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  • Podkāsts skolotājiem par skolotājiem, skolu, iedvesmu, mirkļiem, grūtiem un priecīgiem. Podkāsts kā pierādījums, ka Latvijā ir daudz lielisku pedagogu.

  • Dogcast is, as the name suggests, all about dogs!
    In this podcast Clare and her Tibetan terrier Archie travel the UK, a nation of dog lovers, to meet dogs out and about. They will walk with dogs, talk about them and to their humans. Big dogs, small dogs, and special celebrity guests’ dogs. It’s a celebration of all things canine!
    Join Clare Balding and Archie to hear powerful, funny and moving personal stories about the many ways’ dogs transform our lives. Plus expert advice and information about choosing a dog, better dog health, improved behaviour and how to live your BEST life with your four legged friend.
    Dogcast is supported by Bought By Many pet insurance.

  • The Music Podcast for Kids is a fun and educational podcast where we learn about the best subject ever....MUSIC!

  • Divorce is a life event that hits every aspect of your being: financial, emotional, physical, and mental. At Divorce University Online our mission is to give you the tools to navigate your divorce in a way that allows you to create the life of your dreams and helps you continue to succeed in your post-divorce challenges.

  • Awesome Autism Parents podcast will help you connect, feel free, and empowered as a parent. This podcast allows you to access support within a community to other parents that you can relate to. We used real parent feedback to shape this podcast which gives a unique and personal touch from you. Come join us with your hosts, Sara & Lindsay!

  • Are you living in a hormonal hothouse battling it out with your teens while the dog, cat and husband look on? You're not alone. 

    Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin have been editing glossy magazines for more than two decades, helping support women through all aspects of their busy lives. Between them the duo have six children, two dogs, one cat and two husbands. And this time, they’re the ones asking for help. 

    Join Lorraine and Trish as they consult the experts on parenting teenagers during the great midlife unravelling in this weekly podcast. Sharing their mid-life journeys, from the menopause to reinvention, and living with angst-ridden teens they cover it all. 

  • Life is messy! So let's get messy and talk about everything in life and how we don't always know what to do but we can have fun and get messy going through it together.

  • I had this picture in my head of what my life would look like. Let's just say you can't plan everything out! Support this podcast:

  • Every mother has a story to share. This podcast is a space for all kinds of mothers to tell their stories about pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and everything in between.

  • Classic Old Time Radio Shows, from the 30’s onwards, great classics that will be enjoyed by all

  • Parenting: Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast is a podcast dedicated to giving compassionate advice for all stages of life. Our conversations revolve around the entire special needs community including those with autism, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health issues and more.

    Parents and experts (and sometimes parents who are experts!) discuss a whole host of issues facing the special needs community including raising children with different abilities, transitioning into adulthood, sibling challenges and how to effectively navigate the complex systems in our world.

    We offer inspiration, support, expertise and a wide range of discussions that will help you survive and thrive as you support your loved one with special needs. Imagine yourself having coffee with a friend and discussing all the important challenges in your life – but your best friend is an expert!

    Hosted by Attorney Annette Hines, special needs mom, author of the best-selling book Butterflies and Second Chances, national expert speaker, writer and contributor to publications, and founder of the Special Needs Law Group based In Massachusetts, Annette has regular guests that include experts in the field of special needs, siblings that offer stories and survival tips with a positive message.

  • The Big Bark podcast comes to you on a weekly basis where each episode we'll be bringing you the latest news from the Canine World.Each week, we talk to different professionals working in the canine industy across Ireland, from Petshop owners to groomers, behaviour specialists and vets. We will be discussing hot topics with our puppy panel, reviewing the best products, food and treats, the best places to take your dog on a day out and most dog friendly venues in Ireland. We'll have lots of fun along the way and of course we'll be chatting with dog owners as well about their dogs to f

  • Join my tribe!
    My mission for the podcast is to share knowledge so that others can lead better lives. The mothering journey can be a lonely one. I want mothers who I interview to feel heard and women who listen to not feel alone. The show will be a mix of interviews with moms and experts.
    Email me if you have any questions or if you want to be on the show.

  • Tas ir mīts, ka mūsu jaunā paaudze nelasa grāmatas. Lasa! Tikai jāatrod ĪSTĀ grāmata. Burtu Burvis palīdz bērniem atrast īsto grāmatu un piebur lasītprieku. Kāpēc viņš dzīvo tieši radio? Tāpēc, ka Burtu Burvi neviens nekad nav redzējis, tikai dzirdējis vai jutis. Pats galvenais, Burtu Burvim pieder dīvains grāmatplaukts, kurā dzīvo ne tikai grāmatas, bet arī trīs neparasti īrnieki: Burtu Princese (Linda Rutule), Plankumainais Zirneklis (Toms Auniņš) un Vecais 3D Voldis (Mārcis Maņjakovs).
    Bērniem ir iespēja doties jautrā audioceļojumā pa Burtu Burvja interaktīvo grāmatplauktu, iekuļoties negaidītos piedzīvojumos un iepazīstot aizraujošo fantāzijas pasauli, kura atklājas lasot grāmatas. Brīnumus LR1 Burtu Burvim palīdz burt viņa draugi: izdevniecības Annele, Jāņa Rozes apgāds, Jumava, Liels un Mazs, Madris, Pētergailis un Zvaigzne ABC, kā arī Bērnu literatūras centrs.

  • Hello! I'm Teresa Priolo. Anchor Reporter for FOX 5, wife and now & help; MOM! This podcast was formally known as Pri-Motherhood but since I have given birth to my real son, my digital baby podcast is now called All Good In The Motherhood!

  • Hello and welcome to Fell in Love with a Hound, the podcast for people who love greyhounds

  • Rosie and Adam, The duo behind the Irish Mummy, the show where business and motherhood meet is all about combining the two worlds that make life, and lifestyle, possible.

    Tap into your true purpose and potential physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

    Free download: The Sequence of Success eBook

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  • Down Among The Donkeys is the first autobiography by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen, animal welfare pioneer and founder of The Donkey Sanctuary. To celebrate 50 years since the charity was founded, we are sharing an audiobook version of her incredible life published as a podcast in 13 episodes.

    The book is read by Cath Bradley and produced by Marianne Brown.

  • Join RTÉjr reporter Hanako, as she peeks behind the curtain of the World famous Late Late Toy Show. Watch the Toy Show on RTÉ One on November 29th at 9.35pm, and from anywhere in the world with RTÉ Player.