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  • Inspiring stories of extraordinary figures who defied the odds and altered the course of history.

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  • Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8th at the age of 96 years old, months after her Platinum Jubilee, her 70th year as the Queen of the United Kingdom. As the world remembers the longest-reigning monarch, her eldest son Prince Charles is now KING Charles III. It’s the moment he was born destined for – and at 73, he’s been waiting a long time. As one era closes, another one begins. Can Prince Charles fill his mother’s shoes? Will the people accept him as king? Is there even a place for monarchy in our modern world? In Born to Rule, NBC’s Keir Simmons talks to journalists and royal insiders who’ve followed Prince Charles for decades to help us understand this man who is now king.

  • Imagine yourself dining with Socrates, Plato, or Pythagoras... maybe even Cicero and Julius Caesar...being a soldier marching with Alexander's the Great army in the vast Persian empire discovering new foods... or try and picture the richness of fruits and vegetables in the lush Hanging Gardens of Babylon...what foods did our ancestors ate?

    How did all begin? Why am I so hooked on ancient recipes and ingredients? Is the food delicious? Wholesome? Do you need to know? I think so! Recipes, ingredients, ways of cooking. Timeless and continuous yet unique and so alien to us now days. Staple ingredients of the Mediterranean world -as we think now- like tomatoes, potatoes, rice, peppers, didn't exist. What did they eat? We will travel and imagine how it was to eat like a Greek Philosopher in a symposium in Athens, as a Roman Emperor or as a rich merchant in the last night in Pompeii......Lavish dinners, exotic ingredients, barbaric elements, all intertwined...Stay tuned and find out more here, in 'The Delicious Legacy' Podcast!

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  • This podcast series will endeavour to cover the story from both the British and Argentinian points of view.

    It was an odd war, fought with the same weapons, NATO weapons. But bullets don’t recognize nationalities, neither do torpedoes and missiles and both sides were going to brutalise each other with western arms. 

    That was only one of many unusual facts about this short sharp war that has left the veterans on both side wondering what it was all for. As we watch Russia invade Ukraine claiming ownership, this is surely a moment to reflect on the Falklands where 255 British military personnel died, along with 649 Argentinians and 3 Falkland Island civilians. 


    In comparison and after 5 days of fighting in the Ukraine, Russia has admitted to at least 500 deaths and thousands of casualties. As I put together this show the numbers in Europe were startling – a million refugees have fled the Ukraine and the war is going to lead to millions more. 


    GK Chesterton wrote once that “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”  

    For the Argentinian’s there was a lot of military historical water under the bridge and that bridge was built on the Malvinas. We must investigate these because they all add up to a crescendo that became a war. For the British it was the same motivation. 

    The 200 islands in the Falkland Group lie 480 miles north east of Cape Horn straddling the line of 52 degrees latitude and comprising around 4 700 square miles of land. 

    The theme music "Devastation and Revenge" is composed by Kevin MacLeod and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

    For more details head off to and select Falklands War from the main menu.

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  • Cover Up is a series of investigative stories that take us on a journey into a world of subterfuge and secrecy—a world where the truth is concealed under a blanket of lies. From corrupt individuals to clandestine institutions, Cover Up exposes deceit, deception, and the abuse of power.

    Season one uncovers the story of The Ministry of Secrets, one of the great unsolved mysteries of the Cold War. At its heart is a missing person — a wartime hero and international celebrity. But that’s just the starting point. It involves the royal family, MI6, the CIA, and the KGB. There are conspiracies. And lies. This story is so sensitive, so secret - that the truth is being withheld for 100 years, until 2057. Presenter Giles Milton and producer Sarah Peters are on a quest to find out why…

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  • The podcast where every celebrity split is the one that got away. Each week comedians Grainne Maguire and Chantal Feduchin-Pate take a deep dive into a celebrity breakup, chosen by a special guest, that still lingers in their hearts and minds. We scour interviews, over-analyse iconic pictures and search for meaning in post-breakup media statements. Celeb gossip hounds will feel right at home, but really anyone who's experienced a breakup can appreciate hearing how the rich and famous take heartbreak to a whole new level. They might uncouple ‘amicably with love and respect for one another’ - but we never get over these lost loves! Join us every Friday for a new episode.

  • We are a podcast that delves into many topics such as: Ancient History, Conspiracy, Science, Paranormal, Spirituality, Intellectual Thinking, Consciousness, Theory, Ufology, News, Current Events and Politics just to name a few. We delve into just about anything. We consider ourselves as free and critical thinkers. We enjoy exploring topics and issues in length. We have a saying that says " With Passion and Knowledge Nothing is Off Limits" Support this podcast:

  • History After Hours is a podcast led by history teachers. We discuss random topics including current events, music, sports, and everything in between.

  • History is one of the most important topics in the world, it can help us understand who we are, where we've been and where we're going. If you want to learn more about history and our shared past History with Jackson is the podcast for you. Listen as the podcast brings up-to-date historical research from historians, researchers and authors to you in an accessible and digestible way! Join Historian and Host Jackson van Uden as he talks to our guests about history from the beginning of time to the present day, from big political events to the history of small life-changing objects, there's exciting history for everyone on the History with Jackson Podcast.

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  • It would be nice if every American knew our history, knew the story of our founding, who our founding fathers were, the pivotal moments and consequential people along the way. Unfortunately that isn't the case. History has been put on the backburner in public schools, and what IS being taught is skewed by postmodern revisionists. That is why The History Revolution exists. Our goal is to fill the void that public education has created and expose students to real American history.

  • The Book of Enoch, is an ancient, non-canonical Jewish work. Estimates vary on the actual dates of authorship. However, Enoch was alive during the Antediluvian period as recorded in the Hebrew Bible. Fragments of the text, along with the Dead Sea Scrolls, were discovered in cave 4 of the Qumran caves in 1948. - Check out our Streaming Service for our full collection of audiobooks, podcasts, short stories, & 10 hour sounds for sleep and relaxation at our website

  • Liquor and Liqueur Connoisseur is a podcast for anyone that enjoys distilled spirits!

    Built on the premise of drinking, discussing, and discovering the world of distilled spirits, each episode features consistent tastings and much more. The featured spirit's backstory is covered, including history of production, marketing, availability, notable events for the spirit, as well as personal stories on enjoyment.

    This podcast features new episodes at least weekly, and is the work of host Matt Birchard, who created the podcast as a way to keep a new year's resolution to himself - which was to drink more!

    So enjoy each episode whenever you have time, but it's recommended you enjoy a liquor or liqueur during the show!

  • Tarihle alakalı her içeriğe kulak kesildiğimiz günümüz Dünya'sında; M. Can Bilge'nin konuklarıyla yaptığı sohbetler, Lafazan ismiyle sizlerle buluşuyor. Merak edilen ve konuşulmayan pek çok tarihi detay, Lafazan'da dinleyicilerle buluşuyor!
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  • This is the stuff they never taught us in history class.

    Ever wonder why famous historical figures like Aaron Burr, George McClellan, Douglas MacArthur, Cato the Younger, Julius Caesar, and many others fell from the great heights to which they had ascended to end up in death or disgrace?

    History's Trainwrecks explores the self-destructive tendencies of historical figures who lose everything even when the prize of a lifetime is in reach, often costing them a treasured place in history.

    History is full of trainwrecks, and we can’t look away.

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  • A unique look at Oklahoma's past, present, and future. The America of America Podcast examines the defining events and customs that make Oklahoma Oklahoma.

  • Rediscover the myths of the ancient Greeks through the plants and landscapes that shaped them. Meet the wildflowers, herbs, and trees of the Mediterranean and discover the ancient Greek myths that honor them. Wander ancient Greek temples, groves, and wild sanctuaries that have been celebrated for thousands of years. And come to understand Greek myth and culture not just as stories created by humans, but as traditions growing from the landscape itself: rooted in Mediterranean soil and nourished by the sun, sea, and mountains. For more about the show, visit

  • A march through the life of Europe's greatest general, Napoleon Bonaparte. A man who conquered Paris to Moscow and lost it all. We'll talk about his feats and just how complex his Napoleon Complex was.

  • There are dragons and magic in the world if only you look for them... V.M. Sang

  • Time Warp is a podcast on the Canoe FM platform featuring Host Paul Vorvis and Co-Host Kate Butler from the Haliburton Highlands Museum talking about Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada history - as well as some other stories from Canada's history.