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  • Straight to the point fitness advice to improve yourself and become better with no nonsense online personal trainer Brock Ashby.

  • Edukativni podcast za stomatologe i studente. Podcast je u formi intervjua koji vodi dr Jovana Lazarević.

  • Podcast Bez pauze je nastavak bloga i projekta Life Without Pause, s jedinom željom da kroz razgovor sa izvanrednim gostima približi ideje o boljim verzijama življenja kroz aktivan život, proširivanjem životnih mogućnosti i širenjem dobrih vibracija.

  • Life, it's all about surprise's, little happiness, somewhat failures, enjoyment of success,self love ❤️

  • The Compete Mentality Podcast will host basketball coaches, players, and trainers from all around the state of Indiana, country, and world. The mission of The Compete Mentality Podcast is to motivate, educate, and lead others in their faith, basketball and personal journey to #compete. Our definition of competing is “doing what God is calling you to do even when it is hard.” No matter what area of life it is in we are all called to #compete.

  • The State of Health is the podcast where patients put healthcare decision makers, thought leaders, and policy makers in the hot seat.Hosted by Gunnar Esiason, a patient advocate living with cystic fibrosis, The State of Health gives listeners a front row seat to patient advocacy. Gunnar's three decades of surviving inside the American healthcare system has given him a front row seat to the complexities that make health care delivery so challenging. The State of Health will unravel these complexities through conversations with politicians, industry leaders, and, of course, career patients. There are two kinds of episodes.The first is “Three Questions.” The rules are simple. Gunnar challenges the guest with three questions, and then the role of interviewer will flip half way through the show. At that point Gunnar have to answer three questions about the patient experience.The other kind of episode is a “deep dive,” where Gunnar and his guests will take a close look at the fractures inside the healthcare system.Let's talk about the State of Health.

  • A brain tumour diagnosis is a traumatic and life-changing event, resulting in altered priorities as part of a “new normal” way of life for a patient and their family. In this series we’ll be meeting some of those working in the field of neuro-oncology, the people who support patients and their families and those who’ve been told they have a brain tumour. We’ll learn how brain tumours have affected all of these people, often in surprising ways.

    Welcome to….

    A Brain Tumour and Me – a journey of inspiration, personal stories and hope.

  • In these episodes we dive deep into the challenging aspects of life, in the pursuit of making some sense of this thing we call life. Our concept is to have an open discussion with the public that offers a variety of viewpoints and approaches to any topic we delve into. It also allows us to hear questions and experiences from every day walk of life from our listeners and we then share them live on the show. On occasion we will have guests with specific knowledge join in by invitation to widen our topics. You will also find that we will treat more metaphysical and esoteric subjects as well as the ones more towards mindfulness.

    We will also try to bridge the polarisation that exists in society today. The only way that we see this being done is by being role models and showing up in public as such. You can expect to hear guests of opposing views having civil and compassionate discord during these episodes. This is what we feel is needed at every level of society today and less of the fear mongering that goes on.

    We strive to help our listeners to live their lives as the optimal versions of themselves, that is our calling and our mission. Enjoy! To learn more about us please visit https://www.thealchemyexperience.co.uk/

  • Podcast Anise Šerak i Digitalnog doma kulture iz Sarajeva bavi se promocijom nauke i naučnih saznanja i širenjem kolektivnog znanja.
    Razgovaramo o vrlo ozbiljnim temama na drugačiji, razumljiviji način...o fizičkom i mentalnom zdravlju, psihologiji, nauci, obrazovanju, modernoj umjetnosti, kulturi, književnosti, sportu…
    U našim epizodama možete čuti neobične priče o običnim ljudima. Tu smo da zajedno razvijamo kritičko mišljenje, širimo kolektivno znanje, pričamo o pismenosti i nepismenosti, o kulturi i nekulturi, o nauci i pseudonauci, o umjetnosti i o esencijalnoj važnosti nauke i kritičkog razmišljanja za fizičku i mentalnu dobrobit pojedinaca i pojedinki, zajednica i cijelog društva.

    Ako ste otvorenog uma, spremni na prikupljanje novih saznanja, želite čuti drugo i drugačije mišljenje, onda ste na pravom mjestu da zajedno sa nama pomognete da širimo kolektivno znanje kako bi informirali i inspirirali nove generacije.

    Anisa Šerak je magistra farmacije i MBA Cotrugli Business School sa 15-togodišnjim iskustvom u internacionalnoj farmacetskoj industrijii i još dužim novinarskim iskustvom voditeljice na radiju i TV, te BH magazinima Dani i Gracija.

    Ekipa Kolektiva znanja:
    Produkcija: Digitalni dom kulture
    Organizacija: Anisa Šerak
    Kamera/montaža: Alen Vejzagić
    Audio: Alan Omerović
    Digitalni dom kulture : www.dedeka.ba
    Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrEV82iPNs9D21EsvMGJcLA
    Web: www.dedeka.ba
    YT kanal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrEV82iPNs9D21EsvMGJcLA
    Pratite nas na društvenim mrežama:
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  • Your daily public health briefing with the latest news from the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO).

  • Trail runners talk freely about almost anything while we're out running. The stories we share can be deeply personal, embarrassing, and profound . . . and sometimes all of these qualities rolled into one.

    One thing we have in common is a drive to keep moving forward. "Relentless forward progress" is the advice given to anyone trying to run their first ultramarathon. No matter what happens, keep moving forward until you finish or can't go any farther.
    Some people say that life is a marathon not a sprint. But I think life is an ultramarathon.
    The stories you will hear on this podcast should inspire you to go after your own epic adventures and keep moving forward to your goals.

    The early episodes of this podcast were recorded on a weekly Facebook LIVE at The Ultramarathon Mindset Facebook page.

  • #WithChude is a special series of targeted multimedia (videos, podcasts, newsletters, events) conversations and investigations that leverage the voice, networks, and passions of its host, Chude Jideonwo, to underline social issues and raise social consciousness.

    Focused on narratives that enable and strengthen the mind, heart, and spirit, #WithChude has been at the frontline of movements around sexual abuse, depression, divorce, HIV/AIDs, shame amongst other issues, and continues to break new ground – unsettling establishments, holding space for the less powerful, and resetting society’s attitudes on diversity, inclusiveness, and acceptance.

    #WithChude is a project of YNaija TV in partnership with Joy, Inc.

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  • Welcome to That Healing Feeling.

    Faith is a patient empowerment coach and biohacking expert who has created the first ever comprehensive patient advocacy framework that has helped thousands of women across the globe hack the system and heal from their chronic symptoms. Her mission is to empower people to take their healing into their own hands and move the needle forward with mindset, lifestyle, environmental, and nutritional changes.

  • If you’re a woman who thinks "eating less” is the answer to losing weight, or that you have to choose between donuts and wine or a body you love, then the Vanessa G Fitcast, hosted by Vanessa Gillette and Omar Pozos, is for you.

    Vanessa is CEO and head coach of Vanessa G Fitness & Nutrition, an online health and wellness coaching company known for helping women create bodies they love through functional, science-based nutrition and training.

    We are FED UP with diet culture giving bad advice on how to eat and exercise, so this podcast’s mission is to bring you REAL, actionable information so you can start transforming your body.

    The short weekly episodes will motivate you, inspire you, and enlighten you.

    Fat loss is simpler than you realize - hit subscribe to find out.

  • Why does living seem so complicated? Maybe we can change that.From advanced nutrition to spiritual development, we're here to go deep and explore the reaches of human life.We're taking learning to a new level of enjoyment, so don't be surprised when you're in public and burst out laughing, it happens to the best of us.If you get hooked, it would mean the world if you review the podcast below and share it with others!Also, check out the website https://www.thevytllife.com/ you can also follow us on Instagram @thevytllife.Contact us via email: luke@thevytllife.comThank you! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thevytllife/support

  • Jacquline Adan has always struggled with her weight, body image, and her relationship with food. After hitting rock bottom when she got stuck in a turnstile, in her favorite place in the world, Disneyland. She found herself weighing over 500 pounds and turned her life around by losing more than 300 pounds. She achieved this remarkable feat by changing her diet and starting to exercise. Kevin has been with Jacqueline through it all, from the struggles of her weighing over 500 pounds to the ups and downs of her 300-pound weight loss journey. Through candid conversations with each other and with special guests the Never Too Late to Fly podcast will journey down the paths of life's struggles, love's hardships, and the importance of never giving up on your goals. Jacqueline and Kevin hope that their conversations encourage everyone to live the life that they have always dreamed of and remember, it is never too late to fly.

  • Welcome to the Whimsy + Wellness Podcast - your happy place for health!

    Join people-lover and wellness-enthusiast Meg Ryan for weekly heart centered conversations that will leave you feeling empowered and believed in to live your happiest and healthiest life possible.

    Diving deep into topics on holistic health and wellness, essential oils, crystals, mental health, stress, nutrition, sleep, self-improvement, and more, the Whimsy + Wellness Podcast is sure to be your go-to podcast for all things wellness!

    We hope this show is a soft landing space for you to grow, learn, and even laugh right alongside us. Cheers to a little more whimsy!

  • Mindstories is a fascinating podcast focused on unraveling the many forms of psychological therapeutic intervention. Covering medication management, established & alternative therapies, & women’s mental health, our expert guests share highly informative & valuable information.

    Mindstories is hosted by Dr. Josephine McNary, a Stanford / Tulane / UCLA-trained Psychiatrist. In her practice, CalPsychiatry, she & her team focus on women’s mental health, mood & anxiety disorders, ADD, PTSD & addiction.

  • Neville Lancelot Goddard, generally known as Neville, was an American author who wrote on the Bible, mysticism, and self-help. This podcast features a collection of his most popular lectures.

  • Hope for people caught in controlling relationships. Why do I feel so lost? This series describes the personality profiles on both sides and the dynamics of their interactions. It explains where these patterns originate and how they are perpetuated. Advice is offered on how to turn things around, regain self-confidence and find love, connection and a sense of purpose.