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  • Award-winning BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews deep and quirky outsiders, such as a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath. Joining the mix are such celebrated thought leaders as feminist Helen Lewis, Lord Daniel Finkelstein and free speech advocate Andrew Doyle.

    The aim is to surprise you with a totally different story every time in this 2x Apple Noteworthy show. One week, we're in a Michigan prison with a man who accidentally killed his girlfriend in a botched suicide, the next we're in Australia with the Coffin Confessor, and then we're in the Andes with a plane-crash survivor who had to eat his friends. The only thing that links them all is their place On the Edge. 

    This is for fans of Louis Theroux, Joe Rogan and Adam Buxton. New episodes every Monday.

  • Join James Blair and Michael Vincent of Lighthouse Financial Services, in their weekly podcast 'Cheques & Balances'.The content in this podcast are the opinions of the hosts. It should not be treated as financial advice. It is important you take into consideration your own personal situation and goals before making any financial decisions. If you would like to receive financial advice please email us at

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  • Generation Covid is a podcast series that asks what it’s like to start your adult life during the worst pandemic in a century.
    Made by members of Generation Covid. 

  • Two mates, one married the other divorced & dating. Both with plenty to say about it.

  • Elevit brings Not What You Were Expecting, a podcast hosted by Anika Moa who chats to Mums and Dads about the ups and downs of becoming parents. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you just might learn a thing or two along the way. Bayer New Zealand Limited, Auckland. DA2155JW

  • On June 16, 1971, a radical group of Pasifika and Mฤori men and women confronted state-sanctioned racism to form the Polynesian Panther Party. Like their seafaring ancestors before them, the Polynesian Panthers guided their people to a new horizon – but instead of stormy seas, they navigated a red-blooded nation raging with rugby, racism and beer.

    Made with funding from NZ On Air.

    Episode six will be available from Friday, 25 June, 2021.

  • Information, support and entertainment for tina and tamaitai Samoa every fortnight. Hosted by Christine Anesone and Erolia Rooney.

  • Welcome to Inside Out with Jimi Hunt, my job is simple, improve my mental fitness through any means possible and deconstruct what works, what doesn't and what I think may be able to help you become mentally fitter. And quite often, they lead me to some pretty interesting people, places and stories...New Episodes 12pm (NZ Time) Wednesday & Sunday

  • Join Malcolm Gladwell, author and host of Revisionist History, as he talks to thought leaders and industry innovators to explore what it means to look at today's most challenging problems in a new way.

  • This is Decode Bytes, the official podcast of Zoho Creator!

    The Decode Bytes podcast aims to educate businesses on low-code, digital transformation, custom applications, and much more. Here you'll find business owners, seasoned IT experts, and influencers across the globe coming to share their experience and knowledge with you.

    Zoho Creator is a low-code application platform with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. It helps over 10,000 businesses across 170 countries build custom applications tailored to their needs.

    Bespoke applications help automate routine tasks—like receiving alerts and notifications on your phone, creating self-service portals for customers and vendors, using prebuilt integrations with payment gateways, and much more.

    Tune in to learn how low-code platforms help build applications faster, thereby increasing the productivity and profits of organizations worldwide.

    Visit us at -

  • Alex Shepherd and Martin Kane chat to existing owners of all things Tesla. We put voices to the names that we see in the Social Media feeds and hear about the effect that Tesla is having on the New Zealand community.

  • Our consultant Maarten Kossen interviews a variety of people about all things Agile and Scrum.

  • Get in the know about trends, affordability, risk and promoting thriving communities. Hosted by Maiclaire Bolton Smith, Senior Leader of Research and Content Strategy at CoreLogic, tune in for timely insights and in-depth conversations with experts to keep a finger on the pulse of the global housing economy.

  • Coppercasts explore how traditional finance intersects with technology, public policy, and individuals to create the world of crypto assets.

    The podcast is paired with a Show & Tell video that you can find our our YouTube channel, where each guest shares a chart, or graph that excites them about this space.

    This podcast is hosted by Tyler Kenyon and brought to you by the team at

  • A show about the human side of performance engineering.

  • Phili O Wirangi created the Badasses Get Litty Podcast for all of the rebels, the fiery ones, the outcasts, the ones that know they are badass or could use some badass inspo to truly live life and do business on their terms!

  • Dairy Stream focuses on policy, sustainability, market trends, new technology and farmer involvement. This podcast is co-produced by the Dairy Business Association and Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, sister organizations that fight for effective dairy policy in Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.

  • Brought to you by Prosperity Finance. Each week we will bring you all the latest news and insights to keep you up to date with everything to do with the New Zealand property market and mortgage lending. As professional mortgage brokers, we'll not only cover the topics Including banks lending policies and interest rates, but also the financial tips on how property investors should structure their loans to grow wealth much faster.

    To speak with us personally, call (+64) 09 930 8999 or email

  • Join the AgriHQ analysts as they answer your questions about New Zealand's primary sector markets. AgriHQ collects data and information on red meat, livestock and forestry sectors from a range of sources and in various forms. Our expert analysts not only report on the facts and curate data, but also apply their expansive market knowledge to form thought-provoking insights that are meaningful to you, our reader. AgriHQ - Your trusted source of primary sector market information. Visit for more information.

  • A podcast series dedicated to multi-owner farms and cooperative farming models hosted by farmer Jackson Rolett.