art of Carving-Which covers anything you might need to carve! (Summary by Jennifer Stearns

  • We're Jason and James and we are two dudes who like talking about food! Every week cover a range of topics like "is a sandwich a dinner food?", debating proper burger toppings, power ranking our favourite foods to reminiscing delicious memories of our youth.

    WARNING Dudes Talk Food is not to be listened to on an empty stomach. Possible side effects WILL include hunger, binge eating, a penchant to try new foods and super attraction to the hosts.

  • Les balados enregistrées devant public depuis le studio mobile de Transistor Média.

  • Join beer experts and authors Robin LeBlanc and Jordan St. John as they talk about beer, the world, and whatever else they feel like, damn it.

  • Doubleday chronicles the history of everyday inventions that form the foundation of technology now common through the world. While some of the inventions are no longer used, each example shows how inventors contributed to technology through perseverance, inspiration and clever observations. In each chapter, he gives a clear, understandable background of the technology.Many of the now outdated inventions may have inspired later inventions by meeting emerging demands. For example, Edison's filament bulb is now being phased out by more efficient CFL's, but Edison's contribution to indoor lighting likewise removed the need for inefficient gas-burning lamps. While trains for carrying mail and freight have largely been replaced by more nimble semi trailers, one example shows how technology can translate from ground to air travel. Trains with curved pipes that scooped water to refill reservoirs could be controlled from the train engine-cab without stopping, and mirrors the in-flight refueling systems that keep aircraft flying without the need to land. Although computers have replaced typewriters, word processing programs and web browsers justify text with similar algorithms. (Summary By LivelyHive)

  • The VIP Collective is a Video Wedding Podcast. This channel is specifically designed to share insights from top industry wedding experts to help couples learn more about wedding planning, designs and trends. This podcast is hosted by Corinne McDonald the Creative Director of Corinne McDonald Films Inc a boutique cinematography studio. If you are in the wedding industry, engaged, helping plan a wedding or interested in keeping up with the latest trends, this podcast is for you.

  • Getting real about design, business, marketing, business ownership and social media.

  • Une série musicale en neuf mouvements sur le compositeur Michel Legrand, géant de la musique, produite par les Médias francophones publics.

  • Ease into the week with Dean of Students Chris Buddle as he engages in conversation with students across McGill University. Listen to Chris’ candid take on topics that matter most to students and get to know him as he shares his stories about McGill, life as an administrator, and tips and tricks for student success, in life and learning . Together discover rarely seen parts of McGill and once in a while expect the awkward Dad joke. Bonne écoute!

  • Richly illustrated with paintings, photographs, and sound recordings of featured birds, these video podcasts are an entertaining and educational supplement to the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America.

  • Monstre sacré de la chanson française connu dans le monde entier, Charles Aznavour se raconte dans cette série documentaire consacrée à sa vie et à son œuvre et diffusée en 2003 sur les ondes des Radios francophones publiques. Des chansons de l'artiste accompagnent de rares archives ainsi que de nombreux témoignages de ses amis et admirateurs.
    Animation : Monique Giroux Réalisation : Francis Legault

  • A podcast exploring and celebrating the process and practice of seeking. Honest conversations with creative women of style and purpose.

  • Videocast with Chef Kurt Waldele of Canada's National Arts Centre