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  • 出體king 愦灭;amp; 積淇離岸神[由靈開始] 主持: 出體king/積淇離岸神 由靈開始,一個陪著你進入夢鄉的節目

  • Every morning, the team of women behind bring you a devotional and prayer through your favorite podcast app to help you start your day in conversation with God.

  • Militarized Training for Pastors and Church Workers.

  • Charmed Life is a live Internet radio/video broadcast focusing on spirituality, wellness, metaphysics, magic, Gaia love and the unconditional love of the Universe! Your host, Tricia Carr – Medium, Animal Communicator and Energy Healer – interviews experts such as authors, healers and consciousness teachers. Additionally, we take live calls from the audience to answer spiritual questions and to offer readings and advice.

  • 《認識聖經》普通話節目,是'認識聖經'全球聖經教導事工的一部份。這一系列的節目是由麥基博士設計的,至今已被翻譯成超過100種語言和方言。這是個每天30分鐘的廣播節目,旨在帶領聽眾有系統地查考整本聖經。現在您也可以在網上聽到這系列的節目。為著您願意開始收聽、學習上帝的話語,我們獻上感恩,並建議您在接下來的五年內,每週週一至週五,每天至少收聽一個節目。如果您這麼做,將可在五年內查完整本聖經。

  • 【佛学必读】最全面的佛教哲学笔记 佛言:“吾有正法眼付嘱摩诃迦叶” 玄沙师备言:“但识取金刚眼睛,定世界,盖乾坤,不漏丝发” “但识自身.....不逐五蕴境界,自得超脱” 为什么要继续加字。非得加满100个字才算完善了标签。 程序员的脑子是怎么想的,非要写这么多介绍吗? 踏莎行·山居 朝锁烟霏,暮凝空翠 千峰迥立层霄外。 阴晴变化百千般,丹青难写天然态。 人住山中,年华频改。 山花落尽山长在。 浮生一梦几多时,有谁得似青山耐。 山居诗八首 柴门虽设未尝关, 闲看幽禽自往还。 白璧易埋千载憾, 万金难买一生闲。 雪消晓嶂闻寒瀑, 叶落秋林见远山。 古柏烟销清昼永, 是非不到白云间。 山厨寂寂断炊烟, 冻锁泉声欲雪天。 面壁老僧无定力, 又思乞食到人间。 天湖水湛琉璃碧, 霞雾山围锦障红。 触目本来成现事, 何须叉手问禅翁。 赠无敌 眼空湖海气凌云, 杰出丛林思不群。 古往今来谁是我? 得饶人处且饶人。

  • Your host, Richard Padilla, sits down with his straight friends to have raw, honest conversations on how the Christian Church can practically meet the needs of those who struggle with homosexuality. Through learning about and practicing the 4 T's, Touch, Time, Transparency, and Teamwork, the church can be a place of deep friendship, love, hope and healing.

  • I hope you enjoy these engaging and fun Bible stories. We will learn through captivating stories while using our imagination. My hope is that your kids love them and that the application section helps you sow seeds that can be watered and grow into something beautiful in your children. The Bible teaches that "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:27. May your children hear the word through these enjoyable podcasts. While you're driving to the grocery store, preschool, or attempting to cook a meal as your toddler runs circles around you, let your little ones have a good time listening. Here is an opportunity to decrease screen time while still teaching and entertaining your child. Let their imaginations run wild with informative yet wondrous Bible stores. May hearing these words inspire you and your family. Enjoy!

  • The weekly teaching from The Refuge, the college service at The Chapel on the Campus, located at Louisiana State University. For more information, check out

  • Thinking Out Loud is podcast for Christians who want to welcome difficult conversations. Every other Thursday, Nathan Rittenhouse and Cameron McAllister will discuss these timely issues and draw from their experience as frontline apologists to show how Scripture addresses all of our most pressing cultural concerns.

  • 歡迎免費線上收聽、下載信息MP3,或訂閱每日廣播隨身收聽新舊約生命讀經

  • 章伯斯這本經典的靈修作品堅持救贖的客觀性與真理性,提醒我們信仰的根基和經歷神的同在的意義。這些都藏在這本充滿古舊信息的靈修作品中,也顯示在十字架上帶著釘痕的手上,每一天把我們帶到神的面前,使我們心靈得醫治,生命得動力。 Email:

  • ธรรมะบรรยาย โดยหลวงพ่อพุธ ฐานิโย วัดป่าสาลวัน อ.เมือง จ.นครราชสีมา :
    เช่น การบริหารจิต, การปฏิบัติดีปฏิบัติชอบเป็นวิธีการดับไฟนรก, การปฏิบัติธรรมเพื่อความเป็นพุทธ, การละกิเลสด้วย ศีล สมาธิ ปัญญา, จิตหลุดพ้น เหนือบุญเหนือบาป, ทุกข์ และ มหาสติ, นิมิต และ วิปัสสนา, บริกรรมภาวนา และกำหนดรู้ ฯลฯ

  • 错综复杂的世界,一枚八卦就可诠释。 《易经》将世界抽象为“乾、坤、离、坎、震、巽、艮、兑”几个意象,配以五行、时空,生出无穷变化。“天地定位,山泽通气,雷风相薄。”《易经》里的“变”大气磅礴,无处不在。事无常,但有理,把握了规律,就掌握了事态发展的方向。 南先生的解读深入浅出,趣味十足。“要找一个人坐轿子,慢慢抬他,蛮有意思的,抬到最后大家都成功了。” 。“人在跌倒时,就原来跌倒的姿势,在地上稍停一下,一点都不要动,静一下后,慢慢起来,生命的本能恢复了,不会受伤。”。“马喜欢走逆风,牛喜欢走顺水。”

  • Mike and Joy Connell are the Senior Pastors at Bay City Outreach Centre, Hastings, New Zealand.

    They moved to Hastings from Dannevirke in 1985 to pioneer their first church and have been in ministry now for over 25 years and pioneered 5 other churches.
    An internationally recognized teacher of the Word, Pastor Mike moves powerfully in prophetic, deliverance and inner healing gifts. His strong love and sensitivity for God and His people have enabled him to minister and bring great healing to the hurt and broken. A man full of the Spirit and faith, Pastor Mike will open and take you to another level of spiritual encounters with God.

    He is sought after all over the world to bring teaching and great moves of God. He has standing yearly appointments teaching in international Bible Schools and impacting many of the worlds leaders in conventions and business conferences.

    Mike has a heart for people and is able to bring a wonderful balance of humour, compassion and truth to his teaching messages. Mike's annointed messages are ones that have affected the hearts of people worldwide.

    Mike & Joy have seven children and are also very proud grandparents. They both believe in strong family values and this is obvious when you meet them.

    Mike & Joy have a unique commitment to pursuing what God would have for their lives and continue to travel the globe ministering to broken hearted people and showing them God's love. Their love of laughter and positive attitudes to life make them dynamic people.

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    This private podcast was created to give you the edge in every area of your life, most importantly your health!

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