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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • ะŸั€ะธะฒะตั‚, ั€ะตะฑัั‚ะฐ! ะฏ ั€ะฐััะบะฐะทั‹ะฒะฐัŽ ะฟะพั€ะฐะทะธั‚ะตะปัŒะฝั‹ะต ะธัั‚ะพั€ะธะธ ะพ ะปัŽะดัั… ะธ ัะพะฑั‹ั‚ะธัั… ะฝะฐั‡ะฐะปะฐ XX ะฒะตะบะฐ. ะ ะตะฒะพะปัŽั†ะธั, ัะตะบั, ะฝะฐั€ะบะพั‚ะธะบะธ ะธ ะฟะฐะฝะบ-ั€ะพะบ ะฒ ะ ะพััะธะนัะบะพะน ะธะผะฟะตั€ะธะธ — ั‚ะพ, ะพ ั‡ั‘ะผ ะฝะต ั€ะฐััะบะฐะทั‹ะฒะฐัŽั‚ ะฒ ัƒั‡ะตะฑะฝะธะบะฐั… ะธัั‚ะพั€ะธะธ.

    ะญั‚ะพ ะฒั€ะตะผั ะฝะตะฒะตั€ะพัั‚ะฝะพะณะพ ะฒะทะปั‘ั‚ะฐ ะธัะบัƒััั‚ะฒะฐ, ะฒั€ะตะผั ะธะดะตะฐะปะธัั‚ะพะฒ-ั€ะตะฒะพะปัŽั†ะธะพะฝะตั€ะพะฒ, ะฒั€ะตะผั ะฟะพะปะธั‚ะธั‡ะตัะบะธั… ะฟะตั€ะตะผะตะฝ ะธ ัะฒะพะฑะพะดะฝั‹ั… ะกะœะ˜, ะฒั€ะตะผั ั€ะฐัั†ะฒะตั‚ะฐ ะผะธัั‚ะธั†ะธะทะผะฐ ะธ ะฒั€ะตะผั ะฟั€ะพะณั€ะตััะฐ. ะ’ั€ะตะผั ะดะฒัƒั… ั€ะตะฒะพะปัŽั†ะธะน ะธ ะดะฒัƒั… ะฒะพะนะฝ.

    ะŸะพะดะบะฐัั‚ ะฒั‹ะฟัƒัะบะฐะตั‚ ัั‚ัƒะดะธั ะ›ะธะฑะพ/ะ›ะธะฑะพ: libolibo.ru
    ะŸะพ ะฒะพะฟั€ะพัะฐะผ ั€ะตะบะปะฐะผั‹: [email protected]

    ะŸะพะดะดะตั€ะถะฐั‚ัŒ ะฟั€ะพะตะบั‚ ะผะพะถะฝะพ ะฝะฐ ัะตั€ะฒะธัะฐั…:
    telegram: cutt.ly/zak08tg

    ะŸั€ะธัะพะตะดะธะฝัะนั‚ะตััŒ ะบ ัะพั†ัะตั‚ัะผ ะฟะพะดะบะฐัั‚ะฐ:

    ัะฒัะทัŒ ั ะฐะฒั‚ะพั€ะพะผ: [email protected]

  • ุงู„ุฏูƒุชูˆุฑ ุทุงุฑู‚ ุงู„ุณูˆูŠุฏุงู† ุจุงุญุซ ูˆูƒุงุชุจุŒ ูˆุฏุงุนูŠุฉ ุฅุณู„ุงู…ูŠุŒ ู…ุคุฑุฎ ุŒ ูˆุฅุนู„ุงู…ูŠุŒ ูˆู…ุฏุฑุจ ููŠ ุงู„ุฅุฏุงุฑุฉ ูˆุงู„ู‚ูŠุงุฏุฉ. ุงุดุชู‡ุฑ ุจุจุฑุงู…ุฌู‡ ุงู„ุชู„ูุฒูŠูˆู†ูŠุฉ ุงู„ุชูŠ ุชุชู†ุงูˆู„ ุงู„ุชุงุฑูŠุฎ ุงู„ุฅุณู„ุงู…ูŠ ูˆุงู„ููƒุฑ ูˆุชู†ู…ูŠุฉ ุงู„ู‚ุฏุฑุงุช ูˆุงู„ุฃุฏุงุก ูˆุงู„ู‚ูŠุงุฏุฉ

  • ืคื•ื“ืงืืกื˜ ืขืœ ืžื“ืข, ื˜ื›ื ื•ืœื•ื’ื™ื” ื•ื”ื™ืกื˜ื•ืจื™ื”

  • ะฆะธะบะป ะพะฑ ะธัั‚ะพั€ะธะธ ะ—ะฐะฟะฐะดะฝะพะน ะ•ะฒั€ะพะฟั‹ ะฒ ะกั€ะตะดะฝะธะต ะฒะตะบะฐ ะผะตะถะดัƒ 476 ะธ 1328 ะณะพะดะฐะผะธ. ะกะพะฑั‹ั‚ะธั ะธ ะฟั€ะฐะฒะธั‚ะตะปะธ, ะถะธะทะฝัŒ ะพะฑั‰ะตัั‚ะฒะฐ ะธ ั†ะตั€ะบะฒะธ, ะฝะฐัƒะบะฐ ะธ ะบัƒะปัŒั‚ัƒั€ะฐ, ั€ั‹ั†ะฐั€ะธ ะธ ะณะตั€ะฐะปัŒะดะธะบะฐ. ะฆะตะปัŒ ั†ะธะบะปะฐ - ั€ะฐะทะฒะตะฝั‡ะฐั‚ัŒ ะผะธั„ั‹ ะพ ัั€ะตะดะฝะตะฒะตะบะพะฒัŒะต ะธ ะฟะพะบะฐะทะฐั‚ัŒ, ั‡ั‚ะพ ัั‚ะพั‚ ะฟะตั€ะธะพะด ะฑั‹ะป ะบะปัŽั‡ะตะฒั‹ะผ ะฒ ั„ะพั€ะผะธั€ะพะฒะฐะฝะธะธ ะพัะฝะพะฒ ะฝะฐัˆะตะน ั†ะธะฒะธะปะธะทะฐั†ะธะธ.

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  • 1918 ะณะพะด. ะŸะพั‡ั‚ะธ ั‚ั‹ััั‡ะฐ ะดะตั‚ะตะน ะธะท ะŸะตั‚ั€ะพะณั€ะฐะดะฐ ะฟั€ะธะตะทะถะฐัŽั‚ ะฒ ะปะตั‚ะฝะธะน ะปะฐะณะตั€ัŒ ะฝะฐ ะฃั€ะฐะป. ะะพ ะ“ั€ะฐะถะดะฐะฝัะบะฐั ะฒะพะนะฝะฐ ะพั‚ั€ะตะทะฐะตั‚ ะธะผ ะฟัƒั‚ัŒ ะดะพะผะพะน. ะ•ะดะธะฝัั‚ะฒะตะฝะฝั‹ะน ัะฟะพัะพะฑ ะฒะตั€ะฝัƒั‚ัŒัั - ัะพะฒะตั€ัˆะธั‚ัŒ ะบั€ัƒะณะพัะฒะตั‚ะฝะพะต ะฟัƒั‚ะตัˆะตัั‚ะฒะธะต.

  • Exploring the Intellectual, Scientific and Cultural Achievements of Islamic Civilization

  • ืืžื™ืจ ืื•ืจืŸ ืžืฉื•ื—ื— ืขื ืื ืฉื™ ื‘ื™ื˜ื—ื•ืŸ ื•ืžืžืฉืœ

  • ืื™ืš ื–ื” ืฉืจื•ื‘ ืจื•ื‘ืŸ ืฉืœ ื”ื™ืฆื™ืจื•ืช ืฉืขื™ืฆื‘ื• ืืช ื”ืฉื™ื— ื”ืฆื™ื‘ื•ืจื™ ืขืœ ื”ืฉื•ืื”, ื ื•ืฆืจื• ืฉื ื™ื ืจื‘ื•ืช ื›ืœ ื›ืš ืื—ืจื™ ืฉื ื’ืžืจื” ื”ืžืœื—ืžื”? ืž"ืจืฉื™ืžืช ืฉื™ื ื“ืœืจ", ื“ืจืš "ืืคืจ ื•ืื‘ืง" ื•ืขื“ "ืžืžื–ืจื™ื ื—ืกืจื™ ื›ื‘ื•ื“" - ื›ืœ ืืœื” ื™ืฆืื• ืขืฉืจื•ืช ืฉื ื™ื ืœืื—ืจ ืชื•ื ื”ืชื•ืคืช.

    ืื‘ืœ ืžื” ืงืจื” ื‘ื–ืžืŸ ืืžืช?

    ื‘ื”ืกื›ืช ื”ืžื™ื•ื—ื“ "ืžื ื•ื•ื ื™ื ื—ืกืจื™ ื›ื‘ื•ื“" ื ืฆืœื•ืœ ืœืขืฉืจื•ืช ืฉื™ืจื™ื, ืกืคืจื™ื ื•ืกื™ืคื•ืจื™ื, ืžื—ื–ื•ืช, ื—ื•ื‘ืจื•ืช ืงื•ืžื™ืงืก ื•ืกืจื˜ื™ื ื—ืชืจื ื™ื™ื ื•ื ื“ื™ืจื™ื ืฉืฉื™ืงืคื• ืืช ื”ืœืš ื”ืจื•ื— ื”ื‘ื•ืขืจ ืฉืœ ื”ืชืงื•ืคื” - ื—ืœืงื ื ืขืœืžื• ืขื ื”ืฉื ื™ื, ื•ืžืงื‘ืœื™ื ื›ืืŸ ื‘ืžื” ื‘ืคืขื ื”ืจืืฉื•ื ื”.

    ื‘ื”ืกื›ืช, ืžื•ื ื™ ืžื•ืฉื•ื ื•ื‘, ืชื•ืžืจ ืงืืคื•ืŸ, ืืœื™ ื’ื•ืจื ืฉื˜ื™ื™ืŸ, ื ื™ืฆื” ืฉืื•ืœ, ื“ืจื•ืจ ืงืจืŸ, ืžืขื™ื™ืŸ ื‘ืœื•ื ื•ืขื•ื“ ืื ืฉื™ ื•ื ืฉื•ืช ืชืจื‘ื•ืช ื ื‘ื—ืจื™ื ืžืžื—ื™ื–ื™ื ืงื˜ืขื™ื ืฉื”ื ืืฆื™ื ื”ื’ื“ื™ืจื• ื›-"ืชืจื‘ื•ืช ืžื ื•ื•ื ืช".

    ืœื ืžืžืฉ ืžื ื•ื•ื ื™ื ืขื›ืฉื™ื•, ืœื ื›ืš?

    ื›ื•ืชื‘ ื•ืขื•ืจืš ืจืืฉื™: ื™ืฉื™ ื—ืกืงื™
    ืขืจื™ื›ื”, ื›ืชื™ื‘ื” ื•ื”ืคืงื”: ืžืื™ื” ืžื™ื“ืŸ
    ื”ื’ืฉื” ื•ื›ืชื™ื‘ื”: ืขืžื™ืช ืงืœื“ืจื•ืŸ
    ืขื™ืฆื•ื‘ ื•ืขืจื™ื›ืช ืกืื•ื ื“: ื™ื•ืขื“ ืžืื™ืจ
    ืขื™ืฆื•ื‘ ื’ืจืคื™: ื™ื•ื‘ืœ ืงื•ืคืœื ื“
    ืจืืฉ ืžื—ืœืงืช ื’ืœืฆ ื”ืกื›ืชื™ื: ื”ื“ืจ ืคืจื ืงื ื˜ืœ

  • ืœื™ืื•ืจ ืฉืคื™ืจื ื•ืจื•ื ื™ืช ื‘ืœื™ื™ ื•ื™ื™ื ื’ืจื˜ืŸ ืžื“ื‘ืจื•ืช ืขืœ ืžืฉืคื—ื•ืช ืžืœื•ื›ื”.
    ื‘ืขื•ื ื” ื”ืฉื ื™ื™ื” ืื ื—ื ื• ืžื“ื‘ืจื•ืช ืขืœ ืกื™ืคื•ืจื™ ื”ืื”ื‘ื” ืฉืœ ืื™ืจื•ืคื”: ืกื™ืคื•ืจื™ื ื’ื“ื•ืœื™ื ื•ืžื’ืžื•ืช ื‘ื—ื™ื™ ื”ืื”ื‘ื” ืฉืœ ื”ืจื•ื™ืืœื– ื‘ืจื—ื‘ื™ ื”ื™ื‘ืฉืช.
    ื‘ืขื•ื ื” ื”ืจืืฉื•ื ื” ื“ื™ื‘ืจื ื• ืขืœ ื”ืืจื™ ื•ืžื™ื™ื’ืŸ: ื”ื‘ืŸ ืฉื ื•ืขื“ ืœื”ื™ื•ืช ืฉื ื™ ื•ื”ืฉื—ืงื ื™ืช ื”ืืžืจื™ืงืื™ืช ืฉืžืฆืื• ืื”ื‘ื” ื•ื—ื•ืคืฉ ื•ื‘ื“ืจืš ืžื˜ืœื˜ืœื™ื ืžื•ืกื“ ื‘ืŸ ืืœืฃ ืฉื ื™ื.

    ื•ื™ื ื“ื–ื•ืจ (ืื• ื•ื•ื™ื ื“ื–ื•ืจ) ืขืœ ืฉื ื˜ื™ืจืช ื•ื™ื ื“ื–ื•ืจ, ื”ื‘ื™ืช ืฉืœ ืžืœืš ืื ื’ืœื™ื” ื•ืœืฉืขื‘ืจ ืฉืœ ืืžื ืฉืœื• - ืžืœื›ืช ืื ื’ืœื™ื”.
    ื•ื›ืŸ, ืงื•ื“ื ื”ื™ืชื” ื”ื˜ื™ืจื” ื•ืจืง ืื– ืฉื ื”ืžืฉืคื—ื”.

    ืžื’ื™ืฉื•ืช: ืœื™ืื•ืจ ืฉืคื™ืจื, ืจื•ื ื™ืช ื‘ืœื™ื™ ื•ื™ื™ื ื’ืจื˜ืŸ
    ื›ืชื‘ื• ืœื ื•: [email protected]

  • ืคื•ื“ืงืืกื˜ ืขืœ ื”ืžื›ืชื‘ื™ื ื”ื›ื™ ืžืกืงืจื ื™ื ื‘ื”ื™ืกื˜ื•ืจื™ื”. ื‘ื›ืœ ืคืจืง ื ืฆื™ืฅ ืœืชื™ื‘ืช ื”ื“ื•ืืจ ืฉืœ ื“ืžื•ืช ืื—ืช, ื•ื ื’ืœื” ืื™ืš ืขื ืงื™ ืจื•ื— ื›ืžื• ืœืื” ื’ื•ืœื“ื‘ืจื’, ืงืคืงื ื•ืขื’ื ื•ืŸ ื›ืชื‘ื• ื›ืฉืœื ื—ืฉื‘ื• ืขืœ ืคื™ืœื˜ืจื™ื, ืขืœ ืขื•ืจื›ื™ื ืื• ืขืœ ืคืืกื•ืŸ.
    ืžื ื—ื”: ืœื™ืขื“ ืžื•ื“ืจื™ืง. ื‘ืฆื•ื•ืช "ืขืœ ื”ื—ืชื•ื": ืื‘ื™ืฉื™ ื—ื•ืจื™, ืฉื—ืจ ืžื•ื ื˜ืœื™ื™ืง, ื ื™ืจ ืœื™ื™ืกื˜, ื™ืขืœ ืขื•ื‘ื“ื™ื”

  • ืขืจืŸ ืžื™ื ื”ืจ ื‘ืชื•ื›ื ื™ืช ืฉื—ื•ืฉืคืช ืืช ื”ืกื™ืคื•ืจื™ื ืžืื—ื•ืจื™ ื”ืชืฆืœื•ืžื™ื ื”ืื™ื™ืงื•ื ื™ื™ื ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ ื‘ื”ื™ืกื˜ื•ืจื™ื”.

  • ื”ืคืจืฉื” - ื”ืกื›ืช ื—ื“ืฉ ืžื‘ื™ืช ื’ืœื™ ืฆื”''ืœ ื”ื—ื•ื–ืจ ืืœ ื”ืคืจืฉื•ืช ื”ื’ื“ื•ืœื•ืช ื‘ืชื•ืœื“ื•ืช ื”ืžื“ื™ื ื”. ื‘ื›ืœ ืคืจืง ื”ื“ื™ื•ื•ื—ื™ื, ื”ืจืื™ื•ื ื•ืช, ื•ื”ืงื•ืœื•ืช ืฉื ืฉืžืจื• ื‘ืืจื›ื™ื•ืŸ ื™ื—ื–ื™ืจื• ืœื—ื™ื™ื ืกื™ืคื•ืจ ืžืกืขื™ืจ ืื—ืจ ืžื”ื”ื™ืกื˜ื•ืจื™ื” ื”ื™ืฉืจืืœื™ืช.

  • ุจูˆุฏูƒุงุณุช ูŠุดุชุจูƒ ู…ุน ุงู„ุฃุฎุจุงุฑ ุงู„ุนุงู„ู…ูŠุฉุŒ ูŠุนูŠุฏ ุงู„ู†ุธุฑ ููŠ ุงู„ุฃุญุฏุงุซ ุงู„ุชุงุฑูŠุฎูŠุฉุŒ ูˆ ูŠู†ุงู‚ุด ุงู„ูƒุชุจ ูˆ ุงู„ู‚ุถุงูŠุง ุงู„ุซู‚ุงููŠุฉ

    ุตูุญุฉ "ููˆุงุตู„ ุซู‚ุงููŠุฉ" ุนู„ู‰ ู…ูˆู‚ุน ููŠุณุจูˆูƒ

    ู‚ู†ุงุฉ "ููˆุงุตู„ ุซู‚ุงููŠุฉ" ุนู„ู‰ ู…ูˆู‚ุน ูŠูˆุชูŠูˆุจ

  • ื”ืคื•ื“ืงืืกื˜ "ืืžืฆืขื™ื ื•ื›ื•ื•ื ื•ืช" ืžื‘ื™ืช ืžื›ื•ืŸ ืขืงื‘ื•ืช ืขื•ืกืง ื‘ื›ืžื” ืชืžื•ืช ืžืจื›ื–ื™ื•ืช ืฉืืคื™ื™ื ื• – ื•ืขื“ื™ื™ืŸ ืžืืคื™ื™ื ื•ืช – ืืช ื”ื›ื™ื‘ื•ืฉ ื”ื™ืฉืจืืœื™ ื‘ื’ื“ื” ื”ืžืขืจื‘ื™ืช, ื‘ืจืฆื•ืขืช ืขื–ื”, ื‘ืจืžืช ื”ื’ื•ืœืŸ ื•ื‘ืกื™ื ื™. ืฉืฉืช ืคืจืงื™ ื”ืขื•ื ื” ื—ื•ืฉืคื™ื ืฉื™ืฉื” ืกื™ืคื•ืจื™ื ืžืจืชืงื™ื ืฉืื™ื ื ืžื•ื›ืจื™ื ืœืฆื™ื‘ื•ืจ ื”ืจื—ื‘, ื”ืžื‘ื•ืกืกื™ื ืขืœ ืžื—ืงืจ ืืจื›ื™ื•ื ื™. https://akvt.in/AimsAndMeans

  • ุจูˆุฏูƒุงุณุช ู‚ุตุตูŠ ู†ุชุญุฏุซ ููŠู‡ ููŠ ูƒู„ ุญู„ู‚ุฉ ุนู† ุญูƒุงูŠุฉ ู…ู† ุญูƒุงูŠุงุช ุงู„ุตุฑุงุน ุงู„ุฃุฒู„ูŠุŒ ุงู„ุฐูŠ ูƒุงู† ูˆู…ุง ุฒุงู„ ุงู„ุฅู†ุณุงู† ูŠุญุงูˆู„ ู…ู† ุฎู„ุงู„ู‡ ุฃู† ูŠุซุจุช ู„ู†ูุณู‡, ุฃู† ุนู„ู‰ ู‡ุฐู‡ ุงู„ุฃุฑุถ ู…ุง ูŠุณุชุญู‚ ุงู„ุญูŠุงุฉ!
    ู…ู† ุฅุนุฏุงุฏ: ุฑู‡ู ุนุตุงุฑ
    ุชู‚ุฏูŠู…: ุญุณู† ุจู† ุจุทูŠ

  • ื”ืกื›ืช ื”ื™ืกื˜ื•ืจื™ ื”ืฆื•ืœืœ ืืœ ืชื•ืš ืกื™ืคื•ืจื• ืฉืœ ื—ื™ืœ-ื”ืื•ื•ื™ืจ ื”ื™ืฉืจืืœื™ ื•ื”ืชืขื•ืคื” ื”ืฆื‘ืื™ืช ื‘ืืจืฅ ื™ืฉืจืืœ ืžืœืคื ื™ ืงื•ื ื”ืžื“ื™ื ื” ื•ืขื“ ื™ืžื™ื ื•.
    ื‘ืชื›ื ื™ืช ื–ืืช ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœื”ืื–ื™ืŸ ื‘ืื•ืคืŸ ื ื’ื™ืฉ ืœื›ืœ ืื•ื–ืŸ ืขืœ ืื™ืจื•ืขื™ื ื”ื™ืกื˜ื•ืจื™ื™ื ื•ืกื™ืคื•ืจื™ื ืžืจืชืงื™ื ื‘ืฆื™ืจ ื”ื–ืžืŸ, ืืฉืจ ืขื™ืฆื‘ื• ืืช ื—ื™ืœ-ื”ืื•ื•ื™ืจ ื›ืคื™ ืฉืื ื• ืžื›ื™ืจื™ื ืื•ืชื•.

  • ืื ื• ื•ืžืฉืคื—ืชื ื• ื ื•ืฉืื™ื ืกื™ืคื•ืจื™ ื—ื™ื™ื ืžื“ื”ื™ืžื™ื, ืกื™ืคื•ืจื™ื ืฉืœ ื”ื™ืฉืจื“ื•ืช ื‘ืชื ืื™ื ืงืฉื™ื, ืžืกืขื•ืช, ื‘ื ื™ื”, ืคื™ืชื•ื—, ืื•ืžืฅ, ืื”ื‘ื” ื•ืฆืขืจ. ืืš ื”ืื ืกื™ืคื•ืจื ื• ื™ืฉืืจ ืื—ืจื™ื ื•? ื”ืื ืžื•ืจืฉืชื ื• ืชืกื•ืคืจ?

    ืชื•ื›ื ื™ื•ืช ืจื“ื™ื• ื“ื•ืงื•ืžื ื˜ืจื™ื•ืช ืขืœ ืžืฉืคื—ื•ืช ื•ื’ื™ื‘ื•ืจื™ื ืืžื™ืชื™ื™ื
    ืžื‘ื™ืช ื”ื”ืคืงื•ืช ืฉืœ ืจืฉืช ืขื•ืฉื™ื ื”ื™ืกื˜ื•ืจื™ื”, ืจืฉืช ื”ืคื•ื“ืงืืกื˜ื™ื ื”ืžื•ื‘ื™ืœื” ื‘ื™ืฉืจืืœ.
    ืื ื• ื”ื•ืคื›ื™ื ืืช ืกื™ืคื•ืจ ื—ื™ื™ื›ื ืื• ืกื™ืคื•ืจ ืžืฉืคื—ืชื›ื ืœืชื•ื›ื ื™ืช ืฉืžืข ืžืขื ื™ื™ื ืช, ื”ื ื™ืชื ืช ืœื”ืคืฆื” ืขืœ ื ืงืœื” ื•ื ื•ื—ื” ืœืขื™ื›ื•ืœ ืœื“ื•ืจื•ืช ื”ืฆืขื™ืจื™ื.

    ืœืคืจื˜ื™ื ื‘ืงืจื• ื‘ืืชืจ familysounds.co.il

  • "ื—ื•ืคืจื™ื ื‘ื–ืžืŸ", ื”ืคื•ื“ืงืืกื˜ ื”ื”ื™ืกื˜ื•ืจื™ ืฉืœ "ื™ืฉืจืืœ ื”ื™ื•ื", ืœื•ืงื— ืืชื›ื ื‘ื›ืœ ืคืจืง ืœืžืกืข ื‘ื–ืžืŸ ืžื–ื•ื•ื™ืช ืงืฆืช ืื—ืจืช. ื”ืฆื˜ืจืคื• ืœื ื˜ืข ื‘ืจ, ืœืชืžื™ืจ ืžื•ืจื’ ื•ืœืฉืœืœ ื”ืžื•ืžื—ื™ื ื•ื”ื”ื™ืกื˜ื•ืจื™ื•ื ื™ื, ื•ืงื‘ืœื• ื›ืจื˜ื™ืก ืืœ ืžืื—ื•ืจื™ ื”ืงืœืขื™ื ืฉืœ ื”ืื™ืจื•ืขื™ื ื•ื”ืกื™ืคื•ืจื™ื ืฉืขื™ืฆื‘ื• ืืช ืขื•ืœืžื ื•. ื—ืคื™ืจื” ืžื”ื ื”!

  • ืืจืฅ ืขืชื™ืงื” ื”ื•ื ื”ืคื•ื“ืงืืกื˜ ืฉื›ื•ืœื• ืขืชื™ืงื•ืช, ืืจื›ื™ืื•ืœื•ื’ื™ื” ื•ืื ืฉื™ื. ื”ืžืงื•ื ืฉื‘ื• ื”ืขื‘ืจ ืคื•ื’ืฉ ืืช ื”ื”ื•ื•ื”.
    ื‘ืคื•ื“ืงืืกื˜ ืฉืœื ื• ื ืขืจื•ืš ืฉื™ื—ื•ืช ืขื ื”ืืจื›ื™ืื•ืœื•ื’ื™ื ื”ืžื•ืžื—ื™ื ืฉืœื ื• ืขืœ ื›ืœ ื”ืขื•ืœื ื”ืงื“ื•ื ื‘ืืจืฅ ื™ืฉืจืืœ, ื”ืžื–ืจื— ื”ืชื™ื›ื•ืŸ ื•ื”ืขื•ืœื ื›ื“ื™ ืœื ืกื•ืช ื•ืœื”ื›ื™ืจ ื™ื•ืชืจ ืืช ื”ืชืจื‘ื•ื™ื•ืช ืฉื—ื™ื• ื›ืืŸ ืœืคื ื™ื ื• ื‘ืืžืฆืขื•ืช ื”ืกื™ืคื•ืจื™ื ืฉืœื”ื, ื”ื—ืคืฆื™ื ืฉืœื”ื, ื”ืฉืจื™ื“ื™ื ืฉืœื”ื ื•ืขื•ื“.
    ืื ื• ืžื–ืžื™ื ื™ื ืืชื›ื ืœื”ืฆื˜ืจืฃ ืืœื™ื ื• ืœืžืกืข ืฉืœ ืžื™ืœื™ื•ื ื™ ืฉื ื™ื ืฉืœ ื”ื™ืกื˜ื•ืจื™ื” ืื ื•ืฉื™ืช. ืืคื™ืœื• ืขื•ื“ ืœืคื ื™ ืฉื”ื•ืžืฆืื” ื”ื”ื™ืกื˜ื•ืจื™ื”.

    ื‘ืงืจื• ื’ื ื‘ืจืฉืชื•ืช ื”ื—ื‘ืจืชื™ื•ืช ืฉืœ ื”ืคื•ื“ืงืืกื˜:
    ื‘ืคื™ื™ืกื‘ื•ืง: https://www.facebook.com/eretzatika
    ืื• ื›ืชื‘ื• ืœื™ ืœื›ืชื•ื‘ื•ืช ื“ื•ืืจ ื”ืืœืงื˜ืจื•ื ื™: [email protected]


  • Rating all the emperors of Rome in the history of the Roman Empire (sort of)