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  • Ang Kwentong Takipsilim Pinoy Tagalog Horror Stories ay handog ang mga nakakatakot na kwento. Dadalhin kayo sa mundo ng hiwaga, katatakutan at kababalaghan. Mga aswang horror stories, engkanto, multo horror stories, tagalog mystery stories, at kung anu-ano pa. Mapa-true story tagalog horror man o tagalog fiction na kukurot sa inyong mga puso, magpapakilabot ng inyong katawan at magbibigay ngiti sa inyong mga labi.

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  • Pinoy Horror Stories. Mga totoong kuwentong kababalaghan mula sa mga taong nagpadala ng kanilang mga kuwento. Multo, aswang, engkanto at iba pa! Siguradong titindig ang inyong mga balahibo sa aming mga kuwento.

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    Tagalog horror stories. Sitio bangungot / Kwentong Takipsilim. #pampatuloghorrorstories #tagaloghorrorstories #tagalogstories

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  • Bonjour à tous,

    Voici un format audio en podcast de nos vidéos Conte SCP. Disponible sur toute les platform de streaming.
    Nous vous proposons des SCP que nous vous lissions en conte, comme une histoire.

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  • Do you ever wonder what lurks in the shadows of the world around you? Have you ever come across strange and unexplainable events that just seem too unnatural to be coincidental? In this podcast, Sam Wilder and Addy Love seek to unravel and expose some of the most unnerving stories experienced by the everyday Redditor - because the wildest things happen even to the most average of people.

    Listen in every day as we cover topics that are sure to make you question the reality of the world around you. Join us as we explore conspiracy, controversy, and the unknown.

  • A collection of Queer Filipino short stories for your listening pleasure.

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  • Best feeling in this world is to be love and to be inlove.

    A story written by aspiring Bisaya Writers will be featured in this podcast Program.

    Be prepared for the rollercoaster ride feeling of in pain and in happiness. Fasten your seatbelts for the story that's forbidden by circumstances and twisted by fate. This stories can only be heard at Bisaya PodcaStories 🖤

  • This podcast is about my sisters and my CRAZY life. It includes drama and emotional things. So get ready because it's about to be a wild ride.

  • TheSLFPodcast are best friends of 11
    years who share their lives, from relationships, friendships, insecurities to mental health, religion and life hacks. Come along on this new journey with us. Get to know us as we get to know you. Tune in every week for tasteful sounds of pure honesty and transparency.

    Hosted by
    Helen (@lifeofbbj )& Abi (@renireign)
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  • Classified as a juvenile crime drama but written and acted with more adult style than most of the breed, "The Green Hornet"---whose protagonist fought crime by infiltrating or even partnering (initially) with known criminal operations, which deceive police into believing him a wanted criminal himself---was the creation of George W. Trendle and Fran Striker, the brains and head writer behind "The Lone Ranger" (whose protagonist, according to storyline, was the great-uncle of Britt Reid, the heir who assumed control of the Daily Sentinel newspaper publisher and takes the crimefighting guise of the Green Hornet).

    The show originated from Detroit WXZY in 1936 and was picked up for network broadcast by Mutual in 1938; NBC Blue Network (later ABC) picked up the show in 1939. "The Green Hornet" left radio as an actively-produced series in 1952, though reruns of several shows were known to have aired as late as 1954.

    Britt Reid/The Green Hornet: Al Hodge (1936-1943); Donovan Faust (1943); Bob Hall (1944-51); Jack McCarthy (1951-1952).
    Kato: Tokutaro Hayashi (a.k.a. Raymond Toyo); Rollon Parker; Michael Tolan.
    Lenore Case, Reid's secretary and occasional Sentinel photographer: Leonore Allman.
    Michael Axford, a Sentinel reporter: Jim Irwin (1936-1938); Gil Shea (1938-1952).
    Ed Lowry, another Sentinel reporter: Jac Petruzzi.
    Newsboy (who closed each episode, almost invariably, by shouting the headlines after the crime is solved, ending habitually with "Green Hornet Still at Large!!"): Rollon Parker.

  • This is a story about me making a huge mistake and it leads up to me getting stitches.

  • Are there any parallels between real life conspiracies and events in the Star Wars universe? What about conspiracies in the Star Wars universe itself? This podcast discusses both. Open your mind and let the force flow! Support this podcast:

  • Want to know what a student’s perspective is on the best streaming service, tourist attractions, or fast food restaurant? On The Student’s View Podcast, our resident student takes an in-depth look into numerous subjects and topics, and shares his opinions on what he likes and dislikes. Tune in every week for The Student’s View Podcast.

  • These stories are odes to lovers who were gone by morning.

    𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗶 𝘄𝗶𝘀𝗵 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗱 is a Fiction podcast featuring stories, interviews, and listener submissions. It is a safe space for the broken-hearted to breathe and tell their stories.

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  • Talkin’ Tauntauns is hosted by Jim Lehane and Nicole H. Quinn. Join us as we discuss the latest news in Star Wars, as well as our thoughts on the books, comics, TV series, and movies from a galaxy far, far away.

  • F**ked Up Bedtime Stories (for adults) features seven short stories written by Alissa Anne Jeun Yi, Dipo Baruwa-Etti, Tim Crouch, Vivienne Franzmann, Matilda Ibini, Amy Jephta and Anthony Neilson. ETT asked these 7 brilliant and provocative writers to tackle the strangeness of our nighttime imaginings and twist the familiar form of bedtime stories into something uncanny, dark and surreal.

    Read by Paapa Essiedu and Amber James

    Directed by Jennifer Bakst with music and editing by Max Pappenheim.

    F**ked Up Bedtime Stories (for adults) is an English Touring Theatre audio-project.

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  • Rainn Wilson stars in this fictional darkly comedic podcast that explores the on and off-air life of Terry Carnation – a late-night talk-radio show host who deals with bizarre topics, outrageous callers... and gets caught up in a mystery of his own.

  • In this first of its kind feature-length audio movie, Wallace Conway wakes up to find he’s been implanted with an untraceable earpiece while sleeping. So long as he does everything the voice on the other end tells him, he and his family will live.

    Written by Zack Akers and produced by Skip Bronkie, Shipworm is the fourth podcast from Two-Up, the studio known for breaking ground in fiction (Limetown), musical (36 Questions), and documentary podcasts (The Wilderness).

    Shipworm stars Broadway luminaries Quentin Earl Darrington and Miriam Silverman, and is available on podcast platforms everywhere.

  • آوند داستان تعریف می‌کنه و اعتقاد داره که

    .تعریف کردن بعضی داستانا یعنی کاشتن نهال اندیشه‌ تو ذهن آدما

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  • If you’re up to some fun, random topics, talking in hiligaynon and etcetera. Trying to avoid talking about toxic stuff as much as I could.