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  • At Ladbroke Square Montessori School we sing songs throughout the week, and on Fridays the whole school comes together - accompanied by Harry playing the piano. We all enjoy it enormously, and thought we should share the songs for you to sing along at home. We hope you enjoy them too!
    Many more songs will added as we go...

  • Oli Juste hosts a podcast about dogs. Each week household names, health and behaviour experts, friends, artists, historians, dog lovers and owners will talk about dog training and behaviour, our dogs’ physical and mental health, rescue dogs, but also dogs in art, in culture, dogs at work and sometimes at war, dogs in history, and of course our own individual companions and their wonderful quirks. Expect to learn a few things whilst having fun and discovering new sides of the dog’s world.

  • Welcome to the decluttering motherhood podcast - the show that aims to uncover the truths around motherhood, make us feel a little more normal and less alone.

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  • Story Trails: the podcast for children and grown-ups to enjoy together!

    Come and visit the mystical menagerie, hear the latest from the boggle kingdom, discover the Withersnap, get the low-down on good pixie boat design, and see if you can find out why the tooth fairy wants our pearly-whites.

    Story Trails is an audio sketch show, designed to let everyone escape during long car journeys!

    Allow the enchanted trail to lift your mouths into a smile - even in a traffic jam!

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  • Welcome to the Positive Wellbeing Podcast for Mums. A weekly podcast hosted by Emma Cottam, founder and owner of Isabella and Us. and the creator and editor of the Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums.

    Each episode is filled with topics all about motherhood, wellbeing and self care. Sharing honest stories of motherhood and talking openly on topics surrounding our motherhood journey, leaving you feeling supported, inspired and like you aren't alone.

    Find out more about Emma at and follow her on social media @Isabella_and_us

  • A real life podcast for real life people. The Ross and Rachel show is all about married life, parenting and anything else that comes to mind! Find us on Instagram @isabloguk and @is.a.mum

  • Medical kids podcast - Crib Notes - Things parents google at 3am. With new mum and Paediatrician Dr Sarah Blackstock and Broadcaster dad-to-be Rick Kelsey. Asking the questions parents search in the middle of the night with the world's leading experts on children's medical issues. Coming Sep 2019.

  • Disney podcast bringing you a little Disney World where ever you may be. Talking mostly Walt Disney World Orlando
    Disney | Disney World | Disney Podcast | Disney World Podcast| Like WDW Radio and Disunplugged

  • Candid conversations on relationships, parenting and identity with broadcaster Pipa Gordon who takes a rummage through who we are and how we do life both on the inside and out. "Inside My Wardrobe" is literally recorded from inside her own wardrobe as in her madly busy household, she says it’s about the quietest place she could find.

  • Bringing Up Us is a podcast hosted by Matilda Sturridge. After falling pregnant at 21 and becoming a single mother soon after her son was born, Matilda experienced a non-traditional nosedive into being a parent. This podcast hopes to explore all the bold and beautiful ways that people's journeys evolve as they raise their families. We all know that life is never simple or straight forward so why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect parents? How do you bring up a child when you're still growing up yourself? With a host of incredible guests, Bringing Up Us hopes that by delving into peoples narratives we realise that there is no set path.Join us every Wednesday for new episodes featuring intimate interviews with a line up of amazing women including Jessie Cave, Bryony Gordon, Natalie Lee, Emma Freud & many more!Produced by The Pink ProtestFollow Matilda Sturridge: The Pink Protest:

  • Join Jared and Emily Akers as they talk about life, love, happiness, and respect for oneself and our partners in life. They explore many topics from life, love, relationships, self-respect, travel, and keys to living a happy life; all from personal experience. Through Jared’s personal blog - How to Be Happy: Happiness for the Practical Mind - they receive questions about living a happy life from people all over the world. Through sharing their personal experience they humbly demonstrate how self-respect, authenticity, and love are vital components of living a happy life regardless of circumstances.

  • Dr. Miriam Stoppard’s podcasts bring you her reassuring advice in an audio format that you can listen to at any time, any place. More programmes will be posted on her website over the coming months covering baby and childcare, women’s health and family health containing useful advice and information.
    Miriam’s first podcast series is ‘The Pregnancy Diaries’ where she explains the three trimesters of pregnancy; what women can expect, the progress of the growth of their baby and hints and tips on staying healthy. She also speaks to two pregnant women about morning sickness and pre-eclampsia, and to a father about what he can do to support his partner and prepare for being a dad.
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  • As a parent, do you ever wish someone could just whisper some realistic and trustworthy support in your ear? And not make you feel awful for not having all the answers? Well, that’s what I’m here for.

    I'm Dr. Aliza Pressman, developmental psychologist, parent educator, asst. clinical professor, and co-founder of both Mount Sinai Parenting Center and SeedlingsGroup. And I'm a mom... trying to raise two good humans myself, so I'm in this with you!

    In each episode, we'll go deep (but brief) with both experts and parents to share the most effective approaches and tools and talk about the important bigger picture of raising good humans. My goal is to make your parenting journey less overwhelming and a lot more joyful!

    Please join me every Friday for new episodes of Raising Good Humans.

  • Kerry Secker is a sleep consultant, founder of Care It Out, speaker and podcaster. As one of the country’s leading and best loved infant sleep experts, she's spoken to 1000’s of parents and brands across the globe on all aspects of infant sleep. Kerry's on a mission to deliver sleep education that’s sensible, scientific and straightforward, in a fun and bitesize podcast that can be picked up between feeds and catnaps!

  • To breed or not to breed? Find out on Maybe Baby — the podcast for the parentally undecided

    What happens when a woman who’s always known she doesn’t want children starts to wonder if she might want kids after all? 

    In brand new podcast Maybe Baby, Kate Lawler tackles a taboo subject that’s familiar to millions of women. Does she actually want to have children? 

    Kate, her fiancé Boj and her celebrity friends explore every aspect of having offspring in a funny, thought-provoking podcast that’s full of new ideas and little-known information. From conception to raising toddlers to dealing with your very own grown ups, the goal is to help Kate and Boj decide once and for all if it’s baby or bust.

  •  The official Comedy Club 4 Kids podcast where the very best children's comedians discuss all of your important questions. Suitable for everyone aged 6-99 years old (no 100 year olds allowed). Featuring different guest comedians every week and hosted by Tiernan Douieb. ‘A highlight for children… the fun, rowdy feel of a proper comedy club.‘ – The Guardian

  • Growing-up and being a teenager is a rollercoaster ride. It is incredibly challenging being a young girl today, especially with the pressures of school, the trials and tribulations of friendships and having self-confidence.
    The Becoming Women podcast hosted by Ella Sims, is on a mission to provide honest conversations to help young girls feel understood and supported on their journey into womanhood. Each episode features an inspiring female guest talking about the challenges they have faced and what they would advice their younger-self.

    You can find out more about Ella and her personal project on, on Twitter @becoming_women or Instagram @becomingwomen.