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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • TJ Morris Agency, American Communications Online Broadcast Media News Publishing Platform. ACO Radio, ACIR Radio, TJ Morris ET Radio Live Talk Shows cyberspace culture community building. Movies, mysteries, cosmos, psychic, PsychicmediumTJMorris, ACO Association, ACIT, ACOT, AICT, fixmywebs US, ACO WIFI Videos“We are accountable for our professional and personal behavior. We will be mindful of the privilege to serve our fellow Americans.” TJ Morris former US Navy now ACO Morris Agency Host. Unique Conscious Raising Experiencers. Philosophy Commentators on Critical Mass Consciousness, Authors share informative experiences and research. Informational Teachings. Histories Mysteries, Spiritual Growth International Cyberspace Culture Community Call in 347-945-7207. American Communications Online Broadcasting. Conversations. Interviews, Topics of Interest, Pop Culture Reviews, Authors, ACO Press Club, Archivists, Authors, Visual and Performing Artists, Pop Culture, Entertainment, Sci-Fi, ACE Folklife Historical Society Oral Books, Art-Culture-Education - Science-Technology - History - Folklife, Wisdom Speakers, Psychic Network Club, Metaphysics, Esoterics, UAP Associates, UFO Association, Integrative Medicine, Mindfulness, Spirituality Wellness Coaches. Physics to Psychic University -Ascension Age Books-Movies ACE Folklife Guild of Writers, Archivists, Philosophers, Engineers, as Storytellers. Book Store Owners, Library Advocates. Theresa J Morris Ministries of Education. Universal Life Cosmos Conscious Space Advocates, Spiritual Science Audio/Video Services. ACIR ACO Press Club, ACO Historians, Researchers, ACE Folklife Guild Archivists Members join, ACO Reporters Conscious Raising to High Strangeness, Super Natural - Weird, Unexplained, Fortean, Paranormal, New Life 5D Dimension Nature to Nurture Cultural Philosophy Outreach & A.I. Monad Spiritual Science Mysticism.850-736-1580

  • Ngobrol apa adanya ada apanya, yang penting berbagi pengalaman.Penting gak penting yang penting ngobrol.~Enjoy your day with Podkeset~ Support this podcast:

  • The aim of this podcast is to explore, learn and spread the message of Re-wilding and Natural Movement so that we as humans can live in more alignment with our nature and reclaim what it means to be fully alive.

    The podcast will cover topics such as hunting, nature connection, anthropology, evolutionary biology, community, natural movement and so much more.

    The modern world has stripped away so much that used to nourish our mind, body and soul, this podcast will help illuminate how we can reclaim and restore our innate wild, capable and strong spirit.

    Thanks for joining me on this journey!

  • Podcast oleh Himpunan Mahasiswa Psikologi Universitas Sebelas Maret yang akan membahas fenomena terkini disekitar kita dari kacamata psikologi.

  • The Intelligent Mining podcast helps you navigate emerging trends in Mining & Metals, and discusses how these trends are shaping the future of the industry. We share what this means for your organization and practical ways to stay ahead in this era of disruption. Our podcast episodes feature our international network of Deloitte Mining & Metals experts, who serve world-class companies across the globe.

  • Dika Niko Lia ngobrolin tentang lingkungan secara fun dan menyenangkan. Apa beda fun dan menyenangkan? Tentunya nggak ada. Tapi apa bedanya kalau kamu nggak dengerin podkes ini dan dengerin podkes? Tentu kamu jadi lebih tau tentang lingkungan di sekitar kita!

    Police (Podkes Lingkungan Cekitar) membawamu ke isu-isu lingkungan yang dikemas secara menarik dan ramah. Siap sedia untuk memperbaiki Hari Rabumu menjadi lebih berilmu!

    Kindly catch us on instagram:
    [email protected]

  • Brought to you by Event SEG UI SC 2020, EarthEx is a podcast to quench your curiosity in earthscience world.
    Published monthly in Bahasa Indonesia

  • Obrolan tentang gender, kekerasan terhadap perempuan dan anak,
    feminisme, maskulinitas, budaya patriarki, konseling dan pemberdayaan perempuan, serta isu lain yang terkait, seperti kesehatan reproduksi.

  • The podcast that humanizes people.

    Noah Kinsey has conversations covering the hot-button issues and topics that affect our daily lives. Beyond the hype and noise - What is partisan bickering and what is the actual truth? Support this podcast:

  • Overthinking est une extension du blog Eccéité. Ce podcast a pour but d'explorer toutes les idées et opinions qu'elles soient convergentes ou divergentes afin d'éveiller la conscience populaire sur certains sujets.

    Eccéité, c'est Idée et Conscience

  • This trailer is just to inform you all about what we will be doing on my podcast.I am also thinking of doing it for English but i am currently focusing on math which is season 1.Stay tuned

  • Iki Jan Karo Linggo. Dua orang membicarakan apa saja melalu sudut pandang ya dari dua orang ini. Nikmati pembicaraan kami ini selagi bisa mendengarkan..

  • Karena hidup itu harus saling berbagi pengalaman dan perasaan

  • An audiotour around the Haringvliet, exploring the socio-ecological system.

  • Hai semuanya! Sebagai orang yg sering banget main sama temen-temen pesantren padahal udah 7 tahun jadi alumni, seneng banget bisa ngobrolin kisah-kasih di pondok pesantren tiap ketemu mereka. Yukk ikutan juga keseruan aku ngobrolin apapun tentang pondok pesantren dengan mendengarkan setiap episode ini! Selamat mendengarkan!!!!

  • Mahauliyati Mukalmay is an Urdu phrase which means "Conversations on Climate".

    This podcast series is an initiative of the Climate and Environment Initiative (CEI) at the Research Society of International Law, Pakistan (RSIL), an independent, non-partisan think tank based in Pakistan. CEI envisions a climate-resilient world that recognises that climate change threats are already unprecedented and potentially existential. We hope to encourage action to address those threats in a manner that is proportionate to their scale and impact. We believe that strengthening the effectiveness of legal solutions will be key to conquering the world’s climate change and environmental problems.