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  • Подкаст про лор Warhammer, «Властелин Колец» и других фэнтези и sci-fi вселенных

  • We’re going to talk about a few important topics in Thirteen Reasons Why

  • Tales From The Underworld features fictional horror stories about paranormal, darkness, creepy and unexplained phenomena. A series of short horror stories that gives the devil himself night terrors.

  • Hi there, its Alireza
    join me for a cup of tea and a podcast!

  • There are still people looking for justice for kenneka...

  • «Подстрочник» ─ документальный подкаст о событиях и людях из дневника литератора Корнея Ивановича Чуковского. О событиях, которые происходили сто лет назад ─ последние годы Российской империи и первые годы Советской власти. И о людях, чьи имена мы знаем из уроков истории и литературы. Это подкаст для тех, кто когда-то учил историю, но все забыл. Заглянем в прошлое, которое определило наше настоящее.
    Джингл ─ Emotional Piano by John Sib

  • This show is devoted to discussions of science fiction movies, television, and literature from the 1950s. Support this podcast:

  • «Великая кошачья революция» - это сатирическая антиутопия Андрея Горбунова о том, как власть превращает доброго домашнего кота Пушка в страшного тирана. Когда на Земле погибает последний человек, мурлыкающая братия начинает строить свое общество… 
    Речь идет о кошачьих приключениях, поэтому в романе не главы, а «жизни». И всего их, конечно, 9.
    Роли озвучивают: Владимир Левашев, Сергей Шнуров, Надежда Толоконникова (признана в России иностранным агентом), Вера Алентова, Тина Канделаки, Евгений Ройзман, Рэппер Сява, Николай Валуев, Владимир Жириновский, Наталья Поклонская, Слава КПСС, Леха Никонов, Mirele, Олег Кашин  (признан в России иностранным агентом) и бабушка автора Мария Волосникова.

  • Подкаст проекта Mercedes-Benz Travel Guide о путешествиях по России на автомобиле.

    Все, что нужно знать перед поездкой в разные города и регионы России. Рассказывают местные жители и те, кто действительно хорошо знает, куда идти, что смотреть и где вкусно поесть.

    Этот проект сделан при поддержке Ростуризма.

  • Dangerously Yours was a half hour show sponsored by Vicks. There were sixteen episodes broadcast in 1944, with eleven of them available to collectors today. Each episode seemed to star Victor Jory as the leading man, and concentrated heavily on romance, with much airtime being devoted to lovers murmuring sweet nothings at each other, and the action and adventure being relegated to backdrop status. At the end of each episode, the announcer would give a very brief teaser for the following week's show.

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  • The adventures of professor Kelvin and his experiments that never go as planned when he is visited by his neighbor, Little Timmy.

  • Jet Jungle is the name of a mid-sixties scifi adventure superhero, who appeared in a hit radio play: "The incredible adventures of the most amazing man of our time" broadcast on South Africa's Springbok Radio as well as a Sunday comic of the same name. The main character Jet Jungle (created and voiced by Brian O'Shaughnessy).
    Jet Jungle appeared with his black panther Jupiter, red-headed girlfriend Samantha Muller (Diane Appleby) and scientist and faithful friend Prof. Giuseppe "Spaghetti" Valetti (Victor Melleney). The team would routinely fly off from their island headquarters, Orion's Peak, in a Vertijet at the behest of their government liaison "the Minister", to battle criminal masterminds and the occasional extraterrestrial menace.
    The show was broadcast every weekday at 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon on South Africa's English radio service, Springbok Radio from 1965 with re-runs continuing until the stations close in 1985. It was also broadcast on Radio Rhodesia in Rhodesia (the present day Zimbabwe). It is not known how many of the episodes were actually recorded, or how many of them were rebroadcast, since so little of the Springbok Radio archive exists. There appear to be screenplays and sound bytes available, and a number of archivists have attempted to preserve the work.
    The enormously successful show, sponsored by Black Cat Peanut Butter and Jungle Oats was used to promote these South African products. Jet Jungle attributed his enormous powers of persuasion to the use of special ingredients, and his mastery of time, caused as a result of exposure to the Star Master, a mysterious entity. They appeared in several episodes similar in vein to the Project Farstar episodes.

  • A novel in four stories that explores the United Arab Emirates, the darkest and deepest corners that are harbored within, and all in those corners unseen.Thriller - Horror - MysteryFor full book, message us at Support this podcast:

  • Just something to think about the other way

  • If you're curious about the unexplained wonders of our world; from the strange to the macabre, the terrifying to the wondrous... Join us as we attempt to unearth the truth... and delve into the mystery... of THE ENIGMA FILES... Want even more enigma file goodness? Join us on Patreon for exclusive episodes and bonus perks!

  • Super geil , überhaupt nicht dumm haha , folgen wöchentlich montags 20.00Uhr .

  • 3 teens. A Pansexual. A Pansexual-Demiromantic & a Semi-Heterosexual make a podcast about anything and everything during their time in quarantine.