Portugal – New podcasts

  • Gaming, entertainment and pop culture from the tongues of 5tat and Dojo

  • What gets you in your feels? Whether it’s a catchy song, a confession, or a debate, each can inspire a variety of emotions. Join Youtuber JREKML and Media Personality Emily Haydel as they attempt to reveal said feels through by tactfully engaging and interacting with each other, the listeners, and their colorful guests. With a focus on the Korean Music world, there is so much to uncover alongside the artists and fans, and JRE & Emily will do that each Sunday through the “In My Feels” podcast. You can download the Himalaya app, follow the “In My Feels” Podcast, and subscribe to our Himalaya+, which unlocks opportunities to hear exclusive content and have access to special events, giveaways, and an intimate community in order to share your personal stories. Thanks for listening, and we can’t wait for the feels to be real.

  • Um podcast para famílias que gostam de viajar e mostrar o mundo aos miúdos!

  • PERCIACAST é um canal voltado para que André Percia - Coach Master Trainer Internacional, Master Trainer Internacional em PNL, Psicólogo e Hipnoterapeuta - possa compartilhar palestras, ideias, pensamentos, conhecimento, técnicas, práticas, induções e reflexões para aqueles que desejam não só saber sobre Programação Neurolinguística, Coaching, Hipnose e Desenvolvimento pessoal como também para os que, além disso, desejam construir uma vida de mais qualidade e realizações tanto no âmbito pessoal quanto no profissional.

  • Ouça aqui os webinários e podcasts realizados pelo Instituto CRIAP.

  • Every episode centers on ways to awaken your spirit, open your mind, or strengthen your body.

  • Not Your Forte podcast looks to provide a resource for music education majors to better equip themselves for a successful undergraduate education. Hosted by Eric Tinkler, a current music ed. Student at Kansas State University and Dr. Phillip Payne, the advisor to all music ed students as well as chair of the music ed. Division at KSU.

  • Need help navigating the college admissions process? We’re here to help! Every other Monday we’ll bring you exclusive interviews with Former Admissions Officers, graduates from top universities, and admissions experts. Each episode will be filled with application tips and first-hand experiences that will help you get into your dream school. Brought to you by InGenius Prep, the world’s largest team of Former Admissions Officers.

  • Weekly conversations about the Liberal Arts and The Great Books with Wyoming Catholic College professors, board members,and guests.

  • Do you live in scarcity or in abundance? Join us weekly, as a bunch of Auroville Youth in collaboration with Science Walden Institute experiment with an unconventional spin off of Universal Basic Income (UBI)!

    The main idea behind UBI is to empower individuals in society by giving them a direct means to cover certain needs and transcend past the limits of being on "survival mode". But there are certain limitations to UBI, primarily the question of funding for it. This is why we are choosing to focus on underutilised resources in a community. Why underutilised resources? Tune in to find out!

  • Du bist eine Ärztin oder ein Arzt und lernst Deutsch, um in Deutschland zu arbeiten? Du bereitest Dich auf die Fachsprachprüfung oder die Kenntnisprüfung in Deutschland vor oder arbeitest bereits hier und möchtest Dein Deutsch verbessern? Dann bist Du bei Sprachchirurg genau richtig!
    Dies ist eine Seite, die Ärztinnen und Ärzten aus anderen Ländern hilft, Deutsch zu lernen. Mit Sprachchirurg kannst Du üben, wie man ein Patientengespräch führt, wie die medizinischen Fachbegriffe auf Deutsch heißen, wie man einen Arztbrief auf Deutsch schreibt und einen Patienten in einer Prüfung vorstellt... und noch viel mehr. Es gibt Übungen zum Satzbau im Arztbrief und zur Grammatik, Informationen zum deutschen Gesundheitssystem und zum Leben in Deutschland.
    Als Clubmitglied auf www.sprachchirurg.de kannst Du alle Podcasts in voller Länge hören, erhältst alle Texte zu den Podcasts und weitere Übungen zu den einzelnen Themen. Wenn Du Fragen hast, kannst Du mir gerne schreiben!

  • It’s hard to keep up with everything going on in the diving industry. To be a successful dive professional you need to be in the know. Join industry leader Tec Clark every week as he explores the latest in diving industry resources that make you excellent at teaching techniques, risk management and the business of diving. If you want to succeed as a dive professional this is the podcast for you.

  • Dr. Rob Bell Interviews experts as they share about Mental Toughness and Their Hinge Moment. Everyone of us is getting ready for that one moment, person, or event that will connect who we are with who we become! Will you be ready?

  • Weekly podcast hosted by husband and wife, centered on circadian rhythm and returning to nature.

  • A Gazeta do Ciclista é o podcast da Velo Culture (www.veloculture.pt) e é dedicado aos temas que tratamos no nosso blogue e às preocupações que temos enquanto membros activos da nossa comunidade, começando nas políticas de mobilidade e terminando no consumo responsável.

  • Expedition and Wilderness medicine podcast featuring interviews with leading figures from the world of Expedition and Wilderness Medicineโ€‹โ€‹, discussions regarding common medical problems on expedition and much more!

  • A podcast for introverts and homebodies to get out into the world and push their boundaries. Living a fulfilling life without having to change what's fundamentally you