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  • A checkpoint is a safe place, a resting point, a time to chill. So sit back, relax, and catch up on all the latest gaming news, as well as a whole bunch of opinions with the Martin brothers.

  • The 3T RPG Podcast

    In the 3T RPG Podcast we do in depth reviews of RPG products, discussion, competitions, play reports, and listener discussions and (perhaps our favourite) we cover the RPG products so weird and gross that no-one else wants to.
    In addition to all of this, it features many features alongside these features, such as;

    -Song Fight: where two hosts make RPG related songs and battle them to the death.
    -The chamber of Challenges: The hosts set strange challenges for one-another.
    -Adventure Call: Yes, we know pranks calls are immature, but we do them anyway (and get dominoes pizza to roleplay).

    The Foreign Beggars Actual Play Series

    The 3T RPG Podcast has an award winning cinematic actual play series 'The Foreign Beggars' (the award was given, by themselves).
    It's a series of edited actual plays of DCC RPG featuring sound effects, music and has a heavy emphasis on cinematic qualities, whilst keeping our audience in mind.
    It features two characters Grimald and Minoc; a Hobbit and a Dwarf respectively, from a mostly human city. Where they have to beg for scraps.
    This city is under-educated, stupid about outsiders, and it's residents barely travel 20 feet outside the borders most of the time.
    Each episode is self contained, (makes attempts at humour) and shouldn't require much knowledge of the last, and what little you do need to know is explained, very quickly at the start of each episode

    Bonus Content

    Over the time this show has been going, the hosts have been committed to giving you as much content as we can, but have also striven to release as much bonus content as possible. Some Including celebrity guests, some including actual mental breakdowns (see Starkit's prophecy).

    The Hosts

    Name: Harrison Hunt
    Likes: Old School Dungeoneering, Maid RPG
    Dislikes: Fuzion, Social interaction
    Favourite food: Curry
    Bio: Harrison Is basically the best one, he's so powerful and the other two hosts wish they were him. For real though, Harrison edits the show, so despite his obvious shortcomings as a host, and lack of personality, he is here to stay.

    Name: Nikk Lambley
    Likes: Call of Cthulhu (or anything spooky), Fat Vape Clouds
    Dislikes: Shitty Kickstarter Rewards
    Favourite food: Ham, cucumber and salad-cream sandwich
    Bio: Nikk is the hipster. Complete with beard, vape, penny farthing bike and solar-powered vinyl player made from drift-wood. However, we can overlook that, because Nikk's enthusiasm and love for the hobby are second to none. (If only his enthusiasm for shutting the fuck up once in a while were so high)

    Name: James Clarke
    Likes: Pathfinder, killer Genies
    Dislikes: Loud eating at the gaming table
    Favourite food: Chicken
    Bio: The praise for James as a host since he was brought on mid-way through the show's life has been overwhelmingly positive. Which is really bloody annoying, because if you met him in real life you'd understand that there's a good chance he's a criminal of some kind. James' love for food (mainly chicken) is second only to his love for role-playing games, which is why we have him on this show.

  • Jon and Mikey from THE HERO DIES FIRST discuss Anime, Video games, Music and Movies as well as their own personal philosophies on life. Join them in their on-going quest to try to keep these episodes around 30 minutes!

    New Episodes every Sunday

  • A poker pro's lonely journey through mid-stakes cash games and tournaments.

  • The Cracked Die Podcast is an actual play podcast currently playing through Paizo's Pathfinder 2ed adventrure path "Age of Ashes". The podcast is hosted and GM'ed by Sean Moulson. With a slew of players from all different backgrounds. This podcast will take you from the first steps of these characters to the end of the adventure path. Who knows what will happen along the way with this band of people.

  • Three life long gamers deep dive and analyse games, one letter at a time. World 1 - The Famicom / NES #famicom #NES #retrogaming #podcast

  • In which Steve McNeil from TV videogaming/comedy show "Go 8 Bit" bangs on about games. Sometimes with guests.

  • A fresh new podcast on YouTube golf and golf topics. 3 Guys creating 1 unique home for everything golf.

  • 3 popular UK caravanning vloggers team up to make their podcast debut. The series is an informal chat about caravanning, motorhomes, RV's and camping in the great outdoors. In each episode we drink coffee, share cake all the while having an informal light hearted look at the leisure industry and share some tips along the way. The podcast is filmed as a video podcast, but the audio version has extended, audio only segments too.

  • Olympic gold medal winner and climate change campaigner Etienne Stott introduces Clear Access, Clear Waters: The Paddler's Podcast. There's so much being done to make sure you can take your canoe or stand up paddleboard in rivers and waterways across the UK. We'll hear inspiring stories of the people who are making big differences to the environment to help others and you'll find out how you can get involved.

  • The Fantasy Football Hub team tackle the hot topics of the week, run through their teams, transfer and captaincy plans for the coming gameweek

  • Creating connections through candid conversations about issues in cyberspace. The show will speak with specialists and knowledgeable people in and around the world of cyber based issues. Ranging from e-safety and cybersecurity through to the darker side of the internet, web and electronic devices.
    Important information for parents, teachers and anyone who needs to learn about cyberspace

  • The Public Sector Pod is your destination for all things Digital Transformation within the Public Sector. Each month we interview Heads of Digital Transformation from all across the UK Public Sector, as well as people central to the growing GovTech movement.

    Subscribe now for best practices from across the industry, and definitely let us know if you'd like to be a guest :)

    โ‡ข https://wbb.intelagent.ai/the-botcast

  • The Tortoise Podcast takes news slowly. What’s really going on in the world – in politics, business, climate, culture, technology? Just as importantly, what’s driving it? Basia Cummings, once of the Guardian and HuffPost, and Ceri Thomas, former BBC Today Programme and Panorama editor, take stock with the help of colleagues from the ‘slow news’ publisher, Tortoise.

  • Half-decent football chatter from When Saturday Comes magazine.

  • Theyโ€™re back! A twice weekly helping to tip the internet on its ear, helmed by Danny Baker and Louise Pepper, Thereโ€™s no agenda, no spin, we exist for you, in a warm universe where nothing matters, The Treehouse is more fun than counting your teeth with your tongue. Six core subjects leading to endless trajectories of original thinking. Whether youโ€™re a lifelong fan or about to become one, then do climb up onto the Treehouse. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. This is a Somethin' Else production.

  • Photography insights are important interviews with people in the photography industry. Each episode features a photographer, model, inventor, retailer, publisher, engineer or artist from the analogue and digital world.

    Hosted by the Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley) who provides a casual, but intelligent insight into their work and life. All guests are subjected to my infamous "random questions" and the pay it forward recommendation scheme.

    Keep up to date with photography insights on our website (phlogger.co.uk) and Instagram @phlogger.co.uk

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