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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • http://www.essence-process.com

    Dr Menis Yousry's Essence Process is a unique experiential personal development course through which participants gain powerful insights into their lives and behaviour patterns, learning valuable tools they can use in everyday life. Through practical exercises we explore our motivations and limitations with acceptance and compassion, enabling a much deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

    Dr Menis Yousry is the founder and facilitator of the Essence Process and a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist and Psychologist. One of the world's most effective personal development practitioners, he works with thousands of people every year in over 20 countries. His book "Discover Your Hidden Memory and Find The Real You" is published by Hay House, the world's largest Mind, Body and Spirit publisher and is available in five languages.

    Enjoy these audio recordings and we hope to see you at a course sometime in the near future.

    For more information on how to locate and book a course in your country go to www.drmenisyousry.com

    To follow Dr Menis Yousry on Twitter go to https://twitter.com/DrMenisYousry

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  • Welcome to my podcast, this is the platform where I share about my interest in Languages, Cultures and The World Communities

  • Life as a busy Mum can feel, at best, a glorious juggle and, at worst, overwhelming chaos! Mum’s Night Out is the podcast equivalent of a therapeutic catch-up with your girlfriends over a glass of wine (or two!!) Your hosts, Sophie and Rachel are just two Mums juggling everything from family life to friendships, work to wine, self-care to self-development, money to motivation, healthy(ish) eating to hobbies, love, life and everything in between! Let's get beyond the small talk!If you love nothing more than a good old chat with your friends, putting the World to rights and sharing ideas then this podcast is for you! Rachel and Sophie don’t have all the answers, far from it, but they’re not afraid to ask the questions and, just like any good night out with your Mum friends, where the chat goes nobody knows… So grab a glass of wine, stick in your headphones and let’s have a Mum’s Night Out..To make sure you don't miss any episodes, be sure to subscribe and to connect with us come and follow over on @mumsnightoutpodcast on Facebook or Instagram or join our growing community in our Mums' Night Out Facebook Group.

  • This podcast answers the most frequently asked questions in my naturopathic practice

  • untalented by UNKNOWN is a bi-weekly podcast where we give the unheard humans, who power our creative industries, a voice.

  • Episodes 301-400 of The App Guy Podcast, a Podcast that interviews inspiring App Entrepreneurs! Turn back the clock with Paul Kemp and listen to the beginning.

  • Reimagining Motion is our podcast for the High Volume Transport Applied Research Programme (HVT). In our first season we explore Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). Whether it can be beneficial to low-income countries, and how it might be implemented. Each episode draws on the latest HVT research, case studies and newly developed frameworks offering insights and practical ideas for a TOD approach.HVT is funded by the UK's Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office. The views expressed do not represent the views of the UK government.

  • You, Yourself and I podcast is an authentic conversation into the remarkable stories of real people who have awakened through life’s experiences, culminating in living their life with purpose.

    Julian talks with his guests to create an open and honest conversation about their awakening. Taking into account the highs and lows of their newfound purposeful direction of travel.

    These authentic journeys, discover the unlearned lessons, truths and insights as to how these remarkable lights have managed to navigate the waters of life to reach their flow state.

    You, Yourself and I is a podcast about real people sharing real experiences; designed to offer guidance, love and support to those walking their path to purpose.

    In turn, this will help engage, inspire and empower others to step into their purpose and their true flow state.

  • Bringing you the news from the worldwide nuclear energy sector, interviews with key players and easy-to-follow guides to the nuclear essentials each month. The World Nuclear News team has been reporting daily news online about nuclear power since 2007 at: https://www.world-nuclear-news.org/ WNN is supported by the World Nuclear Association and draws on its global network of contacts across the industry, academia and international agencies.

  • Derrick Carter is widely acknowledged as one of the best DJs in the world. With innovative productions, flawless technical skills and an effortlessly joyful attitude of rocking a crowd, his influence has infiltrated throughout the spectrum of dance music.
    Although known as one of the key players of Chicago's house music wave in the '90s, Derrick Carter began DJ'ing at the age of nine, spinning disco records at family reunions. Raised in the western suburbs, Derrick was into music from a young age; during his teens Chicago's house scene sucked him in for good and before long he became a strong presence in the city's underground dance scene. "When I got my driver's license at 16 my sneak ability was validated," he laughs. "I was a fierce bedroom jock for a long time. After you mix for the love of it for six or seven years, you get it pretty tight and you can take it on the road."

    Seminal EPs such as 'Where U At?' and albums 'Squaredancing In A Round House', alongside guest compilations for the best underground house labels have consolidated his standing as one of the legends of scene.

  • Covering the forgotten moments of history: Both large and small, all topics.

  • Helping students and life-long learners access the Medieval period!

    Easier to listen and easier to learn!

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Hello and welcome to ‘In Suspense’, a podcast for fans and writers of crime fiction. I’m Lesley Kara, author of 'The Rumour', 'Who Did You Tell' and 'The Dare', and my co-host is Lauren North, author of 'The Perfect Betrayal' (US:'The Perfect Son'), 'One Step Behind', and 'Safe At Home'. In each episode we’ll be discussing a particular topic of writing or book-related interest and interviewing a wide range of authors, both established and debut. We also hope to include the occasional focus on an indie author who has caught our attention. We hope you enjoy it! Lesley x

  • John Horsfall speaks to Adventurers and Explorers from all over the world. From Everest Climbers to Polar Explorers, World Record Holder and more, these Adventurers talk about their expeditions and intimate stories of their travels. We dive in deep to get an understanding of what drives these people to push the limits of human possibilities and surviving in the harshest of environments. Tune in each week and join Adventure Athlete John Horsfall for a weekly show about what is the meaning of adventure travel and where to go on your next travel adventure.


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  • Every half term, we will hear from a panel of experts in the teaching profession to discuss a big question on everyone's minds.

  • Hi, George & Hadyn here! We at The Application Doctor run courses and share educational content for aspiring medical students, medical students applying to the foundation programme and early career junior doctors hoping to pursue an academic or surgical career.https://theapplicationdoctor.com

  • Grab a cuppa, plump a cushion and join us in the leadership lounge. It’s a safe space to join Colin Tapscott and guests as we discuss and explore topics that inspire and equip you to be everyday leaders.

  • The ALT:learn podcast, helping to put theory into practice.