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  • In the tapestry of American entertainment, Red Skelton threads a vibrant color of joy. His journey with NBC began in 1939, a time when radio was the hearth around which America gathered. Sponsored by Avalon Cigarettes, Skelton's voice became a familiar comfort with "Avalon Time." As the world braced for change, on October 7, 1941, Skelton offered a new respite, "The Raleigh Cigarette Program." Here, he wove together a patchwork of characters, each unique in their follies and affections, from the lovably disoriented Cauliflower McPugg to the ever inebriated Willie Lump-Lump.One could hear the laughter of a nation in Junior's catchphrase, "I dood it!" — a phrase that wiggled its way into the very lexicon of America. There was the crafty San Fernando Red, with his peculiar seagull companions, Gertrude and Heathcliffe, and the endearing Clem Kadiddlehopper, whose naiveté often outshone the glitter of high society, much to the chagrin of his cynical father.In those times of global unrest, Skelton's show became a vessel for unity, aiding the war effort by selling bonds, and graced by the Nelson family and the melodic waves of the Ozzie Nelson Orchestra.Yet, the laughter paused in March 1944 when duty called Skelton to serve. Despite a trying time overseas that challenged his spirits, he returned with his humor unscathed, remarking with a chuckle, "I was the only celebrity who went in and came out a private."The show's heartbeats resumed on December 4, 1945, with Skelton breathing life into new follies and characters. The show blossomed with the voices of Lurene Tuttle and Verna Felton, the orchestral talents of David Forrester and David Rose, and the vocals of Anita Ellis, before its final curtain in 1949.As time marches on, an irony unfurls: though Skelton's television legacy casts a long shadow, it's the echoes of his radio days that now find a way into the eager hands of nostalgia seekers, a testament to the enduring allure of a voice and a spirit that captivated a nation.

  • Professor Horror is a YouTube channel (now with a Podcast!) dedicated to collecting and representing horror stories from subscribers, fans and other real people, as well as including topics of interest related to the horror and mystery genres. You will find all sorts of true, terrifying stories linked to: stalkers, attackers, intruders, thieves, killers, monsters, and much more...

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  • KWM Radio is the Best Radio/Podcast this side of the Rockies, or I should say in the rockies.
    On here we discuss whatver the hell the host Rusty Feels like doing or discussing in a Episode,

  • 词与物是一档泛文化类播客节目。锤头鲨与跛足马,与二人的朋友们,将一起聊聊那些看似有迹可循的词语,那些仿佛司空见惯的文化现象、由来已久的文化观念。我们将探究它们发明与发现的过程,追溯这些话语的生成,又如何再作用于我们自身;并试图以此出发,重新审视我们身处的空间,正反面谋和的临在,深入裂隙之下,拒绝成为一种绝对二元的表达。更新时间为每个月的一些周二,每月更新两集。


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  • 最深刻最詳細的電影解析

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  • NPT’s Emmy Award-winning A Word on Words features accessible interviews with authors and poets about their latest books. Launched in 2015 with New York Times bestselling author J.T. Ellison and essayist Mary Laura Philpott as co-hosts, the series was designed to be accessible and engaging for a new generation of readers.


    This season novelist Jeremy Finley joins J.T. Ellison for more discussions with writers about their work, their process and what they are reading for inspiration.

  • 「浮生若夢,為歡幾何」既然我們的人生像一場夢,不如就把它紀錄起來,跟朋友分享。


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  • JGSmith is a journalist, writing in the years before and after Superintelligents began to administer Planet Earth. JGS selects pieces written or recorded by humans both before and after this event, building an archive of human-made content, usually less than 500 words long. Published Fridays 0730 GMT. Credits, sources, text, comments, subscriptions at DM: JGSmith61on Instagram or Twitter or via Comments. Currently on a break.

  • Short, unsettling stories about things that seem a little bit off.

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  • Fictional Men is the erotic stories podcast for women by women. Each story is crafted with extra spice and you in mind. And each season features a new series, extra special bonus content, and behind the scenes episodes. Listen during bedtime or me time.

    This podcast is intended for mature listeners… Headphones highly recommended.

    Created by Dipsea.

    Can’t wait till the next episode drops? Want more men written by women? Get access to 1,000+ spicy stories on the Dipsea app. Use promo code FICTIONALMEN or go to to get 30 days free.

  • Michele dives every dawn to relax – and to search for ancient artefacts to collect. The encounter with a diver of dubious morality, and the confrontation with a mythological being, will lead Michele towards the discovery of true love for the sea and history.
    A project by the Puglia Region and ASSET produced by Audio Machineria in collaboration with Brand & Soda.
    Written and directed by Dario Cannizzaro, Sound Designed and mixed by Philippe Gozlan.
    With Seán MacGearailt, Stephen Tomasi, Ameleah Wilson.
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  • 每日掌握住唔同人入境資格,對我嚟講係扱個印,對佢哋係生死猶關...


    小魂 飾演 阿豪
    Nox 飾演 阿豪老婆
    Angus 飾演 阿文
    Hotaru 飾演 阿豪上司
    細joe 飾演 方永逸
    企鵝 飾演 黎寶君
    海獅 飾演 陳家希
    湘藍 飾演 韋世昌
    阿寶 飾演 賀小蓮


    《Papers Please》
    作曲:Lucas Pope

    《As One Desire》
    專輯:Resident Evil 2 Digital Soundtrack

    《A Treatment for Sherry》
    專輯:Resident Evil 2 Digital Soundtrack

    本廣播劇由《Papers Please》微電影及遊戲改編
    微電影原作:Nikita Ordynskiy、Liliya Tkach
    遊戲原作:Lucas Pope

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  • 《朱古力三國》與一般語音三國演義故事之不同,施克力加入大量個人元素;搞笑詼諧獨白與迫力戰鬥音效將一個膾炙人口津津樂道嘅故事昇華到另一境界。三國迷一定要試下呢隻《朱古力三國》!

  • Hi Everyone, I am three and I love to read books. Me and my dad are starting to share this time with everyone across world.I have read all the stories so now my dad is writing the stories and making new stories with different characters.Read Along with Peppa pig, Pig the pug, pete the cat and many moreYou can follow me & my other fun content on Youtube: Support this podcast:

  • Based on actual events. A drug smuggler finds God, and turns against the cartel, working as an undercover operative to take them down from the inside.
    Based on Dr. Hal Bradley's book, "A Fox In The Lion's Den" - you can find all of Dr. Hal Bradley's books at

  • Experience the passion and intensity of love and loss with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's masterpiece, 'The Sorrows of Young Werther.' Follow the tragic story of Werther and Charlotte, as they navigate the complexities of desire, rejection, and despair. Experience the power of literature to illuminate the human experience with depth and nuance, and the ability of great works of fiction to resonate across time and culture. - Check out our Streaming Service for our full collection of audiobooks, podcasts, short stories, & 10 hour sounds for sleep and relaxation at our website

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German literature, epistolary novel, romanticism, love, heartbreak, mental health, suicide, social commentary, literary style, literary legacy, literary analysis, literary adaptation, literary criticism, 18th century literature, German culture, societal norms, individualism, emotional intensity, psychological analysis, cultural influence, societal expectations, human nature