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  • I’m Matt Maruca, and this is The Light Diet podcast! After struggling with health issues as a young kid, I’ve spent nearly half my life seeking to understand how our bodies work in order to achieve optimal health.

    On my journey, I learned about little-known Western research from expert scientists confirming that our bodies are electromagnetic in nature, meaning that we are truly beings of light, and our body’s functions are controlled by light. This research opens the doors to an entirely new and deeper understanding of previously misunderstood Ancient Eastern wisdom about health, energy, and wellness.

    As the saying goes, heaven and hell have the same address: half way between our right and left ears. My goal is to travel the world and learn from leading Western Experts and Eastern Masters all of the things that we can do in our time on this earth to live in the states of bliss, flow, and love that everyone has experienced, but we have been taught to believe are only accessible under special circumstances.

    Achieving optimal health and self-realization in the modern world involves more than just diets of our food and exercise. It requires a new relationship with Light, externally and internally.

    Welcome to The Light Diet!

  • Imaginable Futures and UNICEF present Learning to Overcome, a podcast series that features discussions with educators, innovators and entrepreneurs on strategies for ensuring equitable access to quality remote learning and supporting students’ well-being through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.During its peak, around 1.5 billion children and young people—or 91% of students worldwide—had been impacted by COVID-19. As the pandemic continues, schools around the world have had to delay opening this fall or implement a remote learning strategy. This abrupt shift has disrupted learning and upended lives, especially among the most vulnerable and marginalized communities. Still, real-time responses during and after COVID-19 can provide catalytic opportunities to take a collective leap forward towards providing more inclusive and equitable quality education for all children. This time also unearths challenges we need to overcome to ensure children can continue learning.

  • Psiaudo buitinė filosofija audio blogo formate.www.buitinisfilosofas.ltPATREON PARAMA: Support this podcast:

  • 31 Diena podcastas yra apie ėjimą link savo svajonių gyvenimo — kaip žengti tą žingsnį, kuris padės tobulėti ir priartėti prie geriausios savo versijos?

    Tai pokalbiai apie asmeninį tobulėjimą, produktyvumą, įpročius, rutinas ir, žinoma, emocinę sveikatą.

    Vedėjos — Simona (@simonacym) ir Karina (@karina.lenko).

  • Pagrindinė šių laidų prielaida yra ta, kad daugelį sąvokų vartojame nesąmoningai, t.y. negalvodami apie tai, ką jos reiškia, kokiomis jos aplinkybėmis atsirado, kaip keitėsi ir ką jos reiškia dabar. Tinklalaidės metu pabandysiu paklausti žmonių, tyrinėjančių vieną ar kitą temą, kaip jie suvokia ir galėtų paaiškinti mano pasirinktas sąvokas. Šių laidų tikslas – pabandyti praskaidrinti mūsų visų suvokimą apie svarbias politines ir socialines idėjas tam, kad galėtume vartoti žodžius labiau sąmoningai.

  • Lietuviškos audio knygos privalomųjų autorių moksleiviams, klasikos ir moderniosios populiariosios literatūros.

  • On the All About Boating podcast, we discuss everything and anything related to boating. The show intends to be educational and fun for novice and experienced boaters alike. So come aboard and join us on our boating adventure.

  • Welcome to TheMedicalGeeks Podcast. Join our rapidly growing community to help you get to medical school in the most effective and affordable way possible.

  • This podcast is all about the journey. The journey of self-discovery, the journey to reach our highest potential and the journey to understand the nature of our reality.

    Join me as we discuss: Human potential, The power of the mind, The nature of consciousness, Supernatural phenomena and much more.

  • The ESL Academy Podcast is designed for intermediate and advanced English language students who wish to next level their learning to make more money

  • Channel the mindset warrior in you with InnerSpartan Unleashed, a podcast with a mission to help you achieve your best life.

  • Join me and my inspirational guests on The Sonya Morton Firth Show. I will be delving deep into the minds of Entrepreneurs, Disruptors, Mavericks, Leaders and people that want to change the world by telling their amazing stories.

  • Путеводитель по счастливой жизни для гомосексуала. Ведущие подкаста — Милослав Чемоданов и Ренат Давлетгильдеев.

  • This podcast provides skills and insights into how grad students can reduce headwind and drag in their graduate studies, by more effectively collaborating with their advisor, and improving their approach to the work, regardless of their field of study

  • Laida be glamūro, rožinių pūkučių ir tobulų Instagramo gyvenimų. Drąsa daryti netobulai ir judėti pirmyn. Priimti save, kai susimovus norisi prasmegti skradžiai žemę. Apie tokius spalvotus ir netobulai tobulus žmones yra ši laida. Kalbinsiu įvairius paprastus žmones, norėdama perduoti Tau žinutę: "Tu esi ne vienas, visi mes netobuli, visi mes susimaunam!" Pasikalbėkim apie klaidas, pasimokykim iš jų ir neriam toliau į nuostabiai įvairų pasaulį toliau klysti ir toliau judėti pirmyn!

  • CATALYST is about pivotal moments that shape business and the global economy. We tap into the expertise of Temple University’s Fox School of Business faculty and business community to dig deep into today’s most pressing questions, like: What is the future of work? Will the WTO stop working? Who is winning the global AI race? We decode topics from philosophical and practical standpoints so you, the workforce, can spark change in your field.

  • Welcome to the Coffee With Mirko podcast, hosted by entrepreneur and coffee lover Mirko Bonmassar. On this podcast you'll find a mix of live interviews with coffee people as well as keynote speeches, self improvement and life experiences. The goal is to help in any way, as many people as possible.

  • Money, Honestly. is a monthly series that explores the financial turning points of being a young adult. Whether it's student loans, credit cards, or overcoming the coronavirus pandemic.