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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Contemplation and radical Gospel living, hosted by Sister Julia Walsh

  • Hi Besties! Time to keep it real with mum and daughter duo Kat and Latisha Clark. We’re not your typical mother/daughter relationship - we share everything with each other which is why we're basically besties. Listen in every Tuesday to hear all the tea on our lives, careers and relationships. On Thursdays we are entering Latisha's Single Girl Season with Tinder - you'll just have to listen to find out more...

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  • Why didn't anyone say being married with kids in 2022 would be like this, but yet we smile pass it all and enjoy life.
    Make sure to check us out weekly. We publish new content every Monday. Our great somewhat short episode are great for your morning commute and even better during working hours to kill those long boring work days and on lunch break.

  • Hallo Hallo Hallo
    Wir sind Jana ๐Ÿงš‍โ™€๏ธ und Lucie ๐ŸฆŠ und zusammen ergeben wir ein wunderbares #Jucie!
    Bei #Jucie geht es um Gott und die Welt, wir sprechen über Mental Health und viele andere Themen die uns tagtäglich so bewegen!
    Mal lustig, mal ernst versuchen wir uns zu zweit durch die zahlreichen Ebenen unserer Gesellschaft zu diskutieren und hauen dabei Anglizismen raus als ginge es darum, einen Preis zu gewinnen!
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  • Apples and Snakes is England's leading spoken word poetry organisation, with artists at its heart. Spoken word trailblazers, we exist to champion the development of extraordinary artists, amplify ignored voices and to challenge expectations of what poetry is and can be.

    Our latest audio project – Apples and Snakes: The Podcast, explores what it means to be Black, British and a poet or spoken word artist.

    Apples and Snakes: The Podcast was produced by Natalie Fiawoo, with audio production by Drew Horley for The Lab Studios. The Podcast will be available to listen to and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and all other podcast platforms.

  • Through our years of marriage weโ€™ve learned so much about what it takes to have and maintain a healthy relationship. Weโ€™ve been through our share of marital issues and learned many lessons about how to overcome them. Marriage isnโ€™t easy but itโ€™s definitely worth it if you can figure out how to get past the bullshit. We arenโ€™t afraid to talk about it. We share our bullshit. We share what weโ€™ve been through. We share our highs and our lows. We share this so that maybe someone out there can use these same lessons to keep their marriage and not give up. Welcome to our life. Support this podcast:

  • A conversational podcast, that feels like a phone conversation.

  • Being a young adult in any generation is difficult much more in this internet driven one. We have an immense amount of pressure on our shoulders to have it all figured out. In this podcast, we talk about being a young adult spanning across student and graduate life, what no one tells you about growing up, adapting to an ever-changing world, and we will learn from the experiences and stories of many guests. Together, we’ll figure this jigsaw called life out.

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  • This is a safe commute, empowering BIG DREAMERS to DREAM BIGGER. Let's talk about how we can make a positive impact in the world.

  • Twenty Something Girl is a lifestyle podcast that is about the highs and lows of navigating our 20’s. Through the eyes of a twenty something girl we candidly discuss career moves, relationships, making connections, mental health check-in’s and all the fun, exciting experiences we have in our twenty something years.

  • Aimed at creating a community of chit chat, laughs and a fun time

  • A podcast about Jae’s life living in Lagos, sharing of short non-fiction stories, banter with guests and an all round laughing experience.

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  • Learn about Nigeria and it's heritage.
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    Host: Eke Kelechi Udonsi-Kalu Jr
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  • This is BAEGIST.
    BAE GIST is a Podcast show where we GIST about things that go on in RELATIONSHIPS (Love Life and Lifestyle). This podcast is basically centered around enlightening the young adults about the differences in the emotional expression of male from female.

  • ‘Everyone wants to know what's happening in the world and get to hear diverse views, but not everyone has the time or patience to read through a bunch of news articles’.

    Join Ifedayo and Riri as they bring important gists, controversial topics from around the globe every week.

    Keep up with everything related to LIFESTYLE and get your weekly gists in under an hour with focused and curated discussions.

  • I’m bringing you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but…The Butt Naked Truth. Lizard people running the government? Joe Biden wants to force you to own Jet Ski. Fast food is running the FDA. We’ll explore it all. There are no political sides on this show, no PACs sponsoring the content, the only truth you need comes straight from the mouth of Eddie Griffin (Undercover Brother, The Comeback Trail, Malcolm & Eddie, Norbit, & Foolish).
    We’re declaring war on the Karen’s. Congressmen and women should know we are watching their every move. Truth, justice, and the Griffin way will lead us to the promised land. Eddie isn’t afraid to ruffle the pundit’s feathers. He’s not looking to secure his next guest appearance on the talking head cable news shows. He’s coming straight to you from his )not so) secure (not really a) bunker in an undisclosed location in Hollywood.
    Take off your tinfoil hats, pour yourself the best beverage you can afford, and sit back and revel in the best damn political podcast that isn’t a political podcast. We’re dropping the biggest truth bombs ever, one Butt Naked Truth at a time. The Truth is like rain, it doesn’t give a f*** who it falls on.

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  • In the morning hours of October 6, 2009, an intruder broke into the Milwaukee-area home of 19-year old Ashleigh Love, walked to her bedroom, and shot her to death while she was sleeping. More than 13 years have passed since she was killed, and the case is still cold. No suspects have been arrested. No justice has been served.

    Love & Justice is an investigative documentary-style podcast that explores the cold case murder mystery of Milwaukee, WI native Ashleigh Love.

    In the aftermath of her death, Ashleigh’s parents, siblings, best friends, colleagues, and classmates come together in an attempt to share the full story and set the record straight. No stone is left unturned while dozens of theories are presented in an attempt to answer one simple question: Who Killed Ashleigh Love?

    Emmy Award Winner Kyle Olson hosts.

  • A weekly dose of humor and oddity, as the CAVE (Courtney, Amber, Valerie, Eric) babbles about what they love most- movies, road trips, and odd things to eat.

  • On this podcast, Solomon Buchi continually gives insightful, perspective-shifting commentary on social and cultural issues, life and relationship issues through the lens of his pious Christian faith.

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