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  • How To Get Into Investment Banking is a golden ticket that helps Non-Target & Target students alike navigate through the murky waters of Investment Banking recruiting to help them land their dream jobs in Investment Banking. Learn the secrets used by myself and other students I have coached to defy the odds and land their dream jobs in Investment Banking.
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  • Du willst dich endlich um deine Finanzen kümmern, hast aber keine Ahnung, wo du anfangen sollst? Simin Heuser und Saskia Weck begleiten dich auf deinem Weg in die finanzielle Unabhängigkeit.

    Die beiden herMoney-Redakteurinnen erklären dir anhand leicht verständlicher Praxisbeispiele die Welt des Geldes. In „herMoney 1x1: Finanzen einfach erklärt” erfährst du unter anderem, wie du deine Schulden abbauen, deinen Notgroschen aufbauen und ein Depot eröffnen kannst.

    Simin und Saskia erklären dir außerdem, was ETFs und Krypto-Währungen sind, wie du dein Portfolio deinen Bedürfnissen entsprechend strukturierst und wie man als Paar oder Familie clever mit Geld umgehen kann.

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  • Podcast yang membahas tentang desain, kehidupan, dan juga pengembangan diri untuk menjadi lebih baik dengan pembicara yang berbeda di tiap episodenya! Let's make our life better!

  • Sharing sesama manusia pemakan nasi. Menjabarkan keresahan sebagai ORANG BIASA di tengah orang yang berlomba-lomba untuk jadi "Tampak" LUAR BIASA . Karena apa? Karena jadi biasa itu gak apa-apa! Kamu disitu situ aja? Gak apa apa, yang penting gak jadi palsu aja haha :)

  • Welcome to COR Conversations. My name is Caley Kukla and I’ve spent more than a decade supporting children and families with challenging behaviors.

    As a mom of two, I appreciate how overwhelming and exhausting parenthood can often be. So I’m taking all of my professional knowledge and experience and combining it with real life, not just theory, to change the dialogue around parenting. We’ll have powerful conversations and practical tools that will inspire you to get to the heart, or the COR of your child’s behavior and make simple yet impactful changes.

    To join the COR Parenting Conversations movement, you can follow @caleykukla:

    Instagram: https://instagram.com/caleykukla
    Tik-Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@caleykukla_med
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/caleykukla
    Website: https://www.caleykukla.com

  • Diskusi tentang beragam topik seputar energi bersih di Indonesia dan dunia bersama pakarnya di Bicara Energi. Persembahan Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) adalah think-tank di bidang energi dan lingkungan. IESR mendorong transformasi menuju sistem energi berkelanjutan dengan melakukan advokasi kebijakan publik yang bertumpu pada kajian berbasis data dan saintifik, melakukan asistensi dan pengembangan kapasitas, serta membangun kemitraan strategis dengan aktor-aktor non-pemerintah.

  • Pembentukan International Relations School berangkat dari tantangan akan minat dan daya masyarakat Indonesia untuk menempuh studi Hubungan Internasional. Mari terhubung di Instagram @irschool_ *cheers*

  • No offense. Hai, ini podcast iseng-iseng aja buat nemenin karantina yang sendu:)

  • A podcast for English learners. We talk about a range of different topics, from vocabulary to motivation, with special guests coming on to give their own advice to the English learning community.

  • hay apakabar? mungkin aku akan membahas hal hal tentang pentingnya hidup di podcast ini

  • I am so excited to start this podcast & talk about many different situations in today’s generation! I’ve been wanting to start this podcast for A LONG time now because I have so much to talk about that’s been on my mind for so long now! I’m so excited to have you guys follow me on this journey!❤️

  • The podcast that believes places are powerful agents of positive social transformation.

    Join Dean Keith Diaz Moore from the University of Utah’s College of Architecture + Planning as he takes you behind the teaching, research and practice at the leading edge of innovation occurring in our College. Through informal conversations, you will learn the emerging issues, why you should care and what you can do about them to change our world for the better.

  • The Wellness Without Obsession Podcast aims to empower YOU to ditch diet culture for good, create a balanced, healthy lifestyle, and rediscover your best self. Host Madi Alyse, NASM-CPT, dives into how she is bettering her relationship with food and exercise after suffering with Orthorexia, where she took "healthy living" to the extreme. Madi empowers and inspires you to create sustainable healthy habits, move your body in a way that feels good, and find peace with food and your body.

    The show explores all things health, fitness, body image, mindset, personal development, confidence, and more; all in the form of short, to the point episodes you can listen to on-the-go.

    Madi believes that obsessing over your health is not healthy... If you're ready to finally transform into the most happy, healthy, and confident version of yourself, tune in to The Wellness Without Obsession Podcast.

  • 'PhD: addicted to research' is a podcast created by PhD students funded by the Society for the Study of Addiction and is for anyone doing a PhD or thinking about doing a PhD. We are all at different stages of our studies, from starting off to writing up, and will release a podcast every 2 weeks. In the episodes, we discuss our experiences and fears about going through 3 (and more) years of study. We also interview experts to get the best tips and advice for making it to the final graduation ceremony.

    We are very grateful to George Verrall for producing the music for this podcast.

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  • Eure liebsten Content-Creator machen gemeinsame Sache. Immer montags, immer 20:30 Uhr und immer live auf YouTube. Mit wechselnden Themen, wechselnden Hosts und wechselnden Gästen. 

  • From the Southeast Asia Program at Cornell University, the Gatty Lecture Rewind Podcast features interviews and conversations with scholars and researchers working in and around Southeast Asia, all of whom have been invited to give a Gatty Lecture at Cornell University. Conversations cover the history, politics, economics, literature, art, and cultures of the region. Interviews are hosted by graduate students at Cornell University, and podcast topics cover the many nations and peoples of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and Timor-Leste. For more information on the Southeast Asia Program at Cornell University, visit seap.einaudi.cornell.edu. Music provided by 14 Strings and the Cornell Gamelan Ensemble.

  • This podcast helps individuals step into their highest selves to uncover a life of purpose and freedom. Your host Marley Rose Harris will guide you towards a life of time, location and financial freedom, all whilst feeling good and being in a constant state of flow. This podcast aims to inspire individuals and show them what is accessible and possible, even when it seems out of reach.

    On the show, Marley is sharing the tools she used to build a multiple 6-figure business while travelling the world and living a life of freedom!

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    This podcast was created for the study of Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) for nonnative and/or native speakers.

    ▶️ CONTENTS:
    (1) Language
    (2) Art & Culture
    (3) Poems, etc.

    Andriyanie C.B. (Indonesian/English Phonics Coach, Linguist, Broadcaster, Language Enthusiast, Digital Content Creator.)