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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • A fun, real talk, and informative podcast hosted by me, Dr. Jasmine Bookert or Dr. Jazz. Listen to discussions with my guest doctors and specialists about common topics in their fields. Come hang out with us, relax, and gain some medical knowledge!

  • The Jahbless Original Intelligence is an audio and video podcast hosted by Nigerian Musician and Entrepreneur Olatunde Owoloye (Jahbless). It was originally launched on January 20th, 2021.

  • A brief introduction on the Geology of Nigeria series, this podcast series discusses the Geology of Nigeria, and all it's litho-petrological units, Mineral resources of Nigeria and where to locate them and other fun facts about Nigeria and the laws governing mining in Nigeria. Gold, Gemstones, Ore Minerals, Petroleum.

  • Welcome to my podcast I am Wiz IsaakAkins and I’m here to just talk about my Mental spasms and vibe with guests basically on any topic of interest. I try to script but it’s sometimes too rigid so I remain largely unscripted. It’s just purely me vibrating off the top of my head and vibes. I do hope you enjoy listening…

  • In this science podcast, we’re going to dive deep into the topic of psychology. We will discuss its history and how it evolved into the discipline we know today. We will cover famous pioneers and their contributions to the field, as well as major topics in modern psychology and contemporary research. This podcast will provide its listeners with a better understanding of what psychology is and does and how it came to be.

  • Despite so many studies being done on improving ourselves, it can be hard to find specific, actionable steps to make our lives better.

    Bestselling authors cut out the jargon and pop psychology to give insight and tips to be a better you.

    If you want proven ways and applicable tips to live a better life, listen in weekly and improve your life from the inside out!

  • The future of healthcare depends on a better-connected community. In the Future of Drug Discovery (FODD) series, we bring innovators together from academia and industry to forge new neural paths in our collective brain. Our hope is to catalyse interactions to form the next-generation treatments.

  • Here we talk about Life, our mood and the Reality we face in heart and mind
    Host: Ajiro Ndi

  • The 'We Out Here' Pod is a place to hear the stories of Black, brown, and Indigenous folks in science and nature. Come thru. Stay awhile. Listen.

  • Agents of Change in Environmental Justice brings you the voices and stories of next generation environmental health and justice leaders from underrepresented backgrounds.

  • How do nice people end up in a militia, or attacking peaceful protestors?

    How does someone go from Youtube viewer to violent agitator?

    So many of us may be asking these same questions.

    Leading academics are grappling with them, but right now, the ivory tower isn’t what we need.

    Glitterpill believes these are grassroots problems with community solutions. The Glitterpill community wants to give every day people the tools they need to help their friends, family, and coworkers from falling down a dangerous rabbit hole.

    As much as social media can be a treacherous landscape of fake news and echo chambers, Glitterpill believes it also has the potential to revive healthy debate and foster powerful transformational discussions.

    In Glitterpill you will receive important data, analyzed by a professional researcher and trained academic in the field of countering violent extremism so that you can stay up to date without the fatigue of parsing through each and every piece of news yourself.

  • My mission is to bring Energy Experts holding hands across the world sharing knowledge.

    How to make savings on your 3rd Largest Expense after property and people. We speak to Global Energy Experts around the World and we get their unconditional tips to help you drive down your energy consumption.
    Sponsored by B2B Energy Ltd

  • Discussion on Environmental Protection and Sustainability with UAE Specific Issues

  • Discover the AllTrueMike Podcast, a haven for those seeking wisdom, guidance, and inspiration in matters of the heart, ethics, and the complexities of life. Dive into thought-provoking discussions that explore the essence of love, the intricacies of morality, and the myriad challenges we encounter along life's winding path.

  • Join us as we explore the frontiers of mental health and well being through in depth interviews and conversations with mental health experts from across the globe. "A Look Within" is a project by the South Carolina Department of Mental Health dedicated to exploring important issues around mental health and sharing unique perspectives and useful resources for listeners. Each episode we speak with mental health experts to share their thoughts and work with an eye towards helping all of us address life challenges, learn about ourselves, and grow as individuals and communities.

  • Healthy planet. Healthy body. Healthy budget. Happy life. Sustainability is a win-win-win-win proposition. 2022 Challenge: Reduce personal CO2 emissions by 30%. Let's heal our home planet.

  • "Tiny Tots Defying the Odds" is a podcast that sheds light on the personal and medical experiences of the SCBU/NICU (Special Care Baby Unit/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and neonatal care. Hosted by Danielle Vassell, this podcast features heartfelt and informative conversations with former patients and parents of preemies. It provides an intimate look at the challenges and triumphs of those who have faced the NICU journey.

    "Tiny Tots Defying the Odds" is an online platform with a mission to raise awareness of premature babies not only in the UK but also worldwide. The podcast is a key part of this mission, aiming to offer support, education, and inspiration to families and individuals impacted by premature birth.

    By sharing the personal stories of preemies and their families, "Tiny Tots Defying the Odds" will provide a source of hope and guidance to those facing similar challenges, and it will contribute to the greater awareness and understanding of premature birth and neonatal care in the UK and around the world

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • I’m Ericka Graham, and I am so honored to be your host for this podcast. Nearly a decade ago, I graduated from Rice University, while focusing my masters research on sexuality in the Bible. More recently, I graduated from seminary and completed my thesis on soul-body integration (and embodiment). Although graduate school is over for me (at least for the time being), I still have an insatiable desire to continue learning from the wisdom and lived experiences of others. I also believe that I am never alone in my need and desire for connection, through authentic conversation. So here I am, pursuing my own curiosity, incase you are longing to do the same. My hope is that together, we can learn to take this life a tad more “curiously,” while having conversations at the intersections of faith, religion, science, mental health . . . and so much more! Thanks for being here!

  • Rai dangin goro ne; ruwa ake ba shi. Idan rayuwa ta yi nauyi xan Adam yana buqatar hutu. Idan wahala ta yi yawa ana buqatar sauqi. Wannan littafi an yi shi ne don ya zama “Abokin Fira” ga Maigida da iyalinsa a matsayin taxi da nishaxi da ake yi kafin shiga bacci. Haka kuma ana son ya taimaki matafiyi wanda yake zaune a cikin qosawa yana jiran isowar mota ko saukar jirgin sama, ko zuwan wani baqo, ko kiran likita. Ko kuma yake zaune a cikin mota direba yana
    keta daji da shi, ko a cikin jirgin sama yana keta sararin samaniya, ko dai wani yanayi makamancin haka. Littafin yana dacewa a karanta shi