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  • Autumn 2012 - UCL's Lunch Hour Lecture Series is an opportunity for anyone to sample the exceptional research work taking place at the university, in bite-size chunks. Speakers are drawn from across UCL and lectures frequently showcase new research and recent academic publications. Lunch Hour Lectures require no pre-booking, are free to attend and are open to anyone on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • History comes alive as we revisit important moments in American culture with interviews from the archives of the inimitable 20th-century broadcaster and oral historian Studs Terkel. Host Eve Ewing guides us through
    the Studs Terkel Radio Archive and pairs each piece of archival audio with an interview with a contemporary thinker, intertwining the past and the present. Dust off your soapbox, open your ears, and come down to the Bughouse Square. Bughouse Square with Eve Ewing is produced by the WFMT Radio Network and made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: exploring the human endeavor.

  • Interviews with Scholars of Central Asia about their New Books

  • From the chap who brought us the Gentleman’s Code on SiriusXM, famed fashion photographer Nigel Barker teams up with his Boarding school pal and renaissance man Tom Astor AKA The Snapper, to bring you a podcast that promises to leave you both shaken and stirred. The show is the culmination of 100s of dinner parties, boozy lunches and drawn out breakfasts where no subject was taboo and even the obvious can be surprising! So pull up a seat and join the conversation.

    Executive Producer: Nigel Barker

    Senior Producer: Dafnne Wejebe Iberri

  • Archivists in conversation with archivists, discussing their work and passions and how they care for the historical record and present the storied past. Hosted by husband and wife team Karen Trivette and Geof Huth.

  • Explore the life, work and legacy of a thinker that some call the last of the great public intellectuals and a figure widely credited with being the founder of cultural studies: this man is Stuart Hall.

  • 歷史說香港


    本輯節目內容以《香港歷史系列 III》為鑒,與歷史學者探討香港的歷史大事,從多角度分析這些重大事件在香港歷史中扮演的角色,以及它們對香港發展的影響。



  • This collection discusses how various Native American tribes have influenced different regions of North America. Native American tribe members also share their cultural heritage and love for the Earth.

  • 資深電視人程乃根,邀請歷代電視業前輩,與聽眾重溫電視風雲半世紀。

    監製: 羅曼穎

    Annemarie Evans explores Hong Kong and digs up many aspects of our social, cultural, architectural and artistic heritage.

    Catch it live:
    Saturdays 7:30am - 8:00am, first broadcast
    Sundays 6:15pm - 6:45pm, repeat broadcast

    Podcast: Weekly update and available after its first broadcast. 


    If you would like to share your story or idea with us, please contact us at hkhradio3@gmail.com


  • 一九三七年十二月十三日,日軍攻陷當時中國首都南京以後,展開維期六個星期的大屠殺、強姦、搶掠等戰爭罪行,超過三十萬名中國平民被殺。


  • 人稱才子的蕭若元,為資深傳媒製作人,憑其淵博的學識,從歷史、文化、哲學、政治、經濟,多角度嬉笑怒罵,剖析時弊。星期二、四,晚上10點至11點30分,在《蕭遙遊》的時間領大家遊走古今時事,道盡文史哲理。

  • 香港十八區,區區有睇頭。在節目內,我們會以本地旅遊角度出發,尋找香港有趣的地方。

  • "There is a history in all men's lives".... so said Shakespeare, and every week Conservator Paul Harrison details the history of a person or part of Hong Kong on Naked Lunch with Sarah Passmore, from the beginnings of banks and businesses, the police to pirates, to the people behind street names. Paul's peering into the past always sheds some light onto the Hong Kong of today.

  • 香港由昔日小漁港變成今天國際城市,擁有傳奇無數,透過《香港老花鏡》,聽眾可窺看以往香港人的生活情況,好好認識這片土地。本節目由吳昊、張建浩、陳耀華、鄭啟明主持,於1988年至1998年間播出。

  • Each episode of America’s Oldies But Goodies features interviews with the players who were there during the fabulous era known as the Sixties. Actors, musicians, DJ’s, purveyors of ‘60s memorabilia, talk show hosts, and even fans reliving the events of the good old days. Baby boomers and nostalgia buffs, here we are.

  • 由公民教育委員會與香港電台聯合製作的「文化長河 - 非物質文化遺產系列」共13集,拍攝以民間美術、曲藝、民俗、手工技藝、民間音樂、傳統戲劇、雜技與競技、民間舞蹈及民間文學等10個「類別」為依歸的國家級非物質文化遺產,到訪中國各地,讓香港觀眾,尤其是年青的一代去瞭解,文化是既遠且近。

  • 本輯節目繼續以歷史地標、人物、事件作為核心,描繪香港自開埠以來,直至二次大戰之後,當中深具意義的事件。藉著認識歷史,從而增進我們對香港的感情。



    19:00 – 19:30 無綫電視翡翠台
    21:00 – 21:30 香港寬頻bbTV公共資訊台
    22:00 – 22:30 無綫收費電視新聞二台
    23:00 – 23:30 有線電視直播新聞台

  • 地球已經有 45 億年的歷史。現代人類學及考古學都認為人類文明只是出現在最近的萬多年之前。越來越多的新發現,在更早之前應該有未知的文明在地球上活動過。究竟,他們是我們的祖先,還是外來的智慧物種?

  • 當慈禧太后遇上維多利亞女皇,當秦代百姓要公審秦始皇;歷史原來是可以這樣解讀的……