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  • Dave Tarnowski is a sad bastard, and the creator of the hit meme accounts @NickCaveAndTheBadMemes and @SadPeaks on instagram. Now, after a year of answering follower questions every day on social media, and by popular demand, comes a podcast, On The Sad Bastard, Dave opens up about his mental health, responds to his fans deepest, darkest, saddest, most depressing questions (and some funny ones too) and gives unqualified (but very much solicited) advice to his followers.

  • Join your hosts Chad and Darrin as they talk with splitboarding and backcountry industry pros, gear manufacturers, and certified mountain guides. No matter how much experience you have in the backcountry, you'll learn everything there is to know along with us to take your tours and shreds to the next level. New episodes drop weekly - subscribe to get notifications when new episodes are available.

  • Menceritakan sepenggal kisah dalam kehidupan tentang aku, kamu, dan dia

  • Подкаст о сексе с мужской точки зрения.

    В первом сезоне Саша и Алёша обсуждали, спорили, ругались и делились опытом. Второй сезон открывается внезапно даже для самих ведущих, и обещает больше музыки, гостей и фирменного гонзо-стиля.


  • Welcome to People Tech and other Weirdness, not so serious SoftServe podcast!

    Here we collect stories from our people: about their roles and rules, game-changing decisions, wins, walls and falls. You'll hear about technologies from those who create them.

    We aren't afraid of all weirdness of our work and life. We actually enjoy it. Join us!

  • Авторський проект Романа Скрипіна

  • Trance, Classic Trance and Techno DJ
    Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne UK, currently residing in Atlanta, GA, USA.

    Been into electronic music since early 1990's rave, then into trance from the late 90's till now.

    Check out all of my Constellation Trance Podcast Series on itunes as well
    For bookings or guest mixes please contact me via:

  • That’s a mix show which you can hear at DJsRadio. The best selection of house / clubhouse / tech-house sound special for you from DJ Sanych!

  • design happens – это подкаст о том, что дизайн не ограничивается только профессиональной деятельностью, это намного шире и глобальнее. Все мы дизайнеры. Любая наша деятельность это и есть процесс дизайна: от выбора одежды или приготовления пищи до формирования ленты соцсетей.

  • Support Heroes by Kaizo is a podcast made to celebrate Customer Support and develop the industry by sharing high-level insights in weekly, long-form discussions with expert guests. We want to shine a light on the contributions made by our brothers and sisters in the industry, and share best practices from some of our most trusted and talented colleagues. It's not very widely understood how tough it is to provide exceptional Customer Service, nor how much of an asset it is to companies looking to dominate the market. We'd like to change that misconception by putting Support Heroes from world-leading companies in the spotlight and connecting them to you- our dear listeners.

  • Авторський подкаст Романа Кошовського, бізнес-аналітика, адепта та практика прокачки фінансової культури українців, автора й засновника блогу Креатив Розвиток Пошук (, в якому він ділиться ідеями щодо звичок, психології, якісних книг, фінансів та здорового життя. Тут публікуватимуться епізоди на тематики фінансової грамотності, також контент, пов'язаний з ораторським мистецтвом, ціледосяганням та вмінням рулити ресурсами для підкорення бажаних вершин й насолоджуватися тим життям, яке вибудовуємо ми самі.

  • В этом подкасте я, Денис Павловский, приглашаю профессионалов работающих в маркетинге, продажах и бизнес девелопменте, чтобы выведать их секреты.

  • Annyeonghaseyo, K-POD-imnida!

    Siapa yang belakangan ini mulai ngomong "aigoo hyungg?" Nonton drama Korea seperti It's Okay Not To Be Okay? ATAU udah ganti bahasa di smartphone kalian pake bahasa Korea? Nahh, you've come to the right place!

    Bersama Rida dan Yoan, kita akan berbicara mengenai the latest and hottest news surrounding Korean Pop culture (dan politik juga kadang-kadang hehe)! Jangan khawatir, bahasan kita mungkin agak berat tapi pembawaannya dijamin santai dan mudah dimengerti bagi kboo veteran maupun kboo babies.

    Ayo langsung dengarkan podcast kami. Jigeumeun, yeoggikkaji!

  • Musica House dal 1990 AD OGGI MIXATA IN VINILE

  • Sprut.Ai — еженедельный подкаст об умных домах.

  • Sounds of love 💕
    Sounds of California life 🌅
    Live in SZ Style ✨

  • ChinesePod makes learning Mandarin fun and easy!

    In this Intermediate Level Podcast Feed, explore broader contexts and applications of frequently used expressions needed to navigate comfortably in a Mandarin speaking environment. Deepen your knowledge on current affairs while learning and increase your confidence level in speaking Chinese.

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