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  • Magical wisdom, inspiring conversations and funny AF insights that will help you work your light

    Welcome to The Light Leaders Playground, THE place to be for spiritual entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to live true to their purpose and have fun doing the work they love

    Join Dawn Evans, Manifestation Expert and Business Growth Strategist as she shares her own nuggets of wisdom and chats to other Light Leaders about various tools you can use for your own soul growth

    For years, Dawn has worked in business and has made it her mission to help others awaken to their own brilliance so they can lead with love and live a life of pure abundance. She double dares you to open your mind to new possibilities, and be inspired to take action on your wildest dreams NOW

  • The aim of the Financial Centers For Sustainability Network (FC4S) podcast is to shine a light on the many challenges and opportunities presented to the world’s financial system by climate change. In a series of interviews with leading players working daily with the climate risk agenda, FC4S Managing Director Stephen Nolan chats through the opportunities that have arisen and debates the risks posed to financial stability and the impact on global economies.

  • Conversations to fuel the energy transition hosted by Matt Brown, Vice President of AFRY Management Consulting. Leading industry experts join us to discuss how energy systems are responding to decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation.

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  • 30 minute conversations based around one question: How do you become the #1 coach or consultant in your space?

    Hint - It's not taking 15 selfies a day for social media (thank God).

    The secret is to become MicroFamous - Famously influential to the right people. It means people in your market think of you first.

    In these behind the scenes conversations, you'll hear from those who have become MicroFamous, and how they are expanding or breaking into new markets.

    I'd rather matter to a thousand than be irrelevant to a billion. If you feel the same way, you'll love these conversations.

    Hosted by Matt Johnson, agency founder and author of MicroFamous.

  • V podcaste "Prečo práve oni?" predstavujeme príbehy úspešných slovenských podnikateľov zo súťaže EY Podnikateľ roka. Podcast vychádza každú stredu a moderuje ho Adela Vinczeová. Prihláste sa alebo nominujte príbeh podnikateľa zo svojho okolia do 15-teho ročníka súťaže EY Podnikateľ roka na stránke

  • Authentic conversations between female physicians that encourage, inspire and go beyond just medicine.

  • On Moody’s Talks - Outlook Connections, analysts from around the globe will outline our views on the business conditions for credit markets in the year ahead. We’ll aim to analyze the interplay and correlations between major sectors and asset classes as well as the potential impacts of both short and long term economic trends. From oil, automotive and energy to retail and CMBS, and from airlines and the hospitality sectors to panoramic perspectives on the US and China, join us on a journey into the future of fixed income markets. Published by Moody's Investors Service.

  • Welcome to Credit in Perspective, presented by Moody's Analytics and hosted by Laurent Birade and James Partridge. Throughout this weekly series, they’ll discuss developments and trends in credit markets to better understand the different stages of the credit lifecycle. Each week will offer lessons from the past to guide the future as we’ll look at the evolution of credit, a historical perspective, and expertise from Moody’s Analytics and industry expert guest speakers.

  • Are you a woman or femme of color entrepreneur who’s ready to have a business that impacts millions, allows you to thrive, and that doesn’t re-create systems of oppression? Welcome home, honey. This podcasts features conversations and gems of wisdom from revolutionary women and femme of color entrepreneurs who have built thriving businesses, and have done it their way.

  • Arendt offers specialist advice, covering all legal, regulatory, taxation and advisory aspects of doing business in Luxembourg. We are driven by what our clients need and are committed to supporting their success. This has led to the formation of our Services, Regulatory and Consulting and Advisory businesses as well as comprehensive training support.

  • The Pathways to Business Success Podcast features real-life insights & knowledge across the entire business development spectrum. The driving force of the podcast is to provide the entrepreneurial community with motivation, ideas, and inspiration provided by industry experts and professors. Each guest has a different background and shares details about their unique experiences on their professional journeys. Experience insights from paths in entrepreneurship, mentorship, retail, and many more exciting business-related topics. Please subscribe and come find out more on

  • A podcast for rebellious brand leaders ready to get to work, do the work and create the future we want. Hosted by Raphael Bemporad, founding partner of the branding and social impact agency BBMG, the podcast takes on topics like human connection, racial justice, capitalism, climate change and the truth and big tech with perspectives that are borne from lived experience and lessons that can guide our way forward.

  • Immobilienmarketing bedeutet Marketing in einer Spätzünder-Branche, was Digitalisierung betrifft. Im Podcast "The Marketer" sprechen Samuel und Daniel, die beiden Gründer von Addos, über die Möglichkeiten, die sich im Moment im Immobilienmarketing für Sie auftun.

    Von Social Media Marketing über Contentmanagement bis hin zu Vertriebs- und Akquisestrategien bekommen Sie Einblicke in unsere Best-Practices, Tools und Instrumente, die wir Tag für Tag nutzen. Aber auch unsere Rückschläge und Learnings möchten wir mit Ihnen teilen.

    Also: Kopfhörer auf und reinhören!

  • Der Marketing Mysteries Podcast beschäftigt sich mit den neusten und innovativsten Online Marketing Methoden. Teilweise spricht Philipp Kaul, Geschäftsführer der Medienagentur vimabu, im Monolog über bewährte Methoden, teilweise holt er sich hochkarätige Köpfe der Marketingwelt ins Interview. Seid gespannt und hört uns jeden Dienstag zu, um euer Online Marketing auf das nächste Level zu bringen.

  • Bit Man and Crypto Chick give quick daily info on BTC - Bitcoin, ETH- Ethereum, and LTC - Litecoin from GDAX. Wondering why your Coinbase balance is up or down? This is the flash briefing for you. Learn about new ICOs, Breaking news, and other cryptocurrency altcoins such as: BCH - Bitcoin Cash, MIOTA - IOTA, XRP - Ripple, DASH, BTG - Bitcoin Gold, XMR - Monero, XEM-NEM, ADA, Cardano, NEO, EOS, BCC, OMG - OmiseGo, XEC, ZEC - Zcash, USDT - Tether, STEEM, REP - Augur, KMD - Komodo and the lovely DOGE - Dogecoin. We are Crypto Kitty Friendly!

  • Average Money follows the Personal Finance Journey of two average guys, Brad Finn and JJ Buckner. Join us as we navigate our way through the world of Personal Finance discussing living debt free, investing, real estate, entrepreneurship, fatherhood, cold beer, and a whole lot more.

  • In diesem Podcast spricht Michael Mertinat zu unterschiedlichen Marketing Themen, mit dem Schwerpunkt Online Marketing. Ziel ist es, die Informationen möglichst einfach und verständlich weiterzugeben. Michael Mertinat ist Coach und Dozent für Online Marketing.

  • It’s about Leadership – der Podcast ist Euer Interview-Podcast rund um Führung und Leadership. Wir sprechen mit Menschen, die tagtäglich an den unterschiedlichsten Stellen Führung und Verantwortung übernehmen: Führungskräfte in Unternehmen, IdeengeberInnen, GründerInnen, Menschen aus gemeinnützigen Organisationen, aus Sport, Kultur, und so weiter.

    Wir möchten verstehen, welches Verständnis von Führung diese Menschen prägt, welche Erfahrungen und Lernkurven auf ihrem Weg sie beeinflusst haben, und wie sie Führung in ihrem Umfeld leben.

    Immer neugierig auf die Menschen hinter der Führungsrolle und voller Freude auf gemeinsames Lernen, Denkanstöße und Inspiration.

    Eure Gastgeberin:
    Jo Kristof von It’s about Leadership

  • Mit dem Podcast Versicherung 360 wollen wir den Expertenaustausch auf eine neue Ebene heben und die Themen, die Trends und die Zukunft der Versicherungsbranche diskutieren.
    Regelmäßig, 30 Minuten, immer aktuell.

    Der Podcast Versicherung 360 ist ein Podcast der Versicherungsforen Leipzig. Bei den Versicherungsforen tummeln sich eine Menge Experten, die sich tagtäglich mit den Themen der Versicherungsbranche beschäftigen. Außerdem verfügen die Versicherungsforen über ein großes Expertennetzwerk, welches bereits auf unserem Fachblog für die Assekuranz oder bei Interviews auf unserem YouTube-Kanal zu Wort kommt.

  • Strategies and Stories to inspire and educate. Learn how to make your Dream Life your Real & create YOUR Legacy of ABUNDANCE NOW!