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  • Kas sinu elus on liiga vähe feminismi (või liiga palju šovinismi)? Leevendust pakub Viisik ehk Kadi Viik ja Aet Kuusik Feministeeriumist. Mõnikord on neil külaline ka.

  • Saate läbivateks teemadeks on sisekaemus, Holistiline Küllus, Siseaarete laekad nii nagu ka jagada nippe kuidas luua oma elust tõeliselt põnev seiklus iseenda tingimustel siin ja praegu ja läbi selle muuta maailma?

  • Saa tuttavaks Laureti ja Elisega, särtsakad entusiastid, kes juhivad Ausad Naised podcasti. Astusime välja ja Ausad Mehed podcasti inspiratsioonil jagame kuulajatele ausat, autentset ja ehedat olemist, mis inspireeriks ka teisi hingelisi olema oma elus teadlikum, tundma elu täisväärtuslikku naudingut ja liikuma enesearengu radadel.
    Selleks, et meiega koos saaks nii nutta, kui naerda, oleme alati samm mugavustsoonist väljas seda koos täieliku läbipaistvusega.

  • Welcome to The Alan Watts Audio Experience; a podcast for fans of Alan Watts!Alan Watts was one of the most popular philosophers of the 20th century and his popularity continues to exponentially increase long after his death in 1973.This podcast is a collection of some of Watts' most famous and profound discussions and teachings.We hope you gain as much value from this podcast as possible and if so, please subscribe, leave a review & share it with those you love so that they too will reap the benefits of his profound wisdom.Support his work here: https://www.alanwatts.org/Much love!

  • Kiire Elumuutuse Podcast aitab Sinu elus luua kiireid muutuseid just selles valdkonnas, milles muutuseid oluliseks pead. Räägime rahast, armastusest, tööst ja tervisest.

  • We are living in a time and age where we are not just trying to cope with work stress, erratic relationships, peer pressure but also more pressing problems like dangerous viruses and climatic breakdown. If there ever was a need to re-boot, re-access and re-style your life, it is now. While you may be able to do this alone, but this journey will become far more easier with the help of a master.

    My vision of this podcast is to assist you in this very journey, through my learnings, from the masters.

  • Join Victoria Welsby, TEDx speaker, best-selling author and certified Fierce Fatty as she teaches you how to love your fat body without going on yet another ever again. 95-99% of diets fail, it’s not your fault you’ve never succeeded at losing weight! Wear the damn bikini, rock that crop top, embrace that curvy body. Break down limiting negative self-beliefs and root out the reasons why you think your plus-size body is not ok. Episodes topics include - fatphobia, diet culture, intuitive eating, how to be confident, dating while plus-size, health at every size, overcoming stigma and shame and taking over the world one fatty at a time!

  • Misasi see avalik ruum on? Kuidas see meie igapäevaelu mõjutab ja kuidas saame ruumi ise mõjutada? Mis seosed on ruumil meie tervise ja õnnelikkusega? Kas mingeid seoseid on ka demokraatiaga? Uurime ja teeme natuke nalja ka.

  • Mõnusad jutuajamised tulevikust ja kõrgharidusest ülikoolide, kõrgkoolide ning nende vilistlastega

  • Filotsoon on podcast kaasaegsetest mõttevooludest, kus erinevate filosoofiliste teemade üle arutlevad Eesti oma ala teadlased.Uuri lisa: www.filotsoon.wordpress.com

  • The Uncomfortable lands right at the intersection of entertainment and education. In a time where hate and misunderstanding runs rampant, The Uncomfortable Podcast, hosted by creative activist, Dom Roberts, takes a deep dive into the human experience and what it means to be Black in America featuring conversations with guests from every walk of life and industry. Let's get uncomfortable.

  • We are both in the early stages of our careers as art therapists. We want to strengthen our connection with our art therapy colleagues, so we started a podcast. In this podcast, we interview a variety of art therapists to build community, share knowledge and join in the efforts to bring art therapy into the digital age. We are thrilled to bring you this content and can't wait for your thoughts and feedback.

    WHAT IS ART THERAPY? Visit the American Art Therapy Association first to learn more at https://arttherapy.org/about-art-therapy/.

    Janet & Lindsay

  • An academic librarian and a computer scientist talk about supporting academic research from totally different perspectives. We lift the lid and chat about how it all works under the hood, demystifying some of the things that go on in the background to make the academic machine work, from tackling the world of information and managing the tidal wave of Big Data through to developments in scholarly communications to research assessment.

  • Troopikaseiklused, loomalood ja džunglimõtted toob Teieni Joosep Sarapuu.

  • A sex education project by Raffa, Medet, Laras, Eagan, Azizah and Ara
    #LetsTalkAboutSex 🗣💬

  • Are you a badass woman trying to figure out how this thing called “adulting” works? Do you also feel like school didn’t properly prepare you for important things like managing your money, how to maintain long-distance friendships, building your professional brand or how to find community in a new city?
    On the Femme Hive Podcast, Thamina Stoll, a 2017 college grad, gender equality activist and Sales professional at a global technology company who suffered from post-graduation depression, is having genuine conversations with a diverse group of women to discuss the struggles of adulthood and establishing a new sense of post-college identity. Join Thamina on this journey to empower young women who are - just like herself - still in search of a fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

  • Diginobe podcast on eestikeelne taskuhääling tehnoloogia kasutamisest õppimise ja õpetamise toetamisel. Poole-tunniste saadete kestel arutavad Veronika ja Marin erinevatel teemadel digivahendite kasutamisest. Iga saade on pühendatud erinevale teemale ning saadete sihtrühmaks on õpetavad inimesed, täiskasvanute koolitajad, noorsootöötajad jt. Praktikud Marin ja Veronika toovad näiteid oma tööst ja koolitajakogemustest, kuidas ja miks mingi digivahend või -meetod töötas või ei töötanud. Taskuhäälingut toetab blogi, kus jagatakse linke ja viiteid podcastis arutletud vahenditele.

  • 2020 aasta kevad on rohkem kui kunagi varem pannud nii õpilased, kuid ehk ka mõned täiskasvanud olukorda, kus peab oma tööde ja tegemiste eest hulga suuremal määral ise vastutama. See omakorda tähendab, et me peame olema järsku võimelised ennast väga hästi kontrollima.Õppimine, töötamine ja enesekontroll on aga kõik seotud meie ajuga ja sellega, kuidas ta toimib. Nüüd aga on mul küsimus teile:“ Kui hästi te arvate oma aju tundvat? Kui teadlikud olete ajuprotsessidest, mis puudutab nt õppimist, töötamist või enesekontrolli?“ Tere, minu nimi on Liina Kitt ja olen Viimsi Gümnaasiumi ennastjuhtiva õppija kursuse üks õpetajatest ning olen loonud selle podcasti „Ennastjuhtiv mina“ just selleks, et aidata teil olla osavamad enesejuhtijad. Selle kooliaasta lõpuni keskendun korra nädalas ühele enesejuhtimise ja aju kasutamisega seotud müüdile, mille püüan ümber lükata. Nagu ma ka tunnis tihti õpilastele ütlen, te saate kontrollida ainult iseennast ja sealjuures ainult neid osi, millest te teadlikud olete. Nii et saagem siis koos iseendast teadlikemaks. Head kuulamist!

  • In this podcast, I’m strongly advocating for a change in school curriculum and an implementation of project-based learning into it.
    Cover art photo provided by Teo Duldulao on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@teowithacamera