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  • Политическое шоу из Германии — так о немецкой политике еще никто не говорил. Раз в неделю журналист Дмитрий Вачедин и политолог Алекс Юсупов объясняют страну, в которой после ухода Ангелы Меркель события несутся с головокружительной скоростью.

  • DSMP content in podcast form.

    Small update: I mostly forgot about this until Spotify Wrapped (and Podcaster Wrapped) came out... which were surprising. I saw some of you guys tweeting that this was your number one podcast! And we showed up on a Tubbo stream? So I made @dsmpasasmr on there if you guys want to talk at me or have any upload requests. I might also post some Spotify stats on there.

  • Danny Peña and Riana Manuel-Peña have lived and worked in the games industry for a combined 30+ years. What have they learned in that time? Life (like gaming) is better together!

    Join them on their journey through gaming conferences, red carpet events, baby milestones, marriage hurdles, and the occasional work update. Play along with game recommendations for busy parents and enjoy this seasoned couples’ sazón as they talk about their favorite memories, products, and experiences.

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  • Women at their finest in their darkest hours. Welcome to the Damn sis podcast, presented by two long-time friends Christina and Christine. Follow us on Instagram and Twiiter @damnsispodcast. Or our personal Instagram and Twitter @Christina.Simone and @Imperfect_tine Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/christinachristine/support

  • This is the Couple's Conversation Podcast! A young couple that just want to talk about entertainment, things going on in the world and occasionally about our own lives. We want this to be fun, silly and entertaining for all the listeners!

  • Говорим на всевозможные темы в контексте наших гик-интересов: книг, фильмов, сериалов, игр, музыки и всего остального, что мы сильно любим.

  • Аудио с разговорных видео и интервью с нашего Ютуб-канала. А также внутренняя кухня канала и разговор по душам с гостями из кофейного мира.
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  • Weekly Virtual Reality live cast, with a lively debate on the latest VR games, tech and news.

  • Tea Time With River is a place where just about everything under the sun is discussed...from religion and spirituality to all the different types of cuisine. Come join me as I explore this sometimes great and other times not so great world of ours.

  • Life, sports, music, video games, movies, comics, wrestling

  • Anime, Manga and Light Novel discussions on Boogiepop. (Backlog for Baccano!)

  • ame studios are notoriously secretive. At LifeForce Games we aim to change that by pulling back the curtains and sharing what it takes to build a studio and craft worlds from the ground up. Every week we'll highlight a different discipline; from Art and Creative to Narrative Design, including insight into building a successful team while getting a game studio up and running - and more! Join us as we build a gaming studio and experience like no other and bring gamers along to help us ‘break the game’.

  • Amy Arnott and Melissa LaFrate explore the best selling life simulation game: The Sims.

  • Есть ли что живое в современных чартах? Насколько протухла музыка 200-летней давности?

    Этот подкаст родился из телеграм канала сольдиез.

  • Три друга-киберспортсмена обсуждают новости из мира киберспорта. А еще музыку, еду, спорт, фильмы и вообще все, что интересно.

  • Greetings, friend! Welcome to our humble little podcast and/or epic adventure of intrigue and demigods! Come join your Storyteller Will as he leads Taavi, Nivora, Genevieve, Artran, Vyvyan, and Phillip through a saga that will shake Creation to its core... or at least upset a whole lot of mortals along the way.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Calling all my health conscious moms wanting to create a happy and healthy home for those you love.

    If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and worried, searching for tips on how to create a beautifully healthy home that not only looks good, it makes you feel good too, then this is the podcast for you!

    Hey there, I’m the host, Megan Mikkelsen, and I am here to help! I will simplify this process for you. With my Masters of Public Health degree, career in health education, almost two decades of parenting, and an obsession with interior design, I’m here to walk you through the process. Let’s make your home radiate positive energy, foster health, and exude your family’s personality all while minimizing our environmental impact and focusing on sustainability.

    If you feel it’s in your heart to detox your life, home, health, beauty, motherhood, and everything in between, and make it beautiful, all at the same time, then you’re in the right place.
    Welcome! Let’s get started.

    Connect with me - [email protected]
    Hang with me - www.facebook.com/groups/detoxbydesigninsiders
    Learn with me - www.detox.design/course
    Shop toxin-free beauty with me - https://www.detox.design/safebeauty

    Toxin-Free Talk - Detox by Design, Non-Toxic Living, Crunchy Wannabe Moms, Eco-Friendly, Detox My Home

  • The Introductory Gaming Podcast is a podcast run by students that examine some of the most popular games to date. Join the host, Duke Javelosa, and co-host, Yash Patel, as they break down every aspect of the game and share their opinions on some of their favorite games.

  • 聽說,每個人都是從自己的視角看世界的,對每件事情的解讀其實大不相同,那我們該怎麼跟不同於自己的人聊天呢?「請問這邊有人坐嗎?」是一個想找話題跟各式各樣的人閒聊的開場白,就讓害怕尷尬的我們陪你一起努力找話題吧~

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  • The Ham Radio Clubhouse started out as a weekly meet up of friends on Discord. As the hangouts grew in popularity we decided to share the fun with everyone! The Clubhouse live streams every Tuesday night at 7pm central over on our YouTube page.