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  • Nonprofits are important advocates on issues critical to every community, but sometimes the rules and regulations of advocacy can be barriers to entry. In Rules of the Game, Bolder Advocacy attorneys at Alliance for Justice use real examples to demystify these laws to help 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) nonprofits be bolder advocates, whether holding elected officials accountable, educating candidates, engaging voters, or lobbying for policy change.

  • Desprovido de conceito, full of essência.Todas as segundas <3

  • Welcome to Evolve Leadership, the podcast dedicated to empowering high-achieving leaders to reach new heights of success, without sacrificing happiness. Hosted by one of America's top executive coaches, Angus Nelson, founder of Evolve Leadership, will dive deep into the world of personal and professional growth, providing invaluable insights, strategies, and inspiration for men who strive for greatness.

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    Because leadership is important, in each episode, we explore the unique challenges faced by leaders today – tech disruptors, startup founders, digital innovators, global investors, leading executives, sustainability champions, health-tech pioneers, visionary mavericks, and trailblazing entrepreneurs. We understand that these leaders are titans, generals, and visionaries who constantly seek what's next and possess the battle scars of success.

    Through captivating interviews with industry leaders, expert analysis, and thought-provoking discussions, Evolve Leadership unlocks the secrets to how to be a good leader: overcome obstacles, optimize mindset, and achieve peak performance. Whether you're looking to enhance your entrepreneurial journey, boost your executive presence, or improve work-life balance, this podcast provides the tools and inspiration to help you unleash the untapped potential within.

    Join us on this transformative journey as we explore topics such as effective leadership, personal development, goal setting, mindfulness, productivity hacks, self-mastery, and much more. It's time to break free from limitations, shatter your own ceilings, and become the influential leader you were meant to be.

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  • Casas à parte, existem os profissionais. Pessoas que lidam com pessoas diariamente. Peças fundamentais num processo tão importante como a compra e venda de casa.

    Por trás do profissional, existes tu, profissional do ramo imobiliário.

  • Are you a dreamer who's always seeking out new adventures and epic travel experiences? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to forge your own path in life? Join our host, Christina McEvoy, as she explores the intersection of travel, entrepreneurship, and self development. Christina is a “travelpreneur” who has built a multiple six-figure business from travel content creation and coaching others how to get paid to travel. Each week, Christina shares practical tips and advice for those looking to build their own online creative businesses, while also enriching their lives through travel and personal growth. Whether you're a travel creative, aspiring or seasoned entrepreneur, digital nomad, or just a travel lover, you'll get plenty of valuable insights and inspiration in this podcast. If you're ready to take your life and your business to the next level, hit that subscribe button and join Christina on this exciting journey of growth and discovery!

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/maxim-kaluzhny/subscribeThe aim is simple, to get rich and retire as quickly as I can, to have financial freedom, and to build multiple income streams that will allow me to live the life I want to live. Money cannot buy you happiness, but money can buy you things that make you happy......what is more important, the pursuit of happiness. By being consistent, determined and relentless, I have tried and tested almost every online business money making opportunity there is, and try everything and anything to build and grow wealthy and prosperity. If you love side hustles, and making money, than stay tuned!

  • Subscribe to learn tactics and strategies from some of the world's most successful Shopify entrepreneurs and digital specialists.
    Hosted by Ty Chapman, a marketing strategist who's helped scale brands to over $10 million p/yr and recently co-founded Shopify App MonsterUpsells.

  • Podcast com conteúdo exclusivo e autoral de Bruno Miranda, um dos maiores especialistas em pequenos negócios do Brasil. Aqui Bruno fala sobre empreendedorismo, inovação e marketing pra você que deseja estar sempre atualizado e antenado ao mercado!

  • O podcast da Comunidade Mulheres à Obra - uma plataforma de partilha e cooperação entre mulheres.

    O MAO PodTalks reúne entrevistas, debates e conversas sobre empreendedorismo feminino, com moderação da nossa parceira Liliana FM. É um palco privilegiado de partilha entre as mulheres da nossa comunidade, levando a todo o mundo lusófono a nossa voz.

    Aqui, todas as semanas, as empreendedoras encontram uma ferramenta valiosa de conexão, onde as suas histórias, dicas e conhecimentos são partilhados com outras mulheres interessadas em iniciar ou expandir os seus negócios.

    Juntem-se à nossa comunidade em www.facebook.com/groups/mulheresaobra

    Sigam-nos nas redes sociais em @mulheres.a.obra e em www.facebook.com/mulheresaobra.pt

    Visitem os nossos grupos de networking estruturado às segundas-feiras às 9h30 e/ou às terças-feiras às 18h30 pelo email [email protected] ou [email protected]

  • Podcast sobre la eficiencia energética en carpintería exterior de aluminio PVC y madera

    A través de él conoceremos a personas IMPRESCINDIBLES en el sector, aprenderemos de sus consejos y experiencias, sus puntos de vista, escucharemos sus opiniones.

    Entrevistas a los talleres que despuntan en el sector con obras y proyectos emblemáticos.
    Los comerciales más exitosos del sector.
    Instaladores comprometidos con la eficiencia energética
    Los técnicos que están revolucionando el sector innovando y desarrollando productos futuros.

  • Conheça as melhores dicas, métodos e processos para acelerar o seu negócio imobiliário.
    A informação indispensável para os consultores imobiliários 4.0.

    Agende uma mentoria de vendas para a sua equipa com um método criado pelo nosso instituto e num novo modelo de funil de vendas. Utilize os dados para crescer o seu negócio imobiliário.

  • Introducing How did you do that? A new podcast about people stepping off the traditional career path and going it alone.

    Though from different generations, co-hosts Simon and Gethyn have much in common, both making a recent leap into freelancing and navigating the stresses of going solo, the unknowns around starting your own business and the effort it takes to wrench yourself from our traditional career expectations.

    In S1 Simon and Gethyn reflect on their own journeys as well as interviewing others from their professional networks with similar and fascinating stories of their own.

  • The Startup Foundations is a podcast where we talk to founders and entrepreneurs who have launched startups. We have conversations around the hits and misses of navigating the startup world and building a successful company from the ground up. Join me, Greg Miaskiewicz, the host of the Startup Foundations podcast as we dissect topics affecting the startup community and share founders' stories of how they landed their first customers and raised their first checks from investors.

    Let the Startup Foundations podcast be the inspiration for your launch!

  • Podcast ”Personalidades da Comunicação”. Todas as semanas, Miguel Leitão apresenta entrevistas com grandes nomes da comunicação. Descubra os segredos do sucesso e as histórias inspiradoras que moldam o mundo empresarial através das palavras e estratégias dessas personalidades. Junte-se a nós e mergulhe no universo da comunicação!

  • HWA Media presents The Innit2gether Podcast hosted by Arma and Bardô.

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  • A Dra. Ana Correia, alter ego de Ana Markl que soa a doença venérea, atende ouvintes anónimos, celebridades ou pacientes fictícios que padeçam de qualquer condição física ou metafísica, do fémur rachado ao coração partido, e prescreve as melhores canções para aliviar maleitas.