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  • Spremljamo aktualno likovno dogajanje, predvsem v Sloveniji, v obliki pogovorov z umetniki, kustosi in strokovnjaki, včasih objavljamo tudi strokovna besedila. Občasno opozorimo tudi na večje likovne dogodke v tujini.

  • Ever wanna learn tarot but never have the time to read? Well let me read to you about learning tarot. You can learn tarot anywhere. Listen while working,in your car,in your kitchen while cooking..... Well just anywhere!(:

  • Spoilers beware! Forced Proximity with self-certified professional fangirl Kate Whitley is bringing you up close and personal with your favorite (and maybe not so favorite) romance books. Unfiltered and real, this podcast rates, reviews, and rips apart Kate’s current romance reads while remaining tropey, funny, and as always, sex positive.

  • Hey there Beauty Boss! Are you ready to scale your business? Are you ready to tap into your six figure potential? Join business coach, Carrie Hunt, every single week as she walks you through tangible strategies to elevate your profit, grow your clientele and scale your beauty business beyond your wildest dreams. Because not only has she done this, she has taught countless others how to as well. Carrie is a cosmetic tattoo artist and educator, a mom of three and an owner of a commission based permanent makeup studio with multiple locations, located in the heart of Texas.Tune in weekly and lets transform your systems, increase your bookings and layout your roadmap to a 6 figure success!

  • Podcast station for conversations about books, movies, authors, community information, and much more!

  • Baked and Bookish is your newest go-to podcast about books! The hosts Maggie Bowyer and Savannah Crews get stoned, read, and discuss your favorite books! If you love reading (or weed) we want you here. Join the sesh by listening now!

  • Prva vrsta je polurna radijska glasbena oddaja, v kateri vsak torek muzicirajo ustvarjalci različnih glasbenih zvrsti. Oddaje omogoča živ nastop v Studiu 13 z neposrednim radijskim in video prenosom na spletni strani Prvega programa in na MMC-u, med drugim pa ustvarja neposredni stik z glasbenim dogajanjem pri nas na različnih platformah. Urednica oddaje je Alja Kramar.

  • The Versopolis Podcast explores contemporary poetry by a wide range of poets and poetry experts. Hosted by Dr Mitja Drab each episode delves deep into a specific topic, giving a unique perspective of the most exciting literary voices today.

  • Podcast o ozadju glasbene industrije. V prvi vrsti epizod na pogovor povabimo osebe, ki imajo v glasbenem svetu uspešno oz. zanimivo kariero. Pogovarjamo se o njihovem delu in temah kot so glasbeni management, booking, založništvo, radio, nastopi, touring in vsem kar se dogaja v zakulisju. Z veseljem podelimo tudi izkušnje iz ozadja organizacije naših lastnih dogodkov. Od smešnih prigod do poučnih lekcij. Pogovori izhajajo vsako drugo nedeljo. Vabljeni!

  • A podcast dedicated to celebrating good friends, and the power of literature. Support this podcast:

  • I AM - WE ARE ALIVE podcast je navdihujoča in informativna oddaja, ki se osredotoča na pripovedovanje zgodb, deljenje mnenj o aktualnih temah ter raziskovanje načinov in orodij, s katerimi lahko izboljšamo svoje življenje. Namenjena je ljudem, ki si želijo vsakodnevno spodbudo, nasvete in ideje za dosego svojih ciljev.

    Glavni cilj oddaje je motivirati poslušalce k ukrepanju in iskanju rešitev. Pripovedovanje zgodb igra ključno vlogo, saj skozi osebne izkušnje in perspektive gostov ter voditelja poslušalcem ponuja vpogled v različne vidike življenja. Zgodbe o uspehu, premagovanju ovir in navdihujočih dosežkih služijo kot vir navdiha in dokaz, da je mogoče doseči svoje cilje, če smo pripravljeni ukrepati.

    V oddaji se razpravlja o aktualnih temah, ki vplivajo na naš vsakdan. To vključuje področja, kot so osebna rast, produktivnost, zdravje, medosebni odnosi, finančno upravljanje in še veliko več. Gostje z različnimi strokovnimi ozadji, izkušnjami in pogledi delijo svoje mnenje in nasvete, kar omogoča poslušalcem različne perspektive in ideje za ukrepanje.

    I AM - WE ARE ALIVE podcast je zasnovan kot vir motivacije, navdiha in praktičnih nasvetov za vse tiste, ki si želijo izboljšati svoje življenje. S poslušanjem oddaje lahko pridobite nova znanja, ideje in spodbudo za akcijo, saj so rešitve v vaših rokah.

  • Interviews with actors, writers, filmmakers, artists, musicians and authors, with a focus on independent work.

  • Welcome to!

    We create short, erotic audio stories for women and couples. Bringing your most intimate fantasies to life.

    Erotic audio strories are on the rise and we couldn’t be happier about it. Putting any intense voice kink aside for a moment, erotic audio stories are the best ways for women and couples to consume erotic content. Erotic audio stories allow you to create a world entirely your own. Instead of watching someone else experience pleasure, you (and your partner) can enjoy subtle and sensual stories that are crafted to enhance your imagination for the ultimate erotic experience.

    Audiodesires offers erotic audio stories for women and couples to explore together or separately. With exciting and erotic voices, our professional speakers take you on a pleasurable journey through a story of your choosing. Exploring new kinks, sexual adventures and each other has never been more enjoyable.

    Our erotic audio stories are available in podcast format, so you can listen on the go, and our website provides an easy-to-use platform for exploring and discovering new stories. Join us today and discover the world of erotic audio stories that are guaranteed to leave you breathless.

  • a bookish podcast for spicy romance readers🔥📚
    🎙with Meg LaTorre and Lyra Parish

  • We are Scotland’s EAR TO THE GROUND! - keeping you in the loop with the interviews and gig alerts from Scotland’s top-notch composers. We’ll be digging deep to find out what makes these composers tick, hearing the processes behind their latest compositions and finding out why on earth someone would want to be a composer!

    ​The podcast is hosted by Aileen Sweeney and Ben Eames, two musicians based in Glasgow who’ll be asking the questions, bringing the banter and getting to know these fantastic composers. Follow and subscribe to keep your ear to ground for Scotland’s newest and most exciting music.

  • Podkast Mladinske knjige. O knjigah in njihovih zgodbah.

  • There's a mystery to great storytelling. An alchemy, even. All of the elements have to come together, in perfect balance, to bring a story to life. How do the best storytellers do it? Award-winning writer-editors - and longtime collaborators - Amy Wallace and Mary Melton are on a mission to find out. Join them as they talk to every kind of storyteller - from journalists and filmmakers, to chefs and marketers - to deconstruct the art of creating narratives that break through the noise.

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