Kenya – Recommended podcasts

  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • A lover of amapiano (Yanos)
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  • Ukraine War Daily Briefing with Denys Davydov is a daily report from the Ukraine. Denys lives in the Ukraine and provides a daily detailed briefing about the current military activity and ongoing operations.
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  • Hosts Ky & Rick delve into true crime stories about relationships, love, and the events that lead to crime & murder.
    We do the research into the true crime and try to find out what went wrong in the relationship that led to murder
    New episode every Sunday

  • Marketing Made Simple in episodic releases of just under 20 minutes that can help level up your marketing expertise. Learn about the latest marketing trends, tools and insights on how you can outperform your competitors and achieve your marketing goals.Join me as I document my process and also interview the best of marketing professionals in the industry.

  • Uncut real conversations let's figure it out together. Open mindsets are welcomed the host is and published author former journalist also writer etc.
    Our mission is to inspire all to reach a higher level of self-awareness, self-growth, and self-love. Giving my perspective on topics sharing experiences. Understanding that preservation of self plays apart in all aspects of our lives. I want to hear what you have to say. My bitcoins pay is [email protected]

  • The everyday Muslim experience is not spoken about enough. As youth we are encountering struggles or existential questions that we may feel uncomfortable discussing. Join us as we discuss these issues and share our life experiences.

    Let us sit down and believe for a while.

  • We are seeking a coherent, naturalistic ontology that can revitalize the human soul and spirit in the 21 stCentury.

  • A Podcast of narratives of inspiring leaders within the continent of Africa talking about their travels through the hills of success and the valleys of struggles on the land of leadership. Their stories will inspire emerging and experienced leaders to learn, live and lead better. The Podcast episodes are published every 5th, 15th, and 25th day of every month, except Christmas Day.Special thanks to B&G Consultants Ltd, the Podcast's Sponsor, Njeri Ragoi, the Audio Editor, and Patrick Kabugi for the Sound Track.

  • This podcast is hosted by Keith Tupac Gatiramu. The podcasts focuses on sharing real life stories by real life people in all areas of life allowing them to grow mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.
    Just To Kick It Is A Blessing means that life is a gift, no matter how hard it may get the fact that you are alive is a blessing.

  • All about books and all things bookish from a Nairobi-centric view :)

  • Football predictions podcast where we find out who is the best at predicting football results? A 7 year old lad, or his Dad.

  • Father Roger J. Landry is a priest of the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts, who works for the Holy See’s Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations in New York.

  • Hello and welcome to the Trip Sitterz podcast where we talk about the good, the bad, the dangerous, and the fun stuff about drugs. This podcast believes that people make the best decisions for themselves with accurate information on hand. If you'd like to hear about something in a future episode, email us at [email protected]

  • submitting to your man based on biblical concepts foreign to our modern world

  • The Blogger Evolution helps aspiring entrepreneurs to generate passive income and make money blogging. Chris Myles (AKA Benji's Dad) started blogging and niche site investing in 2015 and within a few months quit his job to blog full time. When Benji, his son, was born, he needed to earn a 2nd income so his wife could quit her job to care for their son. We offer an awesome mixture of teaching, interviews, and actionable techniques and challenges to help you make better decisions with your business. We cover SEO, CRO, traffic generation, monetization (with affiliate marketing, display ads, course creation and your own digital products) We even cover complicated tech with running an online business so that you can have more free time to do what you want when you want. The is read by thousands of people every month. If you want to take your blogs to the next level and make money online - The Blogger Evolution is for you.

  • A weekly Christian podcast by Carol Oyola that seeks to encourage, inspire and empower through real-life stories.

  • Do you want to change and improve your life? Listen to this podcast every day.

    Successful is dedicated to providing access to personal empowerment tools to create the beautiful life you desire!
    We strongly dedicate ourselves to sharing the appreciation of life, acknowledging the abundance of love, prosperity and happiness.

    Live Your Dreams

  • The Chefpreneur movement is all about Chefs who have taken a risk to put their future into their own hands. Join Chef Andres as he wants to educate, motivate, and inspire Chefs to start their own Personal Chef Business and put the Restaurant and Hotel industry on its back.

    Tune in and Join the Movement!

  • Welcome to TB Joshua's Daily Podcast.

    Emmanuel TV, founded by Prophet TB Joshua, is a television station with one way and one job. The way is Jesus and the job is to talk about Him to others through words and deeds. Our motto is: Changing lives, changing nations and changing the world. God’s Word is the most effective instrument for change.
    The people hear and change. Nations hear and change. The world hears and changes.

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  • Worth Thee Wait is an audio/visual podcast hosted by power couple Dre Smith & Breanna Aponte (Smith). In this podcast, the couple pulls from their personal relationship experiences to give practical advice on preparing for your forever person, identifying your forever person, and maintaining that relationship to ensure that it is happy and healthy. Dre and Bre waited for 3.5 years to have sex until marriage, and now, being happily married, they are excited to give others their perspective to help them find someone worth waiting for! Tune in Every Wednesday @ 6:30 AM!