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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Are you trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle habits?

    Whether you are in need of easy tips and tricks to implement in your daily life, or you are in search of fact based information on how much you should drink and what hydration means in your life, Hydration for Health got you ! Welcome to the Hydration Podcast where we will be addressing all things hydration … In each episode, Hydration for Health will be asking scientists questions we are too afraid or embarrassed to ask to make our hydration better ! Grab your water and let’s dive in !

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  • The Floor Rejects is all-original, all-queer, all the time content! I, the author of several a gay romance novel and now spooky author extraordinaire, take you week-by-week through little original vignettes from the mind of a depressed, gay, Gen-z millennial cusp Taurus! I sometimes talk about myself, and as narcissistic as that is, I pose the question: Aren't all entertainment based podcasts sorta narcissistic? That's okay, and midway through my third season I realized that and STOPPED. CARING. WHAT. ANYONE. THINKS. So, stop by my little queer world, lovelies, and take some time to be gay ™️!

  • Like normal healthtech news but, you know, not boring.

    The team at SomX bringing you the audio version of the weekly Healthtech Pigeon newsletter - a panel show with journalists, VCs, podcasters, entrepreneurs, execs and those with a strong opinion to make things interesting. Hosted by Dr James Somauroo, Jessica Smith and Henry Stoneley.

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  • I am a money coach, a wife, and a boy momma. I am on a mission to prove to you that you can have financial freedom. Finances don't have to be miserable. That you can reach financial freedom while still living your life to the fullest. On this podcast we will learn about finances, debt, credit, retirement, saving, mindset, and how to create the financial freedom you deserve. I want you to have so much confidents with your money and to stop stressing over finances. I want you to be able to knock things off your dream board and start living the life you have dreamed of. LET'S DO IT!

  • This podcast will show you some ways to save money.

  • Sudha's Events And Experiences is a full-fledged Event Firm.

  • Chaque semaine, la rédaction Europe de RFI, fait le portrait d’un Européen qui est au cœur de l’actualité. Un portrait qui permet de découvrir les acteurs du monde dans lequel nous vivons et d’éclairer les évènements que nous commentons et dont nous témoignons dans les journaux de RFI.

  • The Building a Better World podcast is hosted by Hrish Lotlikar. In each episode, Hrish interviews people who are involved or interested in the Metaverse, VR, and Web3, and are actively using technologies to improve people’s real-world lives in a practical way.

  • Sophie Hilaire, a lifelong misfit and thrill-seeking veteran, quits her six-figure corporate job to take on homesteading, healing, and helping others shepherd their deepest dreams into reality.

  • Malta is an island steeped in history, with more than its fair share of ghost stories. Some of these stories have been around for centuries and derive from the strong bond the Maltese have with their Catholic faith. Ramon Mizzi takes you to haunted houses, forts, public buildings and churches - looking into some of the most popular ghost stories. - Malta; gżira msawwra fl-istorja b’ħafna stejjer tal- ħares li tnislu maż-żmienijiet. Xi stejjer ilhom jeżistu għal sekli sħaħ, u xi wħud nibtu mir-rabta qawwija li l-Maltin għandhom mal-fidi nisranija. Dan il-podcast ser jieħdkom madwar rakkonti ta’ dehriet magħrufa u mhux daqstant magħrufa, li seħħew f’xi forti, f’xi bini pubbliku jew saħansitra ġo xi knisja.

  • Recently described by the media as a "legendary New York criminal defense attorney," Jeffrey Lichtman has successfully handled criminal trials and appeals on some of the country's largest stages. His clients include those charged in the federal and state systems with white collar and non-white collar offenses. For over 30 years, Mr. Lichtman's practice style has been marked by exhaustive pretrial preparation and smothering pressure inside the courtroom. His cross-examinations, in fact, have been described in the media during the John Gotti, Jr. trial as a "relentless pounding" in which witnesses were "put through the blender and shredded." The Gotti trial ended with the dismissal of three murder conspiracy charges, an acquittal on a $25 million securities fraud charge, and a deadlocked jury on every remaining count. The media described the verdict as an "unbelievable courtroom upset" and Mr. Lichtman's work as "brilliant." In the recent high-profile Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman trial lasting 3 1/2 months, Mr. Lichtman's work was described by the media as "an astonishing performance" and "so wildly entertaining."

    Some of Mr. Lichtman's recent clients also include Assistant USC basketball coach Tony Bland, Emma Coronel, rappers Fat Joe and The Game, the alleged Boss of the Colombo Family Andrew Russo, Olympians, judges, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and countless others.

    Mr. Lichtman's appellate practice has also had great success, winning freedom for clients sentenced to lengthy prison terms. In September of 2010, he won the freedom for a client who had been convicted and sentenced to 27 years in prison for multiple counts of sexual assault of four victims. After his appeal to the NJ Appellate Division forced the trial court to grant a hearing on trial counsel's possible ineffectiveness, Mr. Lichtman's scathing examination of trial counsel was halted by the judge – who indicated she was prepared to vacate the conviction on the spot – and the client was released, never to return to prison again.

    A 1990 graduate of Duke University School of Law, Mr. Lichtman's office has begun representing individuals on Civil Rights/police misconduct issues as well as on sexual harassment and discrimination claims -- and in just a short time, Mr. Lichtman has garnered multiple millions of dollars of settlements for women sexually harassed in the workplace, and was selected as a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

    Mr. Lichtman has recently been profiled in New York Magazine, the New York Daily News, and in The New York Times as part of the "Public Lives" series. Mr. Lichtman can also be heard as a guest host on 710 WOR Radio (every Monday morning at 7:05 AM), WABC Talk Radio, Fox News Radio, and AM 970 The Answer in New York City. Mr. Lichtman’s office website is

  • Vamos a hablar sobre space x y como nos puede ayudar a toda la humanidad

  • On February 6th, 2008, 48-year-old Judith Petty left her grandmother's house to return some books at a library three blocks away. After that we don't know what happened. That night her family starts searching all over Parkersburg, West Virginia for her. The next day her father drives out to the family farm to find their property engulfed in flames. When the fire went out, her father found Judith's remains in the cellar. The medical examiner stated that Judith was dead before the fire. Now, fourteen years later, local law enforcement says it was a suicide or that she must have died of natural causes. So, what really happened to Judith Petty?

  • There are dragons and magic in the world if only you look for them... V.M. Sang

  • A lecture in English delivered by Sh. Bilal Philips in which he relates and discusses the history of compiling the Quran.

  • Spiritual wisdom and insights for everyone!
    "Repentance is passive action, rectification is active purification."
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  • On this show we look at ways we can ‘redivine’ our life’s, our relationships, our thoughts and our world.

  • Welcome to The Jacob Kersey Program.

    Jacob Kersey is a young leading christian conservative voice. Started at the end 2016, the Jacob Kersey Program has grown into a reliable outlet for expert analysis and excellent perspective on current issues facing the church and the conservative movement.

    The podcast is dedicated to spreading the truth in love.
    'live truth, speak truth'