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  • Autumn 2012 - UCL's Lunch Hour Lecture Series is an opportunity for anyone to sample the exceptional research work taking place at the university, in bite-size chunks. Speakers are drawn from across UCL and lectures frequently showcase new research and recent academic publications. Lunch Hour Lectures require no pre-booking, are free to attend and are open to anyone on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • 宇宙部落

  • Mike Betts from the Food and Agriculture Innovators Podcast and formerly Investment Director at AgFunder sits down to interview entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders from around the world building technology innovation to sustainably and profitably improve the global food system. Discover untold stories about how companies have been built, technologies on the horizon, where investors are seeing opportunities, and the challenges and opportunities abundant today as we work to feed the growing population. You can get full show notes for all episodes at:

  • A podcast that delivers modern day methods of strength and mobility training.

  • Ecologists go from their own backyards to the edges of the Earth in pursuit of knowledge.

    Dealing with discomfort, sometimes dangerous animals, and unpredictable situations, they are rewarded with adventure and fascinating insights into workings of the planet's life.

    In this podcast we share, for the first time, the experiences of the faculty and students of the UF/IFAS Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation.

  • Bumps and Boobs features evidence-based episodes that discuss women's health. We talk about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and all things woman. Episodes often feature medical professionals and experts in various fields. However, no podcast can ever take the place of a licensed medical professional. Bumps and Boobs will never offer medical advice. FOR FULL DISCLAIMER, PLEASE VISIT BUMPSANDBOOBS.COM/DISCLAIMER.

  • Welcome to Conservation Tribe!

    I am your host Blane Edwards aka @earth.offline.

    I created this podcast with the mission to EDUCATE, COLLABORATE and ultimately INSPIRE conservational ACTION!

    I have weekly conversations with biologists, conservationists, environmentalists, eco influencers, creatives and everyone in between.

    Sound like something you're into? If so, please feel free to JOIN the TRIBE! We would LOVE to have you! 🦍🐢🐋

    Thank you and enjoy the podcast!

    Peace! ✌🏽

  • Whether it's relationship advice, politics, combating social injustice, spirituality or many other provocative topics... for over 15 years, "The Dedan Tolbert Show" has provided the realest form of talk radio while encouraging change and self reflection from a Christian perspective. Hosted by Life Coach, Author and Advice columnist, Dedan Tolbert, "The Dedan Tolbert Show" is one of the original urban podcasts, trailblazing the way for a new generation of self expression.
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  • We assume you don’t rush out to get the latest book about our broken healthcare industry. So we do it for you. From time to time we’ll break them down and fill you in on the secrets you should know.
    This is one of the best -- about the worst of the healthcare industry. It’s called
    An American Sickness, by Elizabeth Rosenthal.
    We have both read this. And we have both seen exactly what she’s talking about. The American people are being hoodwinked and scammed by the healthcare industry. That doesn’t mean all people in the healthcare industry are evil, but it certainly means they are stuck in a system that is working purely for profits and not for your healthcare outcomes.
    It was released in 2017 is a real shocker about what goes on behind the healthcare industry’s closed doors.
    She lays out the “Economic Rules of the Dysfunctional Medical Market.”
    Although there are 10 rules, we’ll discuss only the first 3 here...
    Let’s go through them.

    1. More treatment is always better. Default to the most expensive one. Some people will say this is because of malpractice suits.
    The second economic rule of a dysfunctional medical market is -- A lifetime of treatment is preferable to a cure. She documents a researcher at Harvard medical school who believed she was only steps away from curing diabetes. And yet -- no pharmaceutical company or nonprofit would step forward – to fund her research -- including the juvenile diabetes Association.

  • A series of free podcasts featuring news and expert interviews focused on treating patients with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and other rheumatic diseases.

  • The Human Mind Project highlights the contribution of the arts and humanities to the study of human nature, and the importance of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to understanding the mind, integrating science and the humanities.

    The proj...

  • Protecting Providers. Promoting Safety. We've got you. Our Safety Net podcast features clinical and patient safety leaders from Harvard and around the world, bringing you the knowledge you need for safer patient care.

  • Project Oncology® presents a wide array of oncology topics designed to educate and enlighten practitioners on late-breaking discoveries, novel treatment options, evolving methods of patient management, and more. This series provides cutting-edge updates on cancer biology, diagnosis, and multidisciplinary management, as well as evidence-based recommendations to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

  • Join Isabella Davis and Addi Kessler, two high school seniors, as they dive deeper into the wonders of the world or as we like to say "Universal anomalies explained by high schoolers." It's Rocket Science is a biweekly podcast that mainly focuses on the world of STEM. Listen and learn.

  • PodMD creates medical podcasts by doctors for doctors. It is a joint initiative between Dr Sean Mackay, (Melbourne-based surgeon) and Caroline Chaplin, (Director of RWS, a management company assisting doctors in private practice across Australia).
    Remaining clinically up-to-date is an ongoing challenge. Doctors needed a way to reliably and conveniently stay informed.

    Attending conferences can be expensive and topics are often narrowly focused. Reading medical journals is time consuming and will tend to be very “in-depth” but may lack the broader context that comes from clinical experience.

  • 「宇宙無限 世界浩瀚」 謎米香港(節目《浩浩熵熵》主持:李偉才(李逆熵)、Jaffe、Thomas 
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  • 「宇宙無限 世界浩瀚」 謎米香港(節目《浩浩熵熵》主持:李偉才(李逆熵)、Jaffe 
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  • 「宇宙無限 世界浩瀚」 謎米香港(節目《浩浩熵熵》主持:李偉才(李逆熵)、Cherry Ho & Jaffe 
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  • 「宇宙無限 世界浩瀚」 謎米香港(節目《浩浩熵熵》主持:李偉才(李逆熵)、Jaffe 
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