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  • Ever wondered if the presentation of scientific history and academia today has as much integrity as the scientific procedure?

    As two young scientists, we aim to bring to light how the field has been, and still is, embedded in systemic racism and consider how we can improve representation in science.

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  • 两只不成气候的“科研狗”记录和分享我们在大气科学领域的学习和思考。


  • Here at Dectech we help businesses understand and manage consumer decision making. After two decades of forecasting behaviour changes, we wanted to share our knowledge of what affects our choices, our behaviours, and our experiences of products and services, what works and getting to grips with behavioural measures and predictions, not just in theory, but how these insights are applied in client side challenges. Predicting People is a podcast, all about the applications of behavioural science in the commercial world. In each episode, we invite experts to talk about how behavioural science has been affecting their business, and how they see it being used in the future.

  • Global Caveat is the podcast that explores the vast field of global health. Global health scientists Diana Klatt and Susanna Park discuss topics, such as research and fieldwork, with each other and guests to examine the connection between health and the sciences and how we have to work together for health, humanity, and the earth.

    Episodes are not endorsements for organizations discussed on the show.
    Music by Hawt Coco. Produced by Global Caveat, Inc.

  • Hear This Idea is a podcast showcasing new thinking in philosophy, the social sciences, and effective altruism. Each episode has an accompanying write-up at

  • Coda Currents illuminates the trends shaping our world and puts them in context. From disinformation and the power of conspiracy theories to authoritarian tech and the rise of surveillance to the war on science and the influence of pseudoscience, we focus on the overarching stories that are poised to dominate our politics and our lives for years to come. Each week, Coda Story journalists show how these global trends impact you and communities around the world. You’ll hear international stories you won’t find anywhere else and see connections you never knew existed.

  • Former professional rugby player John Daniell and journalist Glenn McConnell travel New Zealand trying to find the rulebook for how to be a man in 2021. Along the way they meet everyone from an All Black to a Tinder-profile guru, from a non-binary father to an historian of Kiwi bloke-ness. It’s a wild ride.

  • Der Podcast für alle, die in ihrer sozialen Arbeit täglich das Beste geben und mit Herzblut bei der Sache sind. Wir wollen uns eine Stimme geben und das Interesse an unseren Berufsbildern wecken...Das Wichtigste, wir wollen zeigen, dass wir den schönsten Beruf der Welt haben.

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  • Digital Health + Neurotech conferences at Stanford, Harvard and MIT

  • The CoVax Files is a podcast hosted by investigative healthcare journalist Surani Fernando that dives deeper into the Covid-19 vaccine race with top experts from around the world. Surani has probed this industry for over a decade and this podcast aims to take an unbiased view to explore how the vaccines work, their clinical trials, efficacy and safety results, manufacturing processes, logistics and distribution to the world. Is a vaccine really the magic potion for a better future? Tune in and get the info you need to make your own conclusions.

  • Welcome to IVPN Voice, where we discuss all things pharmacy in the region.This podcast is an extension to the IVPN google group where experts share their knowledge and keep each other updated on several pharmacy subjects. With the rising popularity of podcasts, we are happy to announce the formation of IVPN Voice Podcast to discuss all pharmacy-related matters in the region.The purpose behind the podcast is to expand the forms of communication across the IVPN network by making access to knowledge more diverse and fun.

  • What are the limits to what’s knowable — and how does our thinking about big questions in science and technology evolve over time? Take an audio journey with Knowable Magazine from Annual Reviews as we explore puzzles as diverse as the existence of black holes and how to build an artificial heart — with plenty of surprises along the way.

  • Czy w swoim codziennym życiu korzystasz z dobrodziejstw sztucznej inteligencji?
    Inteligencji, która od dziesiątek lat budzi w społeczeństwie skrajne emocje, inspiruje i prowokuje do dyskusji, jest głównym trendem postępu technologicznego, ale również nieodłącznym towarzyszem naszych czasów.

    Gospodarzem podcastu jest Łukasz Grala - futurolog, pasjonat danych i specjalista w zakresie sztucznej inteligencji. Pasjonat muzyki jazzowej i CEO. Pod jego okiem, zespół TIDK realizuje największe projekty z obszaru wykorzystania danych w Polsce.
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  • A comedic perspective on science and outdoor culture. Follow me on Instagram @toseeyououtside

  • Nutrición, salud y bienestar, con Connie Achurra.

  • Podcast věnovaný rozmanitým hudebním, sportovním, vědeckým nebo filozofickým tématům

  • The Psychology 360 Podcast is a podcast where psychologists and researchers are interviewed from around the world. I bring psychological insights from all perspectives. The show is meant for psychologists as well as a general audience. I hope that the interviews and episodes will grow your interest in psychology as well as give helpful tools for you to improve yourself!

  • Historické momenty, objevy, katastrofy. Ozvěny minulosti připomínají každý den jedno slavné výročí.

  • Newest research in dermatology and venereology, interviews with notable doctors, professors and researchers: a focused look on today's dermatology and new developments looking to the future.