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  • The Steep Your Soul podcast is for women who are seeking deep truth and meaning to their lives. On each episode, Annabelle Matson provides soulful guidance, coaching and tangible action steps to help you overcome what's holding you back in life, so you can awaken to your full potential and purpose.

  • Top tips on all aspects of perioperative care from some of the world's experts, working together to enhance surgical recovery.

    Brought to you by TopMedTalk.

  • At DePuy Synthes, we believe developing the Future Leaders of tomorrow, is our priority today. Aspiring orthopaedic surgeons spend years practicing and perfecting their skills and education is a life-long learning journey that begins with knowledge and basic skill building and culminates into advanced surgical technique refinement for predictable, reproducible patient outcomes.

  • Have you ever felt like motherhood isn’t exactly as blissful as you thought it would be? Do you ever feel like you’re just trying to make it to bedtime each day? I’ve been there, mama. I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve lost yourself, to pray that God would send you a community to belong to, and to wonder if the emptiness and longing for a way out will ever change. The good news? There IS more for us than just living for bedtime each day. There is JOY for us exactly where we are in this season of raising babies. There is a way for us to find purpose, feel fulfilled, and be fully connected, joy filled mamas. Friend, we only get one shot with these babies and we owe it to them and to ourselves to be the best we can be. Come along as we reconnect with our savior who loves us so intimately, rediscover the holy and divine calling and purpose that we have as mothers, and learn how to face every season with the JOY of the Lord as our strength. In this podcast, I will take you through what it means to live joy filled, tangible ways to find, keep, and protect your joy no matter what season of motherhood you find yourself in, and hold inspiring and encouraging conversations to help you reclaim your joy by connecting with Christ, with others, and with yourself because I believe joy is a promise from our Heavenly Father and it’s time for you to begin walking in your purpose as the Joy Filled Mama you were made to be. Grab your coffee, throw that airpod in while you multitask a million and one things, and let's dive in together! connect with me! instagram - @jennagriffith.co website - jennagriffith.co community - 'Joy Filled Mamas' on Facebook

  • What if embracing your uniqueness is the path to true freedom, independence, love, wealth, health and a limitless life? Spoiler alert - it is! Join Erica Lester and her impressive guest lineup in pulling back the curtains on what we've been taught to believe about reality, business, parenting, relationships, sex, creation, abundance and manifestation. Let's dare to dream, embrace our unique magic, all while leaving a legacy of healing and love.

  • Cât de multe crezi că știi despre viitoarea ta carieră medicală? Știi cu ce se ocupă, de fapt, rezidenții din specializarea pe care ți-o dorești? Chiar, știi specializarea pe care ți-o dorești? Și mai mult, ce se întâmplă imediat după rezidențiat? Cum arată medicină în afara centrelor universitare în care cu toții ne formăm? Cum arată viața de medic specialist într-un oraș obișnuit din România? Organizația Studenților Mediciniști din Cluj nu vrea să vă direcționeze pe o cale sau alta, spre anumite specializări sau orașe, ci vrea ca alegerea pe care o faceți (și pe care cu toții o vom face) să fie una informată, cu date reale și actuale de la oameni sinceri. Astfel, venim alături de studenții, absolvenții și rezidenții din domeniul sănătății, sprijinindu-i să diferențieze adevărul de mit și ajutându-i să-și confrunte așteptările cu realitatea sistemului medical. În cadrul acestui podcast, vom discuta cu medici rezidenți din diferite centre universitare și cu medici specialiști/primari din afara acestora, astfel încât să ne conturăm o imagine mai clară asupra ce înseamnă rezidențiatul pentru o anumită specializare și ce urmează după, mai ales în contextul în care puțini dintre noi rămân să profeseze în centrele universitare.Pentru sugestii, opinii și colaborări, ne puteți scrie pe medvoice@osmcluj.ro

  • This podcast is focussed on military leadership in the institutional/corporate setting.

  • For LEADERS here to EXPAND. Join global speaker, high-level coach & transformational live event leader Jacqui Sive as we explore what it means to be a LIGHT LEADER.

  • A reading of all the Harry Potter books without interruption! Listen to Harry Potter with me, Thomas! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thomas157/support

  • I will share some mandarin teaching courses here to help your guys learn mandarin quickly and feel free to leave me comments or ask me question or PM me on Whatsapp +18806469550

  • Want to have more money? More freedom? How about better relationships? This podcast is about small action steps you can take today to better your life. I implement this in my own life and teach it to my clients. Listen to a new podcast every day. Don’t miss out.

  • C Derick Varn and Ezri present
    a new Emancipation Network podcast
    exploring the borderlands between 'Marxist',
    post-marxist, and non-marxist analysis

  • From manifesting and business to business and self pleasure, we are here to talk about all things as SISTERS should. I am here to create a safe space where I will share some of my own personal stories, advice, tips and tricks as well as interview some of my beautiful un-biological sisters who have taught me so much. As a child, growing up I always wished I had an older sister who I could turn to for advice, someone who had all the answers for me. Instead being the older sister already, I had to become that person for myself and my sisters. And now, I get to be that person for all of you!

  • Abundantly Clear is a mindset platform for entrepreneurs that want to achieve mental clarity, learn to not only decrease stress but turn it into growth, and continue to create the business and lives most would only dream of.

    My name is Malorie Nicole, result after result watching 6 and 7 figure earners implement mindset practices and seeing the lasting impact it has on their business growth, I am 100 percent certain mindset must be a key focus for success. It's where it all begins, and where it never ends. This is for people who never want to stop growing.

    I am a lifelong learner, multidisciplinary and certified performance coach, who is here to teach you there is an easier way to get to your next level. If you are an entrepreneur who strives for an Abundantly Clear life, you know you were meant for big things, sometimes you might find yourself addicted to productivity, and you truly want to be the best version of yourself in your business and life. My mission is to empower entrepreneurs by breaking the mold of the standard hustle and grind mentality and helping them create a new set of norms to decrease stress, enjoy life, and become more profitable.

  • From the basics to the biology, join hosts Tegan Yorwarth and Danika Revell as theysmash the stigma surrounding periods, and dive head first into period topics we don'ttalk about enough.With sensitivity, personal stories, and guests from around Aotearoa, this podcast is forbloody everyone, whether you get a period or not.

  • Teaching, Reading & Learning: The Podcast elevates important contributions to the educational community, with the goal of inspiring teachers, informing practice, and celebrating people in the community who have influenced teaching and literacy to the betterment of children. The podcast features guests whose life stories are compelling and rich in ways that are instructive to us all. The podcast focuses on literacy as we know it (reading and writing) but will also connect to other “literacies” that impact children’s learning; for example, emotional, physical, and social literacies as they apply to teachers and children.

  • The Life Livers Academy Podcast connects you with the people, ideas, mindsets, and inspiration to empower you to chase your dreams, unlock your potential, and live life to the fullest each day.

    Get ready for some inspiring conversations and powerful insights from a range of top entrepreneurs, athletes, experts, and other inspiring people who are out there blazing a trail, living life to the fullest, and dominating their chosen path.

  • A daily post of positivity, looking to help recognise those moments that can make our days brighter, but we too often overlook in our busy lives. My goal is to boost your feeling of wellbeing and happiness one small step at a time!

  • The world has never been changing more rapidly, dislocating the ways we work, learn and live. On The Learning Future Podcast we discuss the knowledge, skills and dispositions we all need for our learning future, exploring insights through interviews with world-class educators, researchers, policy makers, and leaders from across industries and across the world.