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  • Harmonically Speaking is the podcast that meets high achievers from the field of music and gives listeners an insight into their lives.

    Hosted by clarinettist Macdara Ó Seireadáin each episode explores what sparked their passion, their career to date and their future plans, as well as challenges and setbacks they have faced along the way.

    With a wide range of guests from orchestral musicians and soloists, to conductors, administrators, instrument makers and more, this podcast aims to educate and inspire fellow musicians, aficionados and anyone who is curious about what a life in music really entails.

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  • This is Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League's (BREDL) Podcast where we discuss environmental issues that are right in our backyards. Topics include coal plants, fracking, pipelines, and much more. This podcast takes a deep dive into these topics and talks with people who are on the ground fighting for the health and safety of their communities as well as protection the planet.

  • I decide the theme and make a daily conversation between them. It is a short story about one minute.

  • Rawdah, a powerhouse known for her outspoken personality and never holding back, is launching a brand new podcast. In this series, she will explore various societal issues and offer listeners an intimate look at her guests like never before. Join Rawdah as she dives into thought-provoking conversations and unveils the true essence of her guests.

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  • This podcast features content for the modern ophthalmologists, including topics such as cataract and refractive surgery, glaucoma, and retinal disease, among others. Evolve’s podcasts help today's ophthalmologists stay current on important topics in an easy-to-access, on-demand format.

  • This is the podcast for entrepreneurs who want to make more impact and income and less time. I'm your host, Megan Wing, and throughout each episode, you will learn how to create the lifestyle and legacy you want as you grow!

  • Šios pasakos yra vienos už Lietuvos ribų gyvenančios mamos projektas. Jis išaugo stebint kaip kas vakarą prieš miegą su vaiku kuriamos pasakos skatina kalbos vystymąsi, nuoširdžius pokalbius apie kasdieninius vaikiškus rūpesčius ir atradimus, ir kaip stipriai tam tikros žinutės įsirėžia į vaikišką atmintį.

    Beredaguojant skaitomas liaudies pasakas ilganiui atsirado ir originalios. Atsižvelgiant į namuose girdimus pageidavimus dauguma pasakų apie gyvūnus. Jie kartais pamoko apie netikėtas draugystes, skirtumų šventimą, užuojautą, meilę sau ir kitiems.

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  • This podcast channel is for sharing short and interesting stories to kids .The stories are written and narrated by a kid! Many kids will love these stories. You can expect some new stories and known stories narrated differently.

  • Welcome to Concept to Care, the podcast where Angela Suthrave and Omar Mousa have conversations with a range of expert guests, including founders, product leaders, health tech operators, and investors to share candid stories of success and failure, dissect strategies, and delve into the nitty-gritty details that offer invaluable advice on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of health tech.

  • Подкаст о том, как наши решения, от изменения питания до смены работы или страны проживания, оказывают влияние на нашу жизнь.

    Я, Ирина Волощук, автор и ведущая подкаста, приглашаю в гости своих друзей, знакомых и экспертов в разных областях, чтобы поговорить о важных решениях в их жизни.

    Мои гости делятся своим опытом трансформации жизни, рассказывают уникальные истории поиска себя, переезда, запуска собственного проекта или бизнеса, делятся советами и вдохновляют на изменения.

    Здесь можно найти ответы на свои вопросы и увидеть мир глазами другого человека.

    Если вы хотите рассказать свою историю и стать героем подкаста, напишите мне: [email protected].

  • Welcome to the Spiritual Biz with Kimberly Maska podcast! This show is for spiritual entrepreneurs who want to learn how to step out with their spiritual gifts and create a thriving spiritual business so they can have an impact on the world… all while staying 100% true to their spiritual calling and serving at the highest level possible. This is an opportunity to learn from Kimberly Maska, international bestselling author, creator of the Spiritual Biz Coaching Certification Program and publisher of Spiritual Biz Magazine. Inside each episode, Kimberly shares her secrets and strategies that she implements for success with complete transparency. From “failures”, to how to maintain a 5D vibration while creating 3D success, to real life marketing game plans that you can implement today. Kimberly doesn’t hold back as she shares her journey in creating a 7-figure spiritual business that is shifting how people see money, spirituality and business.

  • Attorney Time is the new podcast from the business law firm Hawley Troxell that brings legal expertise to you. Curious about intellectual property? Are you an entrepreneur and starting your first business? Not sure what attorneys even do? Attorney Time covers a broad range of legal topics from Hawley Troxell’s team of experienced attorneys.

  • A selection of Shakespeare's poems from The Oxford Book of English Verse: 1250–1900. (Summary by Clarica)

  • Trying to keep sane through quarantine one book chapter at a time!

  • Here are some interesting facts about Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray:
    The novel was originally published as a short novella in Lippincott's Monthly Magazine in 1890, but it was heavily criticized by the magazine's editor for its immoral themes. Wilde was forced to revise and expand the novella into a full-length novel before it was published as a book in 1891.The novel was even more controversial after its publication as a book, and it was attacked by critics for its hedonism, homosexuality, and other subversive ideas. Wilde was eventually put on trial for gross indecency, and he was sentenced to two years in prison.The novel has been adapted into numerous films, television shows, and stage productions over the years. Some of the most notable adaptations include the 1945 film directed by Albert Lewin, the 1970 film directed by Tony Richardson, and the 2003 film directed by Oliver Parker.The novel has also been the subject of much scholarly analysis and interpretation. Some critics have seen it as a cautionary tale about the dangers of vanity and hedonism, while others have seen it as a celebration of art and beauty.The novel is full of interesting symbolism and imagery. For example, the portrait of Dorian Gray can be seen as a symbol of his conscience, while the locked attic where he keeps it can be seen as a symbol of his repressed desires.Here are some more specific interesting facts about the novel:
    The character of Lord Henry Wotton is based on Wilde's close friend, the philosopher and writer Walter Pater.The idea for the portrait that ages instead of the protagonist was inspired by a story Oscar Wilde heard about a youth who sold his soul to the devil.The novel was originally called "The Portrait of Mr. W.H.", but Wilde changed the title to avoid confusion with William Shakespeare's sonnets to a mysterious figure known as the Fair Youth.The novel's opening line, "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it", is one of the most famous and quoted lines in English literature.The novel's ending is ambiguous and has been the subject of much debate among critics and readers alike. Some believe that Dorian is killed by James Vane, the brother of the actress Sibyl Vane, while others believe that he commits suicide.The Picture of Dorian Gray is a complex and fascinating novel that continues to be relevant and thought-provoking today. It is a work of art that can be enjoyed on many levels, and it is sure to remain a classic of English literature for many years to come.

  • В детстве я любил слушать сказки и аудиокниги перед сном. Представлять волшебные миры и захватывающие приключения. Теперь я вырос и настало время отдавать долги...