Society & Culture – Kenya – Recommended podcasts

  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Hosts Ky & Rick delve into true crime stories about relationships, love, and the events that lead to crime & murder.
    We do the research into the true crime and try to find out what went wrong in the relationship that led to murder
    New episode every Sunday

  • A weekly Christian podcast by Carol Oyola that seeks to encourage, inspire and empower through real-life stories.

  • Worth Thee Wait is an audio/visual podcast hosted by power couple Dre Smith & Breanna Aponte (Smith). In this podcast, the couple pulls from their personal relationship experiences to give practical advice on preparing for your forever person, identifying your forever person, and maintaining that relationship to ensure that it is happy and healthy. Dre and Bre waited for 3.5 years to have sex until marriage, and now, being happily married, they are excited to give others their perspective to help them find someone worth waiting for! Tune in Every Wednesday @ 6:30 AM!

  • In this mini-series, Two-Time Billboard No. 1 Gospel artist, Anthony Evans teams up with licensed psychotherapist and media personality Stacy Kaiser to share knowledge, stories, and advice from their book “When Faith Meets Therapy: Find Hope and a Practical Path to Emotional, Spiritual, and Relational Healing.” The duo seeks to help listeners find spiritual, mental, and emotional healing through honest discussion and open conversation.

  • Welcome to the his and her post cast from a Black Muslim perspective . LIVE & IN YOUR SPEAKERS .A Somali Black Muslim Couple Sharing life experiences and so much more .

  • A clueless genZ just trying to figure out life😅 Its not that serious.

  • This version of The A-Z of Godly Relationships is for those who are dating and in a committed relationship.

  • This is a podcast where we talk about anything and everything. Thoughts, conversations and advice are all included. Our content is aimed to create a community that relates to what we experience as we navigate life as young adults. It can get both serious and entertaining. Like the name of our podcast suggests life is a wave let us ride it together. New episodes every Thursday.

  • Welcome to Limitless, the podcast series that  asks the questions which matter to Africa.

    Are tech start-ups the answer to Africa's unemployment problem? Can we stop fake news from spreading on the continent? How do we raise a generation of football stars? 

    These are just some of the topics we’ll be tackling.

    And we’re not looking for simple answers. Just as Africa’s potential is limitless, so are the possible solutions to any challenges the continent faces.

    During each podcast episode, we’ll be asking three very different subject experts to give their take on each question. This will come as no surprise but they don’t always agree.

    Made possible with a grant from the U.S. Department of State and the Seenfire Foundation.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • The Somali Nomad is a podcast that will deep dive into many topics of social commentary. Episodes will consist of interviews of many different walks of life on those specific subjects.

  • “Honey I’m Home” is a space for us to have meaningful conversations surrounding relationships, friendships, spirituality and holistic wellness. If Honey I’m Home makes one iota of difference in anyone’s ability to experience life differently, then I am exceedingly pleased that I shared parts of me with the world. Journey well towards your healing and may light find you.

    With love, Thando.

  • Netflix star, producer, content creator and a proud Howard University graduate, Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins is stepping out with her brand-new podcast Trials to Triumphs. The interview-style show debuted on the Oprah Winfrey Network, which includes the popular Oprah’s Super Soul podcast. As one of the lead actresses in both the movie and series Dear White People, Ashley is deeply connected to many of the premiere innovators and performers in the entertainment industry. Her personal and professional struggles, along with her gift for relating and connecting to people from all walks of life, will allow Ashley and her notable guests to open up about the trials that led to their many triumphs. In these intimate and revealing conversations, Ashley and her guests will unpack moments that remained hidden from the public as guests worked to become who they are today. After each episode, listeners will feel inspired and empowered to keep going, no matter where they are in life. Some of Ashley's guests include Kelly Rowland, Robin Thede, Michelle Williams, Amber Riley, Danielle Brooks, Estelle and many more of today’s cultural trailblazers. Each week, Trials to Triumphs will deliver hope, inspiration and plenty of laughs… just what the world needs right now.

  • Sometimes beginning your journey to adulthood might seem daunting and uncertain with so many things that are baffling about how the world me, seeing tax on your first pay check is never a pretty sight. And of course, our parents may not always really understand the struggles we find ourselves in.
    But fear not, what better way to help you through than hearing about some experiences one might face with “growing up”. Join us...Junaid, Ummad and James, 3 guys in their mid twenties who are still finding out what it’s like to finally give this adult thing a go..and figure things out!

  • در مجموعه پادکست سخنرانی بخش‌هایی از سخنرانی های اندیشمندان و پژوهشگرانی که هر ساله در کنفرانس‌های جامعه بهائی سخنرانی می‌کنند را می‌شنوید.

  • Dive in as Connie let’s you in her mind. Just random late night thoughts with a sprinkle of her boring life. Ps, I’m using this to soothe my mind, hope it does that for you too.

  • Garasho-wadaag waa barnaamij ka baxa idaacadaha maxalliga ah ee Galmudug. Barnaamijkaas waxaan ku soo bandhigi doonnaa doodo diiradda saaraya bulshada, arrimaha is-bedelka cimilada, khilaafaadka, dib u heshiisiinta iyo nabadda .. taas waxaan u mari doonnaa heeso wacyigelin ah, gabay, sheekooyin, ruwaayada iyo wareysiyo -- barnaamijku waxuu dhiirri gelinayaa in arrimahaas aan kor ku soo xusnay laga gaaro fahan wanaagsan. Sadexdii usbuucba hal mar yauu ba waxuu bixidoonaa. Garasho-wadaag waxaa soo jeedin doono Maxamed Dhagacadde oo ah blogger reer Galmudug ah asagoo la kaashanaaya hayàdda Berghof Foundation oo ay taageereyso Wasaaradda Arrimaha Dibadda ee Jarmalka.

  • Ari is Kiswahili for initiative, spirit & drive. Ari Diaries is an audio profile podcast, hosted by Kibali Muriithi & produced by Hermann Ogulla. It is recorded at Master Made Studios.

  • Hearing and learning from God ,join me as we speak about the wonderful and amazing things God is doing in our life ,let's talk more about the issues we face in life as women and how to work through them.

  • Chaque costume a une histoire : l'Ispoti en Afrique du Sud, le bomba au Bénin, le Hanfu en Chine, le Dengri en Tunisie ou encore le Kadamoul au Tchad… RFI conte l’histoire des habits du monde.