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  • Created to share some of my favorite bedtime stories read in Spanish by my mom. At the end of each episode we leave you with new words to add to your Spanish vocabulary. Support this podcast:

  • Join Heidi Hamilton, creator of the Dogmanship Training Academy, for dog training tips that will help you improve your dogs behaviour and training every week.
    Why? Because a trained dog means less frustration for the owner and more joy and freedom for the dog!

  • Relax With Animal Facts is a podcast that takes you on an adventure through the animal kingdom while helping you unwind and find some peace; it's the perfect podcast for explorers of any age.

    Join Stefan Wolfe, a lover of all critters, as he brings you fascinating facts about our furry, scaly, and slimy friends from every corner of the globe. From lush rainforests in South America to icy tundras in Antarctica—adventure awaits.

    In each episode, you'll learn captivating stories about their behaviors, habitats, and incredible adaptations. Whether it's diving into the depths with majestic whales or unraveling the secrets behind a mischievous monkey's antics, each episode is carefully crafted to soothe and spark curiosity within. Snuggle up in your comfiest chair and grab some tea, chamomile preferably.

    One more thing: not only will you become an animal trivia expert, but you'll also learn valuable relaxation techniques along the way. You'll find that there's no better combination towards relaxation.

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  • Sydney Sloth's slow Bible storytelling is perfect for bedtime. Calm anxiety and pray a bible story. Stories coincide with the readings from the Revised Common Lectionary, so they can be used to prepare for Sunday or to reflect on what you heard in church the previous week. Close your eyes and settle in. Use your imagination to enter into the story and make it prayer. Don't be afraid to fall asleep while you pray the story. There is no better way to fall asleep than while talking with God.

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  • Hi 大家好 ~ 我是Elsa媽咪


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  • Fast facts for curious kids! Tune in for daily discoveries as we celebrate curiosity and explore interesting facts about history, science, and more in 5 minutes or less.

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  • 孩子要如何實踐宣教使命?






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  • 育有兩個寶貝的全職媽媽,閒聊姐弟成長的生活時光。

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  • Attention is in short supply these days, yet it is important to executive function and doing well in school and overall life success. Hosted by Jeff Coleman, this is a show for teachers and parents who want to learn more about attention and what we can do to help our children be more successful in school and life.

  • |每人一個教養故事|




  • Giving shy people a voice. If we shy people stay quiet and hide away then the only voices are loud ones. Tune in for interviews with shy people who are making it big, and for tips and idea on how to be shy and mighty.

  • We look into teen culture every week to help parents and faith leaders have meaningful conversations with Gen Z.

  • 主播張瓊方和張懷慈,兩個個性截然不同的好友,唯一的共同點是有著隱藏版的搞笑性格和想法,但行動力超低,有趣的想法都只愛講講亂聊;經歷了人生許多大小事之後,兩人決定這次不再只是講講,而是要把親身經歷拿出來大家分享交流,包括職場、愛情、婚姻、育兒,不同的人生過程碰撞出獨特火花,給聽眾不一樣的女性觀點!



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  • 出版社:米奇巴克

  • Ce podcast s'adresse aux enfants et à leurs parents.
    Vous suivrez les aventures de Marceau et Valéry, deux petits français expatriés. Il y aura des épisodes sur ce qui fait leur quotidien, sur leurs rencontres amicales venant de tous pays ou bien encore des découvertes comme la sophrologie.
    Très bonne écoute!

  • Ever wondered what life would be like if you found another dog every time you went outside? Join Boonie Babies cofounders Grace and Aria Keilbach for a glimpse into life on the island of Saipan accidentally running a non-profit dog rescue as two young, 20 something sisters. Learn how to embrace the chaos in your own life through the stories, laughs, and tears shared. Support this podcast:

  • Welcome to Model Minority Moms where we reckon with the myth of success in career, family and life. We’re Jeanette, Kate, and Susan - Harvard classmates and Asian American working moms who get real about the pressures of fitting in while standing out.

    Model Minority Moms is a project of Real Life Media LLC.

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