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  • Artist: Eins Tiefer
    Title: Limitless EP
    Label: Kiosk I.D.
    Catalogue number: Kiosk I.D. 025
    Release Date: March 15, 2024
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    Kiosk I.D. 
    SC: @kioskid  

    Eins Tiefer

    For Kiosk 025, Berlin-based duo Eins Tiefer delivers deep and danceable dreamscapes with a stripped organic substructure. ‘Limitless’ is a boldly melodic 4-tracker that explores the boundaries of synthesis with playful virtuosity.

    An upbeat bassline and fluid acoustic drums cast the energetic foundation for ‘The Flood’, but it’s the ingenious synth work that takes center stage: warm saw waves escalate to powerfully morphing peaks, disintegrate into mesmerizing salvos of resonant jitter, and span melodic energy arcs with unparalleled dynamism.

    ‘Callisto’ conjures celestial, reverb-laden ambiance with glitchy undercurrents. Resonating woodwinds, spaced-out claps, and fluttering synth chirps hover weightlessly above a churning sea of grainy saw waves. Dreamy and mesmeric, Callisto enshrouds the listener in washed out pads and otherworldly melodiosity.

    ‘Limitless’ spins crackling groove patterns and a brooding synth theme into a darkly oscillating anthem. Technical, stripped, and quietly menacing, ‘Limitless’ unfolds a dark and weighty synth mantra anchored in the shuddering revolutions of a glitched-out machine.

    On ‘Aftersheep’, pitch-bending salvos and glittering blips beautifully reimagine 8-bit nostalgia in the dancefloor setting. Bright pulse wave arpeggios, mangled saw stabs, and a throbbing groove deliver a sanguine firestorm of Chiptune energy.

    With a stand-out emphasis on sound design and beautifully morphing synth patterns, ‘Limitless’ explores the boundaries of synthesis – or lack thereof – in a stripped, dynamic, and overpoweringly melodic framework.

  • experience the artistry of #amapiano with musical invasion brought to you by DJ SHAUN101

  • Jsme FAJN. Jsme jako ty. Tedy snažíme se být jako ty :) Se vším co k tomu patří. Jsme tvoje rádio. Jsme FAJN.

  • Ostrý podcast o české i zahraniční hudební scéně. Komentujeme novinky a do hloubky rozebíráme vše kolem hudby. Jak to chodí v klubech a na festivalech, jaké zajímavé kapely jste minuli a co si myslíme o... No, vlastně o všem. Pusť to!

    Máte rádi Eurovizi a nemáte si o tom s kým popovídat? Nebo si nemáte o čem povídat se svými kamarády, protože nesledujete Eurovizi? V každém případě je tu pro vás náš podcast, ve kterém dva dlouholetí fanoušci Eurovision Song Contestu rozebírají aktuální i neaktuální dění okolo Eurovize a přidávají spoustu svých nevyžádaných názorů a komentářů.


  • Cali's ✯ HouseNation Radio Presented by Digital Audio Kingz
    Your House & Dance Music Station broadcasted live through our online radio partners in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Elektrona Radio) & uploaded as a podcast based out of Southern California, U.S.A. with National and International listeners. Join us weekly for new episodes along with worldwide invited guest DJs/Producers.
    If you listen to live airing on Elektrona, come back after 60 minutes and check out our brand new after hours.
    Hour 1: New Episodes of CHNR w/ Nocturne in the Mix + CHNR After Hours
    Hour 2: New Worldwide Guest Mixes
    Keeping Southern California locked since February 2012, CHNR was born in 2018 from Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A..

    During the years of 2013 - 2016, Nocturne (known as DJ Turiz at the time) was resident DJ for a Los Angeles radio station that would dedicate a show to Electronic music late Saturday nights/Sunday mornings. Nocturne would play genres such as House, Dance, Big Room (EDM) and Trance. In 2017, the FM station changed its music programming and Super Estrella After Hours ended in the beginning of 2017.

    It was during the year of 2017 that a new idea would blossom to feature a new show dedicated to House & Dance music. During the Winter of 2017, CHNR was created by making one mixtape. From that one mixtape, CHNR would later become a monthly show for several months in 2018. After only 4 episodes, CHNR took a hiatus for the remaining part of the year.

    In 2019, Digital Audio Kingz + Calis HouseNation Radio would team up with a UK Based online radio station to have a 2 hour Bi-weekly show. CHNR by design has always been 60 minutes. Needing to fill that second hour of programming, D.A.K. developed the idea to feature a guest mixer.
    In April of 2019, Cali's HouseNation Radio would make it's return with Episode 005 to an International audience as a 2 hour bi-weekly show.
    As we entered a new decade in 2020, DJ Turiz created the alias Nocturne to mix & produce Electronic music. It was also in the beginning of 2020 that CHNR would become a podcast and would be available to a new international audience. The pandemic allowed the show to blossom and after a few months into 2020, the show would become a weekly mixshow. Also, during the Summer of 2020 we packed our bags and headed south to our second home since 2007 to San Diego CA, U.S.A.

    In the Fall of 2022, CHNR would become a syndicated program with an online radio station in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the Spring of 2023, CHNR joined forces with the UK Powerhouse known as Data Transmission to broadcast 2 shows a month. For dates and time in your zone, please visit

  • El Podcast sobre la Gestión, promoción y mercadeo de proyectos musicales independientes.

  • A fan made Taylor Swift podcast in which we break down her lyrics, deep dive into full album retrospectives and theorise about what may be coming next.
    New episode every other Tuesday! Stay tuned for bonus episodes, announced on our Instagram (@swiftlyspokenpodcast)

  • Billion Dollar Record Club is a music collector's investment podcast by and for complete idiots. Join JD Ryznar, David B Lyons, Hunter Stair, and "Hollywood" Steve Huey as they attempt to make their record collections more valuable by taking a low-priced record and working to make its price skyrocket. Each week, the hosts will present an album that has been underloved, underappreciated, and undervalued and through fun facts, deep research, lyrical analysis, and sophomoric banter, convince collectors that the album is worth one billion dollars.

  • No daddy podcast je pořad zabývající se hudebním a kulturním životem mladých lidí. Kombinace talentovaného a nadějného Zdeňka s cílevědomou a netolerantní Kateřinou vytváří projekt mapující kulturní a hudební svět od dob vládnutí krále Klacka do současnosti.

  • This podcast does one thing and one thing only: It determines whether songs are "yacht rock" or "nyacht rock." "Hollywood" Steve Huey, David Lyons, JD Ryznar, and Hunter Stair, the team that coined the genre "yacht rock" with their legendary webseries, rate curated and listener-suggested tracks on the highly-accurate Yachtski Scale to build out the playlist of certified yacht rock songs. Their analysis employs a precise scientific method that involves a deep well of musical knowledge, impeccably trained ears, sophomoric banter, and, most impressively, uses a spreadsheet algorithm to add scores & divide them by four. This may sound intimidating but fear not! The hosts let you in on their decades-long friendship and make you feel like part of the team. Can you guess how they'll rate each song? The more you listen, the better you'll get.

  • The Ambient Vault is produced by Brian Everett Miller and features extended versions of his album tracks and live performances, as well as contributions from selected guest musicians. Each episode contains uninterrupted ambient music and soundscapes perfect for relaxation, meditation, sleep, studying, creative work, or contemplating the universe.

  • Die grosse 2h DISCO DICE Radioshow! Die SPUTNIK DISKO, aller zwei Wochen! Fuer noch mehr Disco Dice, gibt es ausserdem noch die monatliche DISCO DICE SHOW auf iTunes!

  • Join DJ Aikhan for The Hardside every Tuesday 8-10pm Pacific Time on Bringin the latest and greatest across the Drum and Bass spectrum. contact [email protected] for inquiries.

    Now it's as easy as tuning in to the latest episode from your smart speaker (i.e. Alexa play The Hardside from Apple Podcasts)!!!

  • COVID-19 really threw a wrench in our world, literally! All of our lives have changed and we have been trying to figure out ways to maintain our sanity, maintain our relationships, and on top of that keep making music and try to make a career out of it. The old rules for carving out a career in classical music are no longer feasible or lucrative. We have to be creative not only artistically, but business savvy as well. So how the hell do you do that?! No really, how?!

    If you’re feeling the weight of uncertainty and misdirection, whether, in your personal or professional life, you will find solace in knowing that your peers and colleagues are not the avatars you see on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. They are real people too. With real troubles and challenges. We are all trying to figure out how to keep a level head and earn a living as musicians. So let’s talk about it.

    Join me as I interview friends and colleagues in search of a career in classical music.

  • I sesong tre av Notodden Bluespod gir programlederne Åste Kristine Sandvik Hammer og Kristine Løvflaten Koslung deg bakgrunnsinformasjon om sju ulike artister - sånn at du kan være ekstra godt forberedt til årets festival. Sesong tre er stappfull av funfacts og bakgrunnsinfo om artister, scener, merch og mat.

  • Urbanite (Eduardo Ruelas)
    CA Based, Producer - DJ
    House, Garage, Techno, Drum & Bass, + more.

    Founder - Label Manager of
    @12InchesDeep - Hot Dime Recordings

    Releases on:
    @12InchesDeep - Hot Dime (US)
    @NoiseRevolt (US)
    @2tuf4u (UK)
    @lowrecordings (US)
    @nalmmusic (US)
    @lisztomaniarec (RU)
    @goodluckpenny (US)
    @vuewrecordings (US/MX)
    @mad-recordings (FR)
    @pogo-house-rec [Smashing Trax] (UK)
    @grngld (US)
    @housesaladmusic (MX)

    All inquiries are welcomed, email: [email protected]