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  • From a Westboro Baptist Church defector and an ex-Hasidic Jew to the world's first ever blogger and teenage class president who confessed to being a pedophile, BBC journalist Andrew Gold takes us away from our comfort zone and into the worlds of people on the edge. New episodes every Wednesday.

    It's been a top Editor Pick for Castbox and Stitcher, who also placed it in their 'What we're listening to'. Andrew has been making documentaries about bizarre, unusual and remarkable people around the world for a decade. He's done battle with an exorcist, taken on anti-abortionists and hunted for UFOs, all while living in six different countries and learning to speak five languages.

    In this podcast, he aims to get to the humanity of people living on the fringes, and introduce these people with diverse ways of looking at the world to the listener. It's not all deep and sad - he aims to get humour and fun out of these people, so the audience can also entertained! Follow him on twitter here @andrewgold_ok and check out his documentaries on his YouTube channel.

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  • Anger is an absolutely normal emotion. The challenge to not to surrender to anger and be consumed by it, and rather channelize it to create positive outcomes. Understand Anger as an emotion, and get to the trigger point and deal with it to result in your favor. These episodes are meant to empower you with emotional intelligence to deal with Anger in a much creative and wise manner. Support this podcast:

  • Stories from the hearts of women in midlife. Put the kettle on, make a cuppa, time to join the sisters for some Lady Time!

  • Think Like an Economist and you’ll see the world more clearly, empowering you to make better decisions at work, at home, and in your community. Leading economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers will take you on a joyous romp through their field as they introduce you to the big ideas in economics, and show how you can apply them to live in your own life. Their signature approach reveals that every decision is an economic decision and this podcast uncovers the economic forces that shape the world around you. Betsey and Justin believe that economics is a superpower, and they want to teach you to fly.

  • The MLM Police is a anti-mlm advocate with speaks out against the Multi Level Marketing business model, and aims to spread awareness about the predatory MLM business model.

  • This series explores different religious and secular approaches to healing. In each episode, DPhil candidate Naomi Richman interviews a representative from a religious or secular movement to find out how their perspectives on spirituality influence their attitudes to health and modern medicine. Through these conversations, Naomi discovers ancient truths that can assist us in our contemporary search for well-being, from ayuverda to transhumanism. This project won the The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH) Graduate Fund Award and is supported by the Wellcome Trust for Science and Humanities Public Engagement initiatives. The full series was initially broadcast live on Radio Brockley, London's longest running hospital radio station based at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, in celebration of Radio Brockley's 50th anniversary.

  • Conversations about creating more joy in our lives, navigating tough decisions, and allowing ourselves to shine. Brought to you by Life Coach, wellness enthusiast and practical positive thinker, Danielle Brooker, this podcast is about getting real about how tight we're holding on to "busy" to stay in control and to avoid feeling stressed. That resistance also means we're holding back on our deep sense of joy. Expect conversations about creating more joy, fun and pleasure in our lives, inspiring stories, tips and coaching strategies to create a life that completely lights you up.

  • Marie Types is the podcast where no topic is too deep. We will be discussing all things teens, christianity and our opinions on the current events in todays society. So stay active for the episodes to come!!

  • Homeschool moms Kami and Brittany get together with friends to discuss the ins and outs of home education. Our heart is to encourage and equip homeschool families with resources and content designed to make your homeschool more deeply rooted in Christ. God has given you every skill necessary to parent and teach your children well. We are here to cheer you on.

  • Light-hearted discussions about the basic pillars of nutrition, fitness, health and well-being presented in a easy-to-understand fashion. If your are struggling to lose weight, achieve a balanced diet or just want to learn more about nutrition, this is the podcast for you. Episodes will be short and digestible, with a delightful combination of solo and guest features.

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  • Inspiration, tools and knowledge to help people re-start their personal and professional lives as they emerge from Covid-19. Part of RTÉ’s #BoostMyBusiness and presented by Áine Kerr. Listen live Saturday morning at 10am on RTÉ Radio 1. Starts August 1st 2020.

  • The Good Glow Health is a podcast that will help us understand our health better. Georgie Crawford will speak to experts who will demystify topics like sleep, fertility, nutrition, gut health and much more.

    Since being diagnosed with cancer in her 30s, Georgie made it her priority to educate herself on health. She discovered that creating healthy habits and investing in yourself can lead to wonderful things. 

    This podcast has been created to educate, open minds and guide us on our health journey.

  • ‘Older Not Over’ is a series of conversations with inspirational people who discovered a new personal journey later in life. Just because your older doesn’t mean it’s over.

  • A podcast for curious souls who craft their web of life with intention, playfulness and a serious dose of deep inner medicine.

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  • A weekly look at fiction and poetry hosted by poets and writers Peter Sirr and Enda Wyley. Also features the Toaster Challenge where guest writers are given the time it takes to make toast to talk about a book that has resonated with them.

  • Hello pet people - Welcome to The Petropolist Podcast.
    This podcast is about the pet industry and the people that support it. My goal is to capture the essence of this incredible enterprise from every angle. I will dig deeply into every 'trend' and ‘claim'.
    There is no agenda... other than to educate; I am here to ask questions that will give you the information and the confidence to make the best decisions for your pet business, and your pets.
    - listen and learn and never be confused again

  • Friends make us who we are if you don’t have friends come along and u can be our friends! And if you do have friends still we want to be you’re friends too! ❤️❤️❤️

  • A series looking at Irish families in a changing world, presented by Brenda Donohue.

  • Sleep Tight Science is an exciting science facts and stories podcast for the whole family. In each episode we investigate the questions that kids have about anything science related.

    Have an interesting science topic you would like investigated? Send us an email at and we may feature it in an upcoming show.